England local elections 2014 - latest updates

    Improved turn-out

    In Tower Hamlets, the mayoral election turnout was 47.58% which BBC London 94.9's Anna Cookson says is not bad considering almost half of the residents in the borough are aged between 20 and 39.

    It is the second time people in the borough have voted for a mayor since they opted to have one in a referendum in 2010 - when the turnout was 25.65%.

    Wait continues David Friend Senior journalist, BBC London

    Tweets: Healthy? No. Satisfying? Possibly. Hear how it tasted with @SimonLederman The wait goes in Barnet... #Vote2014

    Food and a microphone

    So far only two out of 20 wards have been declared in the borough.

    Three wins for Tories in Milton Keynes

    BBC 3CR's Craig Lewis ‏@Craig_Lewis77 tweets: Milton Keynes election result in Tattenhoe: Bald, Morla & Small elected (all Conservative).

    Milton Keynes recounts

    Recounts for Stony and Bletchley Park wards in Milton Keynes.

    Election count at Milton Keynes
    Labour in lead Paul Scoins Political reporter, BBC Three Counties

    In Milton Keynes, where all the multi-member wards are up for election, so far Labour has 15 councillors, Conservatives 11 and Lib Dems one.

    Boris 'sad' but upbeat

    The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said the results across the UK showed the Conservatives had "everything to play for".

    Boris Johnson

    "I'm very pleased that here in London for the first time since 1982 we have taken a council - we have won Kingston Upon Thames.

    "It is sad to see we have lost some great councillors but great that we have won in Kingston."

    Population rise

    BBC London 94.9's Anna Cookson says Tower Hamlets had the highest population increase of any local authority across England & Wales in the last census.

    The east London area has not yet declared.

    Giving green a go

    Newcastle-under-Lyme's first green councillor Wenslie Naylon says: "I'm thrilled. I've been working with a young team who had boundless enthusiasm and energy."

    She said the success of her party was an ethical issue, adding that "people are disenchanted with the main parties."

    Labour hold Norwich

    Labour retain control of Norwich City Council where none of the 14 seats up for election changed hands. The turnout was 38.1%, a 12% increase on 2012. In all but one Labour seat UKIP came second.

    No change for Hart

    Hart remains under no overall control.

    The Conservatives won 14 seats, whilst the Lib Dems and Community Campaign (Hart) both won nine. There was also one win by an Independent. But the Tories have lost four seats since the last election, whilst the Residents Association gained three more.

    'Excellent result' in Reigate

    Reigate Conservative MP Crispin Blunt said the result in Reigate and Banstead in Surrey was "excellent" for the Conservatives, with one extra councillor, and UKIP failing to gain a foothold.

    No UKIP gains

    Coventry and Warwickshire was one of the few areas of the country where UKIP failed to make gains, according to BBC radio.

    Contests were fought in Coventry, Stratford-upon-Avon, Nuneaton and Bedworth and Rugby.

    Labour retains Slough

    Labour have retained control of Slough, winning 33 seats, with the Conservatives winning eight, and UKIP one.

    The Conservatives gained three seats since the last election, whilst Labour lost four.

    Labour maintain control

    BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester's Carson Wishart said: "It's been an afternoon of political intrigue here in Redditch.

    "Labour have maintained control of the borough council.

    "They increased their majority by one. But the story of the day really was all about UKIP, winning two seats on the council for the first time in the party's history."

    Labour retain Newcastle

    Newcastle-under-Lyme remains under Labour control, despite the party losing four seats, taking their total to 32.

    UKIP gained five, the Conservatives gained one, taking their total to 16, the Liberal Democrats lost two, taking their total to six, and the Green Party now have one seat.

    Labour back by a whisker

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann says: "The final figures are just being totted up now but it looks like Labour have just maintained control of the borough council.

    "They need a majority of 30 and they have 32 at the moment."

    Redditch results

    The borough council has been held by Labour, who increased their seats by two to 17. The Conservatives are down to nine seats, while UKIP gained two. The Independents also have a seat.

    Defeating the baroness

    UKIP's Derrick Huckfield said he feels "quite pleased" at having won the Knutton and Silverdale ward from rival, former MP Baroness Llin Golding.

    "I didn't expect I'd beat her. I have a lot of respect for Llin," he said.

    Regarding UKIP's success, he added: "I think people realise we work really hard whereas the other parties sit back and do nothing."

    Goodbye Mr MacKenzie

    Former Sun newspaper editor Kelvin MacKenzie narrowly failed to win election to Elmbridge Borough Council.

    Mr MacKenzie, standing as an Independent in St George's Hill ward, won 770 votes but Conservative Simon Foale saw him off with 811.

    When he announced he would stand in March Mr MacKenzie said he wanted lower parking charges for locals and to relocate the council HQ to a cheaper area of the borough.

    The Tories kept control of the council, in which they now have 32 of 60 members.

    No overall control in Calderdale

    Calderdale Council tweets: The breakdown of #CalderdaleElections by ward is as follows - Labour (9), Conservative (6), Lib Dems (1) and Independent (1). #Calderdale

    In total Labour now hold 25 seats, Conservatives 19, Lib Dems six, and the independents have one seat.

    No one party has overall control.

    Dramatic results

    Phil McCann: "There have been two very dramatic results in the last 20 minutes. The Green party now have their first ever North Staffordshire councillor, Wenslie Naylon, who has taken the Keele ward.

    "And in Knutton and Silverdale, Baroness Llin Golding, representing Labour, has lost out to UKIP's Derrick Huckfield."

    Tories make gains - but not enough

    Mole Valley Council in Surrey has stayed with no party in overall control.

    The Conservatives remain the largest party and gained seats from the Lib Dems - but not enough to form a majority.

    The Lib Dems lost three councillors - two to the Tories, and one to UKIP.

    The Conservatives now have 19 councillors, the Lib Dems 14, Independents seven, and one UKIP.

    Status quo in Kirklees

    No party gained overall control of Kirklees Council as none of the 23 seats up for grabs changed hands.

    There has been no ruling group since 1998 when Labour was in charge.

    Labour strategy 'disastrous'

    The World at One's Nick Sutton tweets: "Labour's election strategy 'disastrous' and decided by 'pointy heads' and 'metropolitan elite' - John Mann MP"

    Conservatives hold on to Elmbridge

    The Conservatives have held Elmbridge in Surrey. They now have 32 seats, while the Residents Association have 21. The Liberal Democrats have six councillors and there is one independent.

    Tunbridge Wells stays blue

    The Conservatives have retained power in Tunbridge Wells - and now hold 38 of the 48 seats.

    The Liberal Democrats lost three of their six councillors - with two defeats to the Tories and one to Labour, who now also have three councillors.

    There are two UKIP councillors and two Independents - just as there were before the election.

    Fylde referendum

    The BBC's North West political editor Arif Ansari tweets: "A local referendum in Fylde has voted to return the council back to the committee rather than cabinet system."

    Newcastle turnout

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann tweets: 32.3% turnout in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

    UKIP make gains but Tories hold on

    The Conservatives have kept control of Adur Council in West Sussex - but have lost councillors to UKIP.

    The Tories still have a substantial majority, holding 20 of the 29 seats, but before the election they had 24.

    UKIP have risen from having one councillor to six, with the final gain coming at the expense of the authority's only Lib Dem.

    The final three seats on the council belong to two Independents and a Labour councillor.

    Labour in UKIP warning

    Bassetlaw Labour MP John Mann has warned the Labour leadership to take the UKIP "threat" more seriously.

    MP John Mann

    "Ignoring UKIP has been disastrous. We should have been taking the battle to UKIP," he told the BBC's David Dimbleby.

    "It is the fault of the people at the top of the Labour party," he said, adding that leader Ed Miliband is one of the culprits.

    All done in Cheltenham

    All results in now for Cheltenham. Overall Lib Dems have gained one seat and now have 24. The Conservatives remain with 12 seats, People Against Bureaucracy still have four and Independents lost one. Turnout was 37%.

    'Ballot paper size' causes delays

    Woking Advertiser chief reporter Jenny Stanton tweets: "The #Woking local count was delayed because of 'the size of the European election ballot papers'.

    "The European count will be done on Sunday."

