Mark Duggan inquest: Tottenham's police relations 'worse' since riot

Mark Duggan and riot scenes

The inquest into Mark Duggan's death - which has concluded he was lawfully killed when he was shot by a police marksman - has placed the relationship between Tottenham's black community and the police under scrutiny. Have relationships got better or worse since his death?

On a warm August evening in 2011, Mark Duggan was shot twice by a police marksman.

Two days later, parts of the capital were ablaze and towns and cities across England were suffering their worst rioting since the 1990s.

The riots grew out of a demonstration organised outside Tottenham Police Station following Mr Duggan's shooting.

Koos Couvée, a reporter for North London and Herts Newspapers, said he was on the scene of the shooting 30 minutes after it happened.

"It was a very hot day and you felt something was brewing - that atmosphere continued all the way through to the riots," he said.

"When the riots started it was almost like a carnival atmosphere, and people have described it to me as a sense of release.

Ken Hinds Ken Hinds said stop and search was the reason why relations were bad between young people and police

"But then obviously a lot of people lost their homes and businesses, which was the very dark side of it."

Promises of regeneration were made after the disorder but, for many people in Tottenham, nothing has changed.

Broadwater Farm riots

Broadwater Farm riots
  • Riots on the Broadwater Farm estate in Tottenham took place on 6 October 1985. It was in response to the death of Cynthia Jarrett who suffered heart failure after police officers broke into her house
  • Police were pelted with bottles and petrol bombs and cars were overturned and set alight
  • PC Keith Blakelock died after he was stabbed multiple times while trying to protect firefighters tackling a blaze
  • Three men - Winston Silcott, Engin Raghip and Mark Braithwaite - were convicted of his murder, but cleared on appeal amid claims the evidence in the case may have been fabricated
  • Following a fresh appeal for information, Nicholas Jacobs, 45, of Hackney, was charged with murder in July
  • He pleaded not guilty and will face a trial in March

Studies suggest a significant cause of the riots was "widespread anger and frustration" at the way police engaged with communities.

In particular, they highlighted the policy of stop and search, where officers are allowed to temporarily detain someone and search them if violence or weapons are suspected.

Worryingly, some fear relations between young people in the area and the police may have deteriorated further. Indeed, some fear the riots could happen again.

Ken Hinds, who has worked as a mediator between warring gangs in north London, said he thought relationships with the police had "got worse" since Mr Duggan's death.

Mr Hinds, who was at the Broadwater Farm riot in Tottenham in 1985, said he believed more riots were possible because of the way "the youth are treated by police".

In 2009 he was awarded £22,000 after being wrongfully arrested by British Transport Police. He said the "key to the problem" was stop and search, which he said was "simply racial profiling of black men aged between 15 and 40".

"I've been stopped more than 100 times in my life and it damages you," he said.

"You feel like you've been picked on and violated. You feel sometimes like you've been sexually exploited, because they are feeling you up.

"I believe things have got worse since the riots. The police and courts threw everything at convicted people and giving them massive sentences, even if they took a bottle of water, but we still haven't found out who killed Mark.

"The stuff that has come out of this inquest has been fascinating and damning against the police. Mark Duggan was no angel, but it looked like they made an example of him.

"It's still us versus them and it's not going to change until stop and search is abolished. It's not fit for purpose."

Nynver Miller and Wasim Glowacki Nynver Miller and Wasim Glowacki said relations between young people and police had got "worse"

Figures from the Met regarding Haringey, the London borough which includes Tottenham, show that between November 2011 and October 2012, black people were nearly two-and-a-half times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people. And of those people stopped, 10.8% were arrested.

The following year, black people were just under two times more likely to be stopped and searched, with an arrest rate of 16.4%.

Similar views to Mr Hinds' on stop and search are heard when speaking to young men in Tottenham.

Nynver Miller, a student, said: "At first you feel, 'why are they stopping me?' But you get used to it.

"When you get those police officers who have a bad attitude... you know they are wasting their time, so sometimes it's just funny."

According to a recent Met report, 61% of people stopped and searched between October 2012 and October 2013 were aged between 10 and 24.

Mr Miller said trust between young people in Tottenham and police had always been low.

"That vibe had been there long before what happened to Mark Duggan - it's been like this since day one," he said.

His views were echoed by Wasim Glowacki, also a student, who said that trust had deteriorated.

"Things have got worse, not better, since the riots," he said.