    Conservatives hold on to Worthing

    The Conservatives have retained control of Worthing Borough Council in West Sussex.

    They gained three councillors and now have 27 of the 37 seats on the authority.

    The Green Party and UKIP got their first councillors in the town but the Liberal Democrats lost five of their 12 seats. There remains one independent on the council.

    Tories tweet Labour congratulations

    The Crawley Conservatives have tweeted: "Congratulations to Labour who have today won control of Crawley Borough Council.

    "We will continue to work hard for our great town of Crawley."

    Lib Dem success

    BBC Sunday Politics West tweets: "That rarest of things today - a Lib Dem success story. LDs hold Cheltenham and gain a seat from the Tories."

    BNP hold seat

    BBC North West political editor Arif Ansari tweets: "The BNP has held its only council seat in the NW in Pendle."

    Leader loses seat

    After a recount, The Lib Dems have taken The Park from the Conservatives with Max Wilkinson (1026) getting voted in. It means Conservative leader Rob Garnham loses his seat.

    Lib Dems hold Cheltenham

    The Lib Dems hold control of Cheltenham Borough Council, with just one result still to come.

    Conservative gain

    Chris Nelson (813 votes) takes the Leckhampton ward for the Conservatives from an Independent candidate.

    Conservative holds

    Chris Mason (703 votes) holds Lansdown for the Conservatives, as does Matt Babbage (814 votes) in the Battledown ward.

    Tories hold

    The Conservatives have retained their majority in Wokingham. They won 15 seats, the Lib Dems two and Labour one.

    Elsewhere in Berkshire, Labour has retained control in Reading, and the count is continuing in Slough.

    Leader's move fail

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann says "even more significant" than the fact Newcastle-under-Lyme's former leader Gareth Snell lost his seat is the fact he moved to Chesterton "because there was a big UKIP challenge in Silverdale" - his former ward.

    Labour take Pendle seat

    BBC Radio Lancashire's Mike West says Labour have gained Reedley ward in Pendle, which had been a Conservative seat for over 20 years.

    Labour, camera, action
    David Green

    Triumphant Bradford Council leader David Green faces BBC Look North's Len Tingle's camera as Labour regain control of Bradford council for the first time since 1999.

    Power to disrupt 16:06:

    Nick Robinson tweets: "UKIP not party of power yet but are party with power to disrupt. BBC National Vote Share - Lab 29%, Con 25%, UKIP 23% & Lib Dems 14%."

    Calderdale count concludes

    BBC Radio Leeds' Daragh Corcoran tweets: #CALDERDALE all results in and Lab gain 4; Cons gain 3; Lib Dems lose 5 and no seats for #UKIP

    Ousted leader 'disappointed'

    Newcastle-under-Lyme's former leader Gareth Snell says he is "personally quite disappointed" at having lost the battle for Chesterton to UKIP.

    "I will have to look quite carefully at what UKIP are saying that's resonating with Labour's core supporters," he said.

    More Lib Dem holds

    In Up Hatherley, Andrew McKinlay (990 votes) holds his seat for the Liberal Democrats, as does Peter Jeffries (648 votes) in Springbank, Helena McCloskey (926 votes) in Charlton Kings and Nigel Britter (1,188 votes) in Benhall & The Reddings.

    UKIP take Chesterton

    Newcastle-under-Lyme's Labour leader Gareth Snell has lost the Chesterton ward to David Harper from UKIP.

    Mr Harper took 584 votes to Mr Snell's 530.

    'Solid Tory control'

    BBC South East reporter Jon Hunt tweets: Tunbridge Wells Borough Council remains under solid Con control. Only story here is that there were no UKIP gains & LDs lose 2 seats.

    Farage-Cameron 'unlikely'

    Norman Smith tweets: "Nigel Farage says any deal with Tories unlikely while Cameron remains leader of Tory party".

    'Stay tuned' for Woking

    Woking council tweets: We're underway with the #Woking local election count. Stay turned for the latest results for 5.30pm onwards...

    Narrow margin

    The Conservatives missed out on control of Winchester by one seat. They won 28, while the Lib Dems won 25, Labour won three and the Independents, one.

    Lib Dem hold

    Colin Hay (575 votes) holds the Oakley ward for the Liberal Democrats.

    Leader loses

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann tweets: Gareth snell's just lost to UKIP in Chesterton. Being consoled.

    Conservative hold

    Chris Ryder (740 votes) holds her seat and is elected for the Conservatives in the Warden Hill ward.

    UKIP win Labour seat

    UKIP has made its first gain on Oldham Council by taking a seat from Labour in the Failsworth West ward.

    Lyle Davy, 18, voted in 15:48: Mike West BBC Radio Lancashire

    At the age of 18 and two months, Lyle Davy must be one of the youngest councillors in the country.

    Representing the Conservatives, he has been elected in Pendle Borough Council's Coates ward.

    'Delay hits Woking count'

    Get Surrey tweets: #Woking election count has been delayed. We'll bring you more information when we get it. #Elections2014 http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/local-news/live-local-elections-2014-results-7161357 …

    Lib Dem hold

    Simon Wheeler (633 votes) holds Hesters Way ward for the Liberal Democrats.

    Tories in control

    The Press Association is reporting the Conservatives have retained control of Craven District Council, where they have 18 seats out of 27, after gaining a seat from the Liberal Democrats.

    UKIP's Sheffield seats

    UKIP's three Sheffield Council seats are in the East Ecclesfield, West Ecclesfield and Stocksbridge & Upper Don wards.

    Winchester washout 15:47:

    BBC South's political editor Peter Henley tweets: "Tight contest between LibDems & Cons = UKIP washout in Winchester"

    'Taken fight to UKIP'

    Norman Smith tweets: "Labour shd have 'taken fight to UKIP' by highlighting their support for closing pits,steel plants etc says John Mann".

    Lib Dem gain

    A Liberal Democrat has gained a seat on Rugby Borough Council, bucking the national trend.

    Bill Lewis took Rokeby and Overslade. He said: "There's been one large issue dominating the campaign and that's the proposal to build 1,000 homes on some green fields near Rugby. That has incensed a lot of people."

    'Thick and fast'

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann tweets: Coming thick and fast now - lib Dems hold thistleberry.

    PAB hold

    John Payne (1524 votes) holds the Prestbury ward for People Against Bureaucracy.

    All done in Leeds 15:45:

    BBC Radio Leeds' Larry Budd tweets: And that's your lot from #Leeds count. Strong from #UKIP but not enough for a seat. Labour holds firm, Tories untroubled, LibDems troubled.

    At the double 15:42:

    Sean Anstee (left) leader of Conservative Trafford Council is hoping for a double celebration.

    Sean and Stephen Anstee

    The 26-year-old, who is the youngest council leader in England, is hoping his twin Stephen (right) will join him on the council.

    Deja vu?

    No seats change hands in Labour-controlled Salford and the party has also retained power in Bury.

    Liberal double

    Another couple of victories for the Liberal Democrats. In Cheltenham Sandra Holliday (673 votes) has been elected to the St Mark's ward and John Walklett for St Paul's (299 votes).

    Lib Dem loss 'crying shame'

    Leader of the Liberal Democrat group in Tunbridge Wells, David Neve, says: "It's very disappointing when you actually lose two really hard-working councillors."

    Leader of the Liberal Democrat group in Tunbridge Wells David Neve

    And he adds: "People perceive we have problems being in government so therefore they've defected away from us. It's an absolute crying shame."

    UKIP 'did well'

    BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester's Matthew Bone says UKIP had expected to do well in the Wyre Forest - and they did.

    "They took seats from the Conservatives, the Health Concerns and Labour," he said.

    UKIP win second Lancs seat Joe Wilson, BBC Radio Lancashire

    Hyndburn and Haslingden UKIP party chairman Paul Thompson beat the Conservatives in St Oswalds ward to clinch the second UKIP seat for the party on Hyndburn Council.

    He said UKIP were on a "crest of a wave", adding: "UKIP will take Hyndburn if I have anything to do with it."

    Mole Valley count finished

    Mole Valley District Council tweets: The count has now been completed for the #molevalley #district elections. Full results will appear here ASAP

    Leader saves seat

    Back in Bury, Jonathan Ali of BBC Radio Manchester reports that Liberal Democrat group leader Tim Pickstone has held his seat against Labour's bid to unseat him but the party has lost St Mary's ward to Labour.

    Surrey's 'first UKIP gain' 15:36:

    Get Surrey tweets: The first #UKIP gain in #Surrey today as the Tories lose #Horley Central in @reigatebanstead. #Elections2014 http://t.co/uB75BYyVZ0

    Rugby stays blue

    Rugby will remain in Conservative control, despite the Tories losing two seats.

    The party won seven seats at the elections, taking their total to 23. Labour won three, the Liberal Democrats three and the Independents gained one.

    Teen councillor

    Rachael Smith, 19, has become the youngest Labour councillor on Redditch Borough Council, winning the Abbey ward.

    'Quite a crowd'
    People watching the count

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann tweets: Quite a crowd around Chesterton count where @NewsNBC leader @gareth_snell is standing

    Labour keep Bassetlaw

    Labour have retained a firm grip on Bassetlaw District Council in north Nottinghamshire.

    The party held 11 seats and gained one more, while the Tories did not manage to take any seats from their rivals.

    UKIP fielded candidates in all 16 wards but failed to win any seats.

    Bad day for Lib Dems

    BBC Look North's Spencer Stokes tweets: Bad day for the Lib Dems in #Calderdale lost every seat they're defending so far. #elland ward latest to fall to Lab #Vote2014

    Count finally starts
    Tameside count

    BBC Radio Manchester's Nathan Middleton says that after a long delay, counting is finally underway for the Tameside results with the announcements expected around 5 o'clock this afternoon now.

    Labour in driving seat

    BBC Radio Leeds' Louise Martin tweets: #Bradford Labour take control of the council. 46 seats out of 90 @BBCLeeds #vote2014

    UKIP 'will break into Westminster'

    Robin Brant continues: "farage tells bbc ukip 'will break through into the westminster parliament next year', adds they 'may hold the balance of power'."

    Sheffield final results

    BBC Radio Sheffield's Liz Roberts tweets: Final results, Lab 18, LD 6, green 2, UKIP 3 #sheffield #Vote2014

    Conservatives hold on

    BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester's Carson Wishart says: "We have the first count here at Redditch and it's gone to a Conservative - Jane Potter has been re-elected to the council.

    "UKIP have come in second. We had heard they could push the Tories hard in this ward."

    Labour gain 'target seat'

    BBC Radio Lancashire's Tim Padfield said Labour have taken a "target seat" in the West Lancashire Borough Council elections.

    Ormskirk Civic Hall Nineteen seats are being contested in West Lancashire

    The Conservatives lost their Knowsly ward seat to Labour. Of the other seven results out so far, out of 19 counts, the rest are holds.

    PAB for Pittville

    People against Bureaucracy candidate Adam Lillywhite wins the Pittville race with 725 votes. That means the party retains both of its seats in Pittville.

    Adam Lillywhite
    UKIP first in NE Lincs

    Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis tweets: "UKIP have 36% share of vote in NE Lincs. 8 seats but first place in terms of share".

    Farage will stand 'south of the river'

    The BBC's Robin Brant tweets: "farage confirms he will stand as ukip candidate in gen elex next year, 'south of the river' he tells bbc"

    Lib Dems meltdown

    BBC North West Political Editor Arif Ansari tweets: The Lib Dems have lost all 6 seats they were defending in Liverpool. And have conceded all 9 in Manchester.

    Vote cheers 15:22:

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann, at the delayed Newcastle-under-Lyme count, tweets: Counting is beginning. Cue a massive cheer!

    Leader confident of control

    BBC Radio Leeds' Louise Martin tweets: I'm doing my sums but Dave Green says Labour now have full control of the council #Vote2014 @BBCLeeds

    Bury seat change

    Just one seat has changed hands so far on Bury Council, with Elton going from Tory to Labour.

    Press pack fatigue

    Election fatigue is kicking in according to the BBC's Liam Ward, who tweets: Quite tempted to take a seat myself while we wait for this final result... #vote2014 #bradford

    It's not easy being Green
    The Greens with their guitar

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann tweets: The Greens have got bored with waiting at Newcastle-under-Lyme, and have cracked the guitar out.

    Tories see 'stunning result'

    Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells, Greg Clark, tweets: Stunning result for Tunbridge Wells #Conservatives - 14 of 16 seats won, 2 from LDs. Ukip predicted "a minimum of 7" gains, but result: zero

    Tories gain Rossendale seat Cathryn Smyth BBC Radio Lancashire

    All results are out for Rossendale in Lancashire. Labour retained six seats, the Tories held on to four seats and gained one from the Liberal Democrats.

    Conservative Darwen and Rossendale MP Jake Berry said he was "pleased we held our ground and Labour didn't make any progress".

    Wyre Forest result 15:02:

    The result is in for the Wyre Forest - the Conservatives have won 15 seats, Labour nine, the Health Concern Party seven, the Liberal Democrats two, UKIP five and four independents.

    The council remains under no overall control.

    Labour holds in Reading

    Of the 16 seats up for election Labour won 11, the Conservatives and the Green Party won two each and the Liberal Democrats won one.

    The count is continuing in Slough and Wokingham.

    And we're off

    A strong start for the Liberal Democrats in Cheltenham with the election of three councillors.

    Gareth Barnes has won the College vote (886 votes), Pat Thornton has been elected for St Peters (695 votes) and Flo Lucas wins for Swindon Village (835 votes).

    Snack time 14:54:
    The counters with their water bottles

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann tweets: The counters in the @NewsNBC counting house are counting out their sandwiches and bottles of water - but no votes

    UKIP take Doncaster seat 14:54:

    The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has taken a seat on Doncaster Council, though Labour has retained overall control after winning 14 of the 21 seats up for election.

    UKIP's Fred Gee won in Edenthorpe, Kirk Sandall and Barnby Dun Ward with 1,304 votes - just 37 more than Labour and Co-operative Party candidate David Nevett.

    Labour gains in Blackburn 14:52: Talat Farooq-Awan, BBC Radio Lancashire

    There are two Labour gains in Blackburn in the Roe Lee ward and Marsh House.

    Elmbridge count nears end 14:52:

    Senior reporter at Surrey's Elmbridge Guardian, Laura Proto, tweets: Looks like the count is finished in several wards. Results are expected shortly.

    UKIP in the forest 14:51:

    BBC Hereford and Worcester's Matthew Bone tweets: Ukip take mitten from health concern. Ukip now up to 4 seats in the Wyre forest.

    Labour loses NE Lincs Tim Iredale Political editor, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

    Labour have lost outright control of North East Lincolnshire Council following UKIP gains.

    Ousted leader 'positive'

    Shaffaq Mohammed, the ousted leader of the Sheffield Liberal Democrats, has told BBC Radio Sheffield that despite losing his own seat the party had enjoyed some "positive results".

    He said: "Clearly it's not been a good day for me personally, but we have had positive results elsewhere.

    "We have held on to all the other Hallam wards and increased some majority, particularly in Stannington, and [had] new fresh faces come onto the council."

    Mr Mohammed had switched his seat from Broomhill to Crookes for this election.

    Four figure win

    Stroud District Council says its only four-figure vote has gone to Conservative Julie Job, elected to the Painswick ward - where the Tories hold two seats - with 1,005 votes.

    Vote fraud fears 14:47:

    BBC Radio Leeds reporter Daragh Corcoran tweets: Access more restricted than normal at #Calderdale count. Returning Officer Merran McCrae says she has concerns over vote fraud.

    Press pack poised 14:45:

    Journalists grab a quick respite ahead of the count in Stockport.

    Stockport counct
    Crawley Labour win
    Labour councillors in Crawley

    Labour South East tweets: "Labour's 4 new Crawley cllrs and the new council leader Pete Lamb @cllrpetestweets @crawleylabour"

    The final countdown 14:43:

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann tweets: Apparently counting is just about to begin in Newcastle-under-Lyme. A candidate's just told me "it's never taken this long!"

    Hats off

    Grimsby Telegraph's press photographer Joe Corken says provisional turnout in North East Lincolnshire is 31%.