Carpetright building, Tottenham High Road The landmark Carpetright building in Tottenham High Road was set ablaze during the riots
Carpetright building, Tottenham High Road It is now being rebuilt as part of regeneration efforts in Tottenham

"It feels like no-one really knows what happened with Mark Duggan. There are all sorts of stories with people saying one thing and police saying another - it's a mess."

Mr Hinds said in the days after the killing he was contacted by Mr Duggan's father, Bruno. In the Met's report into the riots - Four Days in August - he is referred to as "Mr D".

"Bruno asked me to talk to police and act as a mediator," he said.

"The police hadn't told the family that Mark had been killed and there was a lot of anger. The whole thing could've been averted by going to the family."

Mr Couvée said nothing seemed to have fundamentally changed since the riots.

"It is the perceived lack of access to justice and equal rights from generation to generation," he said.

"And there's a feeling of absolutely no hope for a lot of young people - and that's quite a toxic combination.

"The riots could happen again if the right circumstances conspire. I don't think the conditions for it to happen have been removed."

Alan Stanton, a ward councillor for Tottenham Hale, where Mr Duggan was shot, said time had been "wasted" since the riots.

Kous Couvée Journalist Koos Couvée said there is a perceived lack of access to justice for people in Tottenham

"We haven't moved on at all," he said

"I don't know whether people will riot again, because the response was so heavy. But I don't think we've advanced at all and I don't think we've got a plan to move things."

In 2012 the Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe ordered an overhaul of stop and search policing in London.

He admitted the tactic had not always been used professionally, but was important to tackle crime.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said: "The Met is trying to make stop and search more effective, more targeted and less frequent.

"S60 stops - where anyone can be stopped in one area for a limited period of time if violence or weapons are suspected - has been cut back and is down by one fifth.

"And complaints about the use of stop and search is down by almost a half. Disproportionately it is down very significantly and the arrest-to-stop ratio is up."

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    The mother-in-law of the main suspect in the disappearance of 14-year-old schoolgirl Alice Gross has told the BBC she hopes Arnis Zalkalns will be caught soon.

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    Latvia has opened its file on Arnit Valkalns, the prime suspect in the case of missing teenager Alice Gross, which contains graphic black and white photos of the murdered corpse of his wife, Rubite Valkalns.

    Mr Valkalns was described by a court psychologist as anti-social and withdrawn, and he confessed to his crime - describing to police how made a metal pole and a knife to kill her with, lured her to the forest, hit her on the back of the head twice with the pole and then stabbed her in the chest before burying her in a shallow grave.

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    The police team investigating the disappearance of schoolgirl Alice Gross says some of its officers will be dispatched to Latvia "to pursue part of the investigation", and are "working closely" with the Latvian police.

    Alice Gross

    The Metropolitan Police said it had reviewed 1,251 documents, spoken to 1,067 people and searched 25sq km of open land, 5.5km of canals and rivers and more than 30 properties "including houses, derelict buildings, outbuildings and empty houses".

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    • Smoke filled a Piccadilly Line train during rush hour this morning after one of its motors broke down, leading to the evacuation of passengers and the closure of Manor House Station
    Alice Gross: Suspect's conviction details 15:51:

    Latvian officials have released details of the murder conviction of Arnis Zalkalns, a suspect in the case of missing teenager Alice Gross.

    Twelve years ago, Mr Zalkalns confessed to taking his wife to the forest, attacking her with a steel pole, and then stabbing her to death with an eight-inch knife, while a psychologist's report described him as mentally stable, saying he knew exactly what he was doing.

    Taxi protests due tomorrow 15:40:

    Thousands of London taxi drivers are due to hold a 'go-slow' protest tomorrow afternoon, with roads surrounding Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square likely to be affected.

    Black cab protest

    The protest is due to start at 14:00 as taxi drivers object to Transport for London's policy on taxi touts and licensing of new drivers, said the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association.

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    The teenagers rode to H Stain Ltd in Victoria Street on motorbikes on 11 March and used axes and hammers to gain entry, the Metropolitan Police said.

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    Members of a women's group in east London are staging a week-long occupation of an almost empty housing estate next to the Olympic Park.


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    "Customers and staff were not at any risk but we would like to apologise to customers for the disruption caused to their journeys this morning."

    Tube carriage fills with smoke 14:20:

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    LU staff worked quickly to identify the cause of and found that the smoke was caused by a defective motor on the train which was then taken out of service."

    Alice suspect 'made weapon to kill' 14:10:

    The prime suspect in the investigation to find Alice Gross murdered his wife with homemade weapons, court documents have revealed.

    Arnis Zalkalns,

    Arnis Zalkalns, 41, from Latvia confessed to taking his wife Rudite, to a forest and attacking