    He posted this picture on Twitter of a union member at the count.

    TUSC member

    Stroud District Council tweets: "Count over for today! Phew. European count starts at Stratford Park 6pm on Sunday. Well done to the election team and helpers..."

    Tunbridge Wells 'stays Tory'

    BBC South East reporter Jon Hunt is at the count in Tunbridge Wells.

    BBC reporter Jon Hunt at Tunbridge Wells count

    He says there were 16 seats up for grabs and after five wards were declared the Conservatives have gained two seats from the Liberal Democrats, with UKIP polling roughly in second or third place in each of those wards.

    "The result is the Conservatives will be continuing to control this borough," he adds.

    The UKIP effect Patrick Burns Political editor, Midlands

    The interesting facet of the UKIP effect is that if you weigh the votes they have attracted in the West Midlands at the expense of the other parties, they have done most of the damage to the Conservatives.

    But if you actually look at the political map, in an area full of marginal seats, it's Labour who have missed out on all their key targets.

    Student votes Phil McCann BBC Radio Stoke's political reporter

    Phil McCann tweets: I'm told the student turnout in #Keele looks to have been much bigger than in previous elections...

    'Cravin' seats

    Freelancer Liam Ward is out and about for BBC Radio Leeds.

    He says: Craven is last ward to declare. It's safe to say the Tories will be cravin' one of the two seats up for grabs! #Vote2014

    UKIP bandwagon

    The UK Independence Party "bandwagon" is rolling in Kidderminster, according to Midlands Today's political correspondent Patrick Burns.

    Patrick Burns

    "They are celebrating the capture of their third seat in Wyre Forest," he said.

    "This is an area which has a long history - almost a tradition - of breaking the political mould."

    Ossett recount UKIP win

    Following a recount, UKIP have won another seat in Wakefield - this time in Ossett, according to BBC Radio Leeds reporter, Tracy Gee.

    Conservatives miss control of Winchester by just one seat.

    Peter Henley tweets: "C28 LD25 Lab 3 Ind1 - Battle for each vote squeezed UKIP"

    Labour holds in Preston

    Paul O'Gorman reports the first three results at Preston's Guild Hall are Labour holds.

    UKIP win Wakefield seat

    UKIP snap up a seat in the labour stronghold Wakefield.

    Radio Leeds' Tracy Gee says: Wakefield election: UKIP CANDIDATE WIN. Wrenthorpe & Outwood West, David Dews elected. Conservative loss.

    All results in

    Stroud District Council remains in no overall control with all the results now in. There were gains for Labour and the Greens with the council make-up now as follows:

    • Conservatives: 22 seats (+1)
    • Labour: 20 seats (+3)
    • Green Party: 6 seats (+1)
    • Liberal Democrats: 3 seats (-2)
    • Other: 0 (-3)
    'No Accrington joy'

    Lancashire's first UKIP councillor Malcolm Pritchard - after beating his daughter Clare Pritchard (Labour) to the Milnshaw seat - said that he took "absolutely no joy from it whatsoever".

    Malcolm and Clare Pritchard
    Trafford Count Claire Thompson
    Trafford count

    Trafford Council leader, Sean Anstee (right) and his twin brother, Stephen who's standing in the borough's Bucklow St. Martins ward.

    Being interviewed by BBC Radio Manchester's Michelle Adamson.

    The forgotten town?

    Andy Pickering of the Working for Mexborough, the Forgotten Town Party has won in Doncaster's Mexborough ward polling 1,193 votes.

    Labour's David Holland secured 1,073 and UKIP's Frank Calladine polled 949 votes.

    Green hold

    The Green Party has held the one seat available in the Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe ward. Jonathan Edmunds has been elected with 383 votes.

    Jonathan Edmunds
    Tory leader ousted

    Tory leader Geoff Walsh is ousted from his Pontefract seat on Wakefield Council.

    The Pontefract and Castleford Express tweeted: Huge celebrations from Labour party as Geoff Walsh (Tory leader) loses his #Pontefract South seat #wakeyelections

    On a break Phil McCann BBC Radio Stoke's political reporter

    Phil McCann tweets: Counting still not under way in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The counters are having a half hour lunch break before it begins!

    On its way?
    The results are counted

    BBC Coventry and Warwickshire's Phil Churm says: "May have a result soon (I hope!)"

    Marching on its stomach

    Shourjo Sarkar of BBC Radio Manchester says in Stockport the first results expected between 15:00 and 15:30 BST... Hunker down for a long afternoon. Sandwiches not bad.

    Stockport food
    A new (and young) leader
    Peter Lamb and Louise Stewart

    BBC South East Political Editor Louise Stewart tweets: "Here is the new Labour leader of Crawley Borough Council - Peter Lamb - at 27 one of youngest leaders in country "

    Edged out

    The Liberal Democrats have lost one of their two seats in Wotton-under-Edge. Conservative Lesley Reeves has been elected to the council with 882 votes.

    Following in his footsteps Steve Becker BBC Radio Lancashire

    Husband and wife Gordon and Margaret France have joined son Christopher France as Labour councillors at Chorley Borough Council, says BBC Radio Lancashire's Steve Becker. Christopher who became a councillor in 2009 told Steve "dad" is buying the celebration drinks.

    Gateshead count underway Ruth Holliday
    Counting in Gateshead
    Tory trio

    Three more seats held by the Conservatives in the Berkeley, Chalford and Severn wards. Gordon Craig is re-elected with 818 votes, Chas Fellows re-elected with 878 votes and John Jones with 894 votes.

    Labour win Crawley

    BBC South East Political Editor Louise Stewart tweets: "Labour have taken control of Crawley Borough Council - new council leader Peter Lamb at just 27 is one of youngest council ldrs in country"

    'Big shoes those'

    Larry Budd reports: #Kirkstall ward: Fiona Venner elected. LABOUR HOLD. Big shoes those - that's Bernard Atha's old seat! #Vote2014 #Leeds

    Cock-a-hoop in Chorley Steve Becker, BBC Radio Lancashire

    BBC Radio Lancashire's Steve Becker says Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle is cock-a-hoop at Labour's eight gains in Chorley which was even better than he expected.

    UKIP take Labour seat Tim Iredale Political editor, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

    UKIP poised to make further gains in North East Lincolnshire. UKIP just gained Yarborough ward from Labour #vote2014

    Tory loss in Nailsworth

    Labour has gained a seat in Nailsworth, where the Conservatives had previously held all three. Tory Roland Blackwell lost out to Steve Robinson who has been elected with 936 votes.

    Labour's Steve Robinson
    Counting under way in Great Yarmouth Via Twitter

    Andrew Sinclair, political correspondent for BBC East tweets: "now in great yarmouth where all the talk is of a ukip surge. labour expecting to lose control"

    Late count

    Shourjo Sarkar of BBC Radio Manchester reports counting beginning at Stockport 45 minutes late.

    Stockport Council count
    Labour hopeful in Crawley

    BBC South East Political Editor Louise Stewart says Labour are confident of winning control of Crawley from the Conservatives.

    Before the election the Tories had 20 seats, against Labour's 16 and UKIP's one, meaning Labour needed three gains to win power.

    Ms Stewart said: "The result is imminent and Labour are feeling very very confident."

    First North East Lincs result
    NE Lincs result

    North East Lincolnshire Council tweets: First local election result received for the West Marsh ward. For live results follow @DemServicesNELC

    Late results rumours

    BBC Radio Manchester's Nathan Middleton reports: There are rumours that the count is running late here for Tameside Council at Dukinfield Town Hall and it could be towards 17:00 BST rather than the stated 15:00 announcement.

    Feeling confident
    Bradford count

    Reporter Louise Martin tweets: Labour here in #Bradford say they feel confident. But will they take control of the council? #Vote2014

    Counting continues

    Votes are still being counted in Cheltenham with the first results expected at around 14:30 BST.

    Counting in Cheltenham
    One party council? Arif Ansari Political editor, North West

    I'm at the count in Manchester where the Liberal Democrats are bracing themselves against losing all nine seats on Manchester City Council setting the stage for Labour to take complete control.

    'Close Worthing contest'

    Worthing Herald tweets: Herald team at the count, which will begin shortly. Lots of talk about how well UKIP have done. @BSmytherman thinks it will be close.

    The countdown

    Counting is set to begin at 14:00 BST at the Tory flagship Trafford Council.

    Trafford Council count

    Trafford is the only metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester held by the Conservatives who face a tough fight with Labour.

    Lancashire's first UKIP councillor

    BBC Radio Lancashire's Joe Wilson says Lancashire has its first UKIP councillor - Malcolm Pritchard.

    Mr Pritchard won the Milnshaw ward in Hyndburn. He was standing against his daughter Clare Pritchard who left before the result was announced.

    Lib Dem leader deposed

    Shaffaq Mohammed, leader of the Sheffield Liberal Democrats, has lost control of the Crookes ward to Labour.

    Mr Mohammed polled 1,833 to Anne Murphy's 2,103.

    'No change' expected

    BBC Coventry and Warwickshire's Phil Churm is at the Rugby count, expected in at around 14:00 BST.

    The votes being counted

    "There are 42 seats in total and 14 of those are being contested," he says. "The Conservatives have been solidly in control since 2007 and nobody is suggesting that will change."

    Hardwick held

    The Conservatives hold Hardwicke, as Dave Mossman - chair of the parish council - is elected to the district council with 780 votes.

    Counting under way in Mole Valley

    Mole Valley District Council tweets: "The count for the #district elections on #molevalley have now begun"

    'Hard fought'

    Barnsley's council leader Steve Houghton says retaining a 43 Labour majority was "hard fought", Mick Lunney tweets.

    Steve Houghton
    Vote mix-up

    BBC Radio Stoke is reporting there has been a delay in counting the local election results for Newcastle-under-Lyme because some ballot papers for the European elections have been mixed up and put in boxes for the local elections.

    Tories hold Stanleys

    The Conservatives have held their seat in The Stanleys as former Independent councillor Nigel Studdert-Kennedy is re-elected with 541 votes.

    Rugby turnout

    Rugby Borough Council tweets: Election Latest: Overall turnout - 38.61%. The count has now started at the BENN Hall.

    Reigate counting starts

    Counting is under way in Reigate and Banstead in Surrey, where Conservative councillor Natalie Bramhall tweets: "Verification completed - counting started @reigatepolitics #rbcount"

    Greens double their tally

    The BBC's Tom Ingall tweets: Green Party take Broomhill in #sheffield - they now have 4 councillors - double their previous tally. #Vote2014

    Hello councillor
    Gerald Barker

    The BBC's Liam Ward tweets: Wharfledale ward Conservative win from Independent. Say hello to Cllr Barker #vote2014 @BBCLeeds

    Gerald Barker polled 1,737 votes - 720 more than nearest rival Independent candidate Stephen Ellams

    Liberal loss

    The Liberal Democrats have lost Dursley to Labour. Colin Fryer has been elected to the council with 598 votes.

    Another for Labour

    Labour holds Cainscross as Karon Cross is re-elected with 845 votes.

    UKIP threat 'shrugged off'

    BBC South East's political reporter Ellie Price said the vote in Tandridge brought no major surprises.

    Tandridge count

    She said the Conservatives "shrugged off" any threat from UKIP.

    Politics of planning?

    BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire's Moira Rawlings has been out and about at Bedworth Civic Hall, where the Green party won a seat in Weddington.

    She says: "Weddington has been very much in the news. There's lot of concern about development and the borough plan here."

    Preston count Paul O'Gorman, BBC Radio Lancashire

    BBC Radio Lancashire's Paul O'Gorman said the counts are due to start at Preston's Guild Hall. Results are expected anytime from 13:30 BST.

    UKIP take Greenhill Via Twitter

    Matthew Bone tweets: Ukip have won their 1st seat in this years elections in Worcs. They've taken the Wyre forest seat of greenhill from the liberal party.

    First Doncaster results Via Twitter

    Doncaster Council tweets: Frank Jackson (Labour) elected Councillor for Bentley http://bit.ly/1omWH1e #Elections2014 #donnycouncil2014 #doncasterisgreat

    And: Jane Kidd (Labour) elected Councillor for Town Moor bit.ly/1omWH1e #Elections2014 #donnycouncil2014 #doncasterisgreat

    'I think I've won'

    Tracy Gee reports from Wakefield: Spoken to UKIP candidate Nick Farmer #Ossett who said "I think I've won." He was in shock. This is an UNCONFIRMED result though.

    First Tunbridge Wells result

    The counting is underway in Tunbridge Wells and the town's Lib Dems tweet: "First borough result: David Neve re-elected in St James'."

    Fresh faced

    Stroud District Council says it has welcomed its youngest member, as 20-year-old Conservative Tim Williams takes Bisley with 464 votes.

    Conservative Tim Williams
    'A protest vote'

    Labour has strengthened its hold on Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.

    The party gained five wards, including the Bulkington seat held by the leader of the Conservatives, Des O'Brien.

    Mr O'Brien says: "We don't think we lost it. We think UKIP took our votes. It's a protest vote and it's gone right across the country."

    Speedy counting

    Reporter Moira Rawlings said she had "never seen a count like it" after the result came in for Nuneaton and Bedworth.

    People count the votes

    "They actually galloped away with the counting. It took around an hour and a half."

    Rugby scores? Via Twitter

    Rugby Borough Council tweets: ELECTION UPDATE: All of the votes are now "verified" so we will start counting votes for each candidate soon.

    UKIP win in Wakefield?

    Speculation, but unconfirmed, that Labour have won the Crofton, Ryhill and Walton seat #Wakefield, tweets Tracy Gee.

    She adds: Told UKIP took a lot of votes.

    BBC London reporter Jason Rosam

    tweets: There are NO Lib Dems left on @Brent_Council they've lost all of their 17 seats to Labour & Tories. #Vote2014

    UKIP second Sheffield seat

    It's another win in Sheffield for UKIP.

    Tom Ingall tweets: Ukip take a second seat in #Sheffield - this time from Labour. Greens have taken a seat from Labour too.

    The longest day? Via Twitter
    People count the votes at Newcastle under Lyme

    BBC Radio Stoke's Phil McCann tweets: This is going to be a long one

    Lack of control

    The BBC's Danni Hewson tweets: #Kirklees remains no overall control #Vote2014

    She adds adds: Apart from the seats they have held lib dem vote in #Kirklees has been very low #Vote2014

    Gathering around

    Radio reporter Tracy Gee tweets: The results of SEVEN wards in #Wakefield are imminent. Candidates gathering around the ballots. @BBCLeeds #Elections2014

    'Sticky seats'

    Pontefract and Castleford Express reporter Sam Cooper is at the Wakefield count.

    He tweets: very quiet atmosphere @ #wakeyelections - lots of worried looking long serving politicians

    And adds: Looks like may be some recounts for some sticky seats

    Sheffield UKIP win

    BBC Radio Sheffield's Liz Roberts tweets that UKIP has won its first seat in Sheffield.

    'Renegade counters'

    The Grimsby Telegraph's Joe Corken says counting is under way at North East Lincolnshire Council.

    Grimsby counts

    He tweets: Renegade counters clearly violating the no water rule set by Rob Walsh! #localelections

    Cheltenham wards Via Twitter

    Sunday Politics West tweets: Wards to watch in Cheltenham are Oakley where UKIP have put on a strong show and Park where the Conservative group leader looks vulnerable.

    All about Rotherham
    UKIP and Labour stickers

    James Vincent tweets: Fair to say there will be a lot of #Rotherham on tonight's @BBCLookNorth. When football and politics collide...

    Close call Peter Henley Political editor, South of England

    Winchester neck & neck between Lib Dems & Conservative. High turnout - many past 50% but UKIP not happy at no wins pic.twitter.com/YLsbGPOr54

    Election count
    Overall control fight

    Look North's Spencer Stokes is on his way to the Calderdale counts. He told BBC News Online before he left that Labour needs five gains to take overall control. Stay tuned for results.

    Squeaky bum time?

    Sir Alex Ferguson's words as the Premier League season reached a climax may well be ringing in the ears of local council candidates.

    Rossendale Council

    Verification is completed at Rossendale with a 35.61% turnout and now the wait begins.

    First of the day

    BBC Radio York's Corrine Wheatley tweets: First Harrogate election result is Knaresborough East: Lib Dem hold @BBCYork

    Stroud new faces

    Two new members of Stroud District Council with Julie Douglass gaining Cam West from Labour. Central is a Green hold with a new face as Caroline Molloy takes up the reigns.

    As you were

    The first 13 results are in for Kirklees and it's a case of as you were with Labour holding five seats, Conservatives holding four, Lib Dems holding three and Independents holding one.

    Kirklees count
    Labour holds in Stroud

    Labour holds two in Stroud - Stonehouse re-elects Gary Powell with 973 votes while Cam East votes Miranda Clifton back in with 588 votes.

    Gary Powell
    One to watch

    BBC Radio Leeds' Daragh Corcoran provides some analysis: One to watch at #Calderdale Count: Cons Leader Stephen Baines is up against #UKIP candidate Philip Crossley.

    Redditch ready

    Redditch Council tweets: The results for the #redditch election will start coming in soon. We will update twitter as they come in. #Vote2014

    Bury count

    The count continues into Friday afternoon at the Castle Leisure Centre in Bury. Apparently the wall colour shows no indication of voting trends!

    Castle Leisure Centre, Bury
    Third turn out

    Wakefield Council are tweeting that counting has started and a third of people turned out to have their say.

    Count has started

    Wyre Forest District Council tweets: Count is under way - results to follow as declared

    The wait continues

    BBC Radio Sheffield's Katie Galbraith tweets: I'm being told that the first result in Doncaster won't be for a good half hour yet #donnycouncil2014

    Green gain

    It has also been a good result for the Green Party in Nuneaton and Bedworth, who took Weddington from the Conservatives.

    Ian Bonner, the new member, says: "I'm pleasantly surprised but an awful lot of work has gone into my campaign."

    'Speaks volumes for democracy'

    Returning officer and chief executive at Adur and Worthing councils Alex Bailey tells BBC Surrey and Sussex the the annual voting operation actually goes on all year, with voter registration, planning for polling day which starts in October, and the elections themselves.

    He says the work involved during voting day and counting afterwards "speaks volumes for British democracy" and adds: "I have no idea how many pieces of paper they're counting."

    MP support

    Barnsley East MP Michael Dugher has tweeted his support for successful Labour candidates: So pleased for @JoeHaward @paulinemarkham1 & John Clarke: @barnsleylabour hold Cudworth, Darfield & Worsbrough #ForTheMany #barnsleyisbrill

    Tension at count

    Candidates and agents watch the verification of votes from Whitewell Ward on Rossendale Council.

    Rossendale Council count
    'Feverish' counting activity

    BBC reporter Simon Jenkins is at the Lancing Manor leisure centre in West Sussex where votes are to be counted for Adur and Worthing councils.

    He says the sports hall is full of trestle tables with about a hundred people "feverishly and happily" doing their jobs and, after verification, counting will begin in earnest at about 13:00 BST.

    Reigate results soon

    UKIP candidate Chris Byrne tweets: Off to the count for reigate & banstead council in redhill RESULTS Should be announced before 2pm

    'Are we close?'

    Freelancer Ailsa Rochester is out and about for BBC Radio Leeds today.

    She takes to Twitter and says: Looking busy round the Dewsbury table, are we getting close? @BBCLeeds #elections #vote2014 #kirklees

    London election results so far

    London Councils tweets: How the London political map looks so far: pic.twitter.com/6zoWeq1lfD

    Local elections map of London
    UKIP gossip

    The Sheffield Star's Ellen Beardmore tweets: Gossip at Sheffield election count is that UKIP will win 'around three seats' @SheffieldStar

    Labour MP for Exeter Ben Bradshaw

    tweets: Huge gain for @olwenfoggin for @exeterlabour in former Tory seat of #Heavitree with majority of more than 400!

    Vote counts coming later

    Woking council tweets: Verification of votes underway in #woking. Count expected to commence from 2pm onwards

    Lib Dem 'worries'

    BBC Radio Sheffield's Liz Roberts tweets: Some worried lib dem faces at the #sheffield count, labour strongholds also looking threatened by UKIP #Vote2014

    Worcester talks

    Discussions are still going on in Worcester, where no party took overall control of the party.

    UK Independence Party has polled more than 20% of the vote in the elections, coming second in seven out of the 11 wards it contested.

    'Victims of protest'

    In Maidstone, which went to no overall control after the Conservatives lost four seats and UKIP gained four, Tory councillor Christopher Garland says: "We were victims of a general protest vote."

    Maidstone Conservative councillor Christopher Garland

    He adds: "I believe that UKIP do not offer anything whatsoever for local people."

    Labour gains at Nuneaton Moira Rawlings, BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire

    Here at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, Labour have done very well.

    They now have 14 out of the 17 seats up for grabs here. That's four Labour gains. The Conservatives gained two seats but the Conservative leader, Des O' Brien, has lost his seat.

    Via Twitter Phil McCann BBC Radio Stoke's political reporter

    Phil McCann tweets: At the @NewsNBC election count at @KeeleUniversity sport centre - result not expected til late afternoon.

    'Pushed into third'

    Look North's Joe Inwood reports from the Leeds count: Libs seem to be pushed into 3rd in Headingley - where they recently held ALL seats. Behind Lab and Greens! #Leeds #Vote2014 @BBCLookNorth

    Knife edge

    Joe Inwood is in the thick of it at the Leeds count.

    He tweets: A senior council source tells me there are 4 seats "on a knife edge" with UKIP challenging... Expect recounts. @BBCLeeds @BBCLookNorth

    Tories lose seat

    The first results have been announced in Chorley with Labour winning a seat from the Conservatives in the Chisnell Ward, reports Steve Becker of BBC Radio Lancashire.

    Former county councillor Alan Whitaker took the seat after deciding to stand once again.

    It's all over

    Barnsley Council tweets: The counting is done. Full results on our website. Lab lose Old Town to BIG but gain Penistone East from Con. Rest holds. #election2014

    Glamour of the counts

    Political reporter Louise Martin tweets: I'm not here for a squash lesson... The glamorous location of one of #Bradford's two counts. #Vote2014

    bradford count
    Result in Nuneaton and Bedworth

    Counting is all over at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council. Labour went into the election with a comfortable majority and they have won 14 out of the 17 seats - a gain of four.

    'Wait with baited breath'

    BBC political reporter Jack Fiehn says results are expected in the next couple of hours in Crawley, where people are "waiting with baited breath" for results that could see the marginal council change hands.

    No change in Weymouth Tristan Pascoe Political reporter, BBC South

    Weymouth and Portland Borough Council stays in no overall control.

    Labour made small gains and will take over as the biggest party from the Tories.

    While UKIP celebrated its first ever councillor on the authority with Francis Drake beating Lib Dem mayor Ray Banham into fourth place.

    Stroud first result

    The first result has been declared in Stroud. Coaley and Uley Ward is a Conservative hold for Tim Boxall, reports BBC Gloucestershire.

    Count start

    BBC Radio Manchester's Jonathan Ali reports that Bury Council will be counting in an hour's time.

    Thick and fast

    Barnsley Council tweet that Barnsley Independent Group hold Dodworth while Labour hold both Darton East and West and Dearne North #elections2014 #Barnsley

    It adds: Lab hold Rockingham and Royston #election2014 #Barnsley

    And: Lab gain Penistone West from Con #elections2014 #Barnsley

    Change for Winchester Jo Palmer BBC Radio Solent

    We have our first change in Winchester with Labour taking the St John and All Saints ward from the Lib Dems.

    The Tories and Lib Dems are both hoping to take overall control of the council but it is not a good start for the party in yellow.

    'Worst backdrop ever'

    BBC Yorkshire's roving reporter Larry Budd says: Told we expect first #Leeds results around 12. Meantime, I'm imagining this as worst backdrop for a rock gig, ever.

    Leeds count
    Robin Markwell Political reporter BBC Bristol

    Turnout out in Cheltenham reckoned to be 38% - that's up from 31% in 2012. The official figure will be announced after verification is complete.

    Noises here are that UKIP has also done well in classic Con-LD territory, but is it enough to steal seats? Results expected between 2pm and 3pm.

    First for UKIP Tristan Pascoe Political reporter, BBC South

    Local cafe owner Francis Drake becomes UKIP's first ever councillor on Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, winning Melcombe Regis from the Tories.

    UKIP 'has no policies'

    In Hastings, where Labour kept control of the authority which lost its only UKIP member, council leader Jeremy Birch says: "This is probably the maximum position UKIP will get today."

    Labour leader of Hastings council Jeremy Birch

    He adds: "I think by the time of the general election, they will be put to the test, as all parties that aspire to government are put to the test.

    "What's your policy on housing? What's your policy on education? What's your policy on policing? What's your policy on health? What's your policy on local government finance? And of course UKIP don't have any of those."

    Phil McCann BBC Radio Stoke's political reporter

    A result at Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is not expected until late afternoon. Labour go into this one with a majority of four.

    Nuneaton count starts
    Council quizzed on turnout

    In answer to questions about voter turnout, Maidstone council tweets: HI @MaffKnight 1887 votes were cast, and 4514 people were eligible to vote. Full results at http://t.co/UgFB7Ag8bU

    Counting in Mole

    Mole Valley District Council tweets: Verification of #european and #district election votes began at 9.30am - process well underway in #molevalley

    Allianz Park, Barnet

    Counting in the London Borough of Barnet is taking place for the first time at Allianz Park, the new home of Saracens rugby.


    The BNP tweets: Breaking news - all eyes on Pendle 3rd recount taking place

    Barnsley results

    Barnsley Council tweets: Labour hold Kingstone and Cudworth #election2014 #Barnsley.

    It adds: Labour hold Worsbrough #election2014 #Barnsley

    And: Labour hold Darfield, Central and St Helens #election2014 #Barnsley

    Heads down

    Heads are down in Barnsley as counting gets under way.

    Barnsley count

    BBC Radio Sheffield's Mick Lunney tweets: Counting #Barnsley #bbc local elections Lab hold 53 of 63 council seats... UKIP contesting 9 of 21 seats this time

    Verification under way

    Wakefield Council's chief executive Joanne Roney tweets: Verification underway @MyWakefield. Voting result expected from 1pm

    Council 'knife edge'

    BBC Radio Lancashire's Tim Padfield reports that postal votes are being counted at Ormskirk Civic Centre for West Lancashire Council, where the result will be on a knife edge.

    The Conservative Party lead Labour by two seats but most of the 11 wards the Tories are defending have good majorities.

    But will the UKIP factor come into play?

    UKIP 'done well'

    BBC Look North's Joe Inwood tweets: Senior Labour councillor tells me that "UKIP have done well... But maybe not well enough" in Leeds #Elections2014

    Holding the fort

    Katie Galbraith is holding the fort at Doncaster for BBC Radio Sheffield.

    Doncaster count

    She tweets: The count is already under way in Doncaster. I'll bring you the results of the local elections as they come in.

    Cheltenham count starts

    BBC Gloucestershire tweets: #cheltelections And they're off - counting begins!

    Counting in Cheltenham
    Latest from counts Via Twitter

    BBC Radio Lancashire's Chris Rider tweets: We are at every local election count. Can UKIP now win its first seat in Lancashire? #lancs

    Reporting from Harrogate

    BBC Radio York's Corinne Wheatley is watching things in the north of the region today.

    She tweets: I'm reporting from the Harrogate election count today. You can follow the results on here and by listening to @BBCYork

    Turnout 'over 50%'

    Tunbridge Wells Borough Council tweets: Still verifying the ballot boxes, it's a hive of activity. Hopefully counting soon. Looks like turnout over 50%.

    Did you vote?

    BBC Radio Manchester is asking listeners why they did or did not vote.

    Mike from Stockport said: "I would want a section that says 'none of the above' on the ballot paper."

    Party racism claims

    Crawley News tweets: EXCLUSIVE: Crawley Ukip chairman accuses town's Conservatives of racism - http://www.crawleynews.co.uk/Crawley-Ukip-chairman-accuses-town-s/story-21133416-detail/story.html

    'Pug ugly' row candidate

    A former UKIP candidate who branded Basingstoke women as "pug ugly" has defended his comment after he was elected.

    Matt Ellery, who stood as independent, did not attend the overnight count as "he had to be up early for work".

    Following his victory, he tweeted: "Not woman hating at all I simply stated there were a fair few ugly people about not all women."

    He also tweeted that he had "not been suspended by UKIP" and a decision on his future would be made later.

    Stroud count under way
    Counting at Stroud

    BBC Gloucestershire Tweets: #stroudelections Busy verifying here at Stratford Park Leisure Centre ahead of results expected around midday.

    Leaders 'fight for votes'

    In Crawley, both the Labour and Tory group leaders are standing for re-election to a council with a three-seat Tory majority.

    BBC political reporter Jack Fiehn said: "What happens here will be a marker of sorts for what happens in the general election next year."

    In 2005, the borough saw the smallest majority in the country with just 37 votes between the two big parties, he added.

    Ballots being verified

    BBC Radio Manchester's Jonathan Ali reports that verification of ballot papers is taking place at Bury Council.

    Town hall beauty

    Radio presenter Larry Budd tweets: Awaiting first result in #Leeds. #UKIP hoping to emulate success in South #Yorkshire. #Vote2014

    town hall

    He adds: On side point, Victoria Hall in #Leeds Town Hall really is beautiful. #Vote2014

    Calderdale counts

    Calderdale Council tweets: We're counting your votes today! Keep an eye out on our tweets & website during the day as results will be tweeted as they come in

    Crawley 'key battleground'

    Counting is under way in Crawley, which BBC reporter Lucinda Adam says is a "key battleground".

    Ed Miliband in Crawley

    She says the marginal borough is a key target for Labour because the authority has been controlled by the Conservatives with a majority of three seats.

    Big-hitters have all visited Crawley in recent weeks including Foreign Secretary William Hague and Labour leader Ed Miliband.

    Bradford count latest

    BBC Look North's Nicola Hudson, who is at the count, says: "Verification started but officials say not starting the count until 1pm. First results expected 2.30pm."

    Tunbridge Wells count starts

    Tunbridge Wells Borough Council chief executive William Benson tweets: The election count is underway in Tunbridge Wells. No results for a while - we have to check the totals in the ballot boxes first.

    Election tweeting

    Wokingham council tweets: Good morning, we'll be tweeting throughout the day as the results from the #Woky Borough local elections come in. pic.twitter.com/z3X8MwO9Mu

    Election count
    On the road

    BBC Radio Leeds reporter Tracy Gee is on the road today.

    She tweets: UKIP showing major gains in the local elections. We'll bring you results from across WYorkshire @BBCLeeds. I'll be at the #Wakefield count.

    'Anger and disillusion'

    In Maidstone, where UKIP has taken four seats, knocking the borough into no overall control, UKIP councillor Christine Edwards-Daem says: "It's probably not a surprise."

    UKIP Councillor Christine Edwards-Daem

    She adds: "It just shows how angry people are and disillusioned they are with the parties that there are at the moment."

    Election results

    Rushmoor council in Hampshire ‏tweets: Last night's election results are on our website http://bit.ly/1lZ1qnu #elections2014 #Rushmoor

    Leeds under way Via Twitter

    BBC's Larry Budd tweets: Counting underway in #Leeds in local elections. 33 seats to win... On your marks... #Vote2014

    Tories 'deliver through austerity' 09:36:

    Surrey Conservative councillor John Furey, speaking after his re-election in Runnymede borough, said that people want his party to remain in power.

    "We actually regained an independent seat in Runnymede. Turnout was very high. I believe that the right results came in."

    Mr Furey, who is also a county councillor, adds: "I think the Conservatives have held the line in terms of services over the austerity years we have gone through, and delivered."

    Leeds count 09:34: Via Twitter
    The Leeds count

    Leeds City Council tweets: Leeds Town Hall getting ready for the local elections count from 930... #LeedsVotes

    Tories 'clinging to power' 09:31:

    Councillor Barry Quinn, deputy Conservative group leader at Purbeck council, said his party had not necessarily lost power - even though they no longer held a majority.

    "There is not a lot that is contentious in the district. However, it is a fact in order to take any initiatives forward it does now need an element of support from the other councillors," he added.

    He said the "UKIP factor" was "quite evident" and obviously took votes away from other parties, including his own.

    'Low voter turnout' 09:21:

    BBC Surrey's political reporter Jack Fiehn says he has seen "a lack of interest" in local political campaigns, with between 37% and 40% of voters in the county turning out for the polls.

    But he adds: "It will be a much more different story next year I think at the general election. I think people will be much more engaged."

    Kirklees count Via Twitter
    The count at Kirklees

    Ailsa Rochester tweets: Nearly ready to start counting @BBCLeeds with @reporterich #elections #vote2014

    Wolverhampton count starts 09:13:

    Counting has got under way at Wolverhampton City Council.

    Labour go into this with a comfortable majority, holding 44 of the council's 60 seats.

    Bradford boxes open 09:13:

    Len Tingle, Political Editor for BBC Yorkshire tweets: Ballot boxes open in #Bradford - long process of verification of votes - so not expecting first result until lunchtime.

    The count in Bradford
    Picture 'fluid and dynamic' 09:11:

    Politics lecturer Dr Simon Usherwood, of the University of Surrey, says there is "no clear pattern across the country" with the Conservatives not doing as badly as they expected and Labour not doing as well as they could.

    "But it's the rise of UKIP that I think is making for a real complication here," he says. "Potentially, it makes the picture one that's much more fluid and dynamic."

    Worcester result 'encouraging' 09:08:

    The Conservative MP for Worcester, Robin Walker, says he's pleased with the result on Worcester City Council. His party failed to gain overall control, but is now the biggest group with 17 of the 35 seats.

    He said: "We saw the Conservatives coming first in the popular vote in the city and with a year to go until the general election that's something I see as quite encouraging."


    BBC News Channel chief political correspondent Norman Smith tweets: Labour making big council gains in #London. A different story outside capital #vote2014

    Bradford count 08:59: Len Tingle, BBC

    Len Tingle Political Editor, BBC Yorkshire tweets: Here we go again - I'm in #Bradford. The count starts soon. #Labour looking to take the 2 extra seats it needs for a majority #BBCVote2014

    Farage leaves us guessing 08:57:

    Nigel Farage refused to be drawn on where he might stand in the general election next year.

    Speaking to BBC Radio Kent after UKIP won four seats on Maidstone Borough Council, he said: "We've got the [EU] results on Sunday night and I've got to get to Brussels pretty quickly. I don't know that I'm going to have time to even think about it.

    "I doubt I will be saying anything next week about where I'm going to stand."

    Farage hails Maidstone 'breakthrough' 08:50:

    UKIP won four seats on Maidstone Borough Council, meaning the Conservatives lost overall control of the authority.

    Leader Nigel Farage, who lives nearby in Westerham, told BBC Radio Kent: "This is a big breakthrough for us.

    "There are other parts of Kent - Tunbridge Wells and east Kent - where we've made some quite good breakthroughs over the last three or four years but this is the first step on the rung in Maidstone."

    Tory win celebrated 08:37:

    Local Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith arrives to congratulate the Conservative workers here at Kingston.

    Zac Goldsmith and supporters
    Surrey Tory wins 'pleasing' Via Twitter

    In the Surrey borough of Elmbridge, the count is due to start at 09:30. But Councillor Andrew Kelly, a member of the ruling Conservatives, is already enjoying his party's success elsewhere in the county.

    He tweets: "Pleased to see good Conservative wins in Surrey districts of Tandridge and Runnymede. No Lab or UKIP wins. #Elections2014"

    UKIP 'falling tide' 08:35:

    In Tandridge, where the Conservatives kept control of the borough, council leader Gordon Keymer says UKIP has "failed".

    He told BBC Surrey: "UKIP had to make a breakthrough here. They had to do it tonight. They completely failed. I believe now we will see them going out like the falling tide."

    Leader's seat in danger 08:32: Jason Rosam Journalist, BBC London

    Liberal Democrat leader on @Brent_Council could lose his seat. It's a terrible night for the Lib Dems here.

    Brent stage
    Historic return 08:23: Louise Pepper Journalist, BBC London

    There are four more wards left to declare in Kingston, but there is a Conservative majority meaning they will be in charge again for the first time since 1982.

    Nimble fingers 08:16: Via Twitter

    Earlier, Kingston Council tweeted: Thimbles are in high demand tonight..

    Coventry leader relief 08:14:

    The Labour MP and Coventry City Council Leader Ann Lucas has expressed her satisfaction with the Coventry City Council result. Her party comfortably held on to power there.

    She told BBC Coventry and Warwickshire; "We still remain 43 Labour councillors, 11 Tory councillors, and we are free - thank God - of any presence from any of the extreme parties, so all in all, a job well done."

    Labour edge in Redbridge 08:13: Tarah Welsh, BBC London

    tweets: Labour now has the majority in #Redbridge. Traditionally a Conservative borough.

    Kingston leader concedes to Tories 08:06: Louise Pepper Journalist, BBC London

    Lib Dem council leader Liz Green has conceded and congratulated the Conservatives.

    Portsmouth Tories woo parties 08:02: Jessica Parker Political reporter, BBC Hampshire and IoW

    Conservative party leader in Portsmouth Donna Jones says she would be "delighted to form a minority administration" as the authority now sits in no overall control.

    Lib Dems hold Sutton 08:00:

    The Liberal Democrats have retained Sutton.

    Croydon expectations 08:00:

    A Labour Party member celebrates his party's retention of both seats in the Fieldway ward in the Borough of Croydon.

    Celebrations in Croydon
    Labour celebrates in Brent 07:55: Catlin Kennedy, BBC
    Shafique Choudhary, Sarah-Louise Marquis and Michael Pavey celebrate a Labour win in Brent.

    Shafique Choudhary, Sarah-Louise Marquis and Michael Pavey celebrate a Labour win in Brent. Labour have just won nine out of nine seats in Brent wards, including Barnhill, Willesden Green and Harlesden.

    Labour in Croydon hail 'victory' 07:46:

    The Croydon Advertiser reports: Labour leader Tony Newman has hailed "a historic victory for Labour in Croydon". The paper says: "It's not over yet, but it's hard to imagine he'll be wrong - it looks to be Labour's night."

    Kingston progress 07:41: Louise Pepper Journalist, BBC London

    Louise tweets: 7 wards (of 16) declared now at #kingstonvotes - Conservatives have gained 2 seats in a council where previously Lib Dems had 3 seat majority

    Worcester negotiations 07:39:

    The negotiations have begun at Worcester City Council, which remained in no overall control.

    The Conservatives are now the biggest group on the council with 17 out of 35 seats and their leader Simon Geraghty said: "I think it is time to have a discussion and see if we can do things slightly differently in Worcester."

    Counting delays in Bristol 07:37:

    Counting ballot papers in Bristol was delayed overnight after a higher number of postal votes than expected were submitted.

    Returning officer Zillah Morris said the count took "a little longer than we'd have liked".

    "The added security measures to verify postal votes did set us back, along with a couple of technical issues," she added.

    Labour strong in Brent 07:32: Jason Rosam Journalist, BBC London

    Labour is holding strong in Brent, but the Lib Dem leader could lose his seat.

    Forty winks in Brent 07:31: Eleanor Garnier BBC political reporter

    tweets: Out for the count in Brent

    Brent sleeper
    'UKIP factor' in Dorset 07:29: Tristan Pascoe Political reporter, BBC South

    The UKIP factor has even been felt as far as the isle of Purbeck in Dorset.

    In the Lytchett Matravers ward, just 28 votes separated the Conservative and Lib Dems while the UKIP candidate polled 248 votes, allowing the Lib Dems to gain the seat from the Tories.

    It means independent councillor Nigel Dragon now holds the balance of power with the Conservatives losing overall control.

    None of the other seven seats changed hands but all those elected will be up again next year due to boundary changes.

    'McKenzie finishes behind Green' 07:23:

    Croydon Advertiser reporter Gareth Davies tweets: 480 people in South Norwood did vote for @WinstonMcK, who finished behind Green Party candidate #croydon #ukip

    Winston McKenzie

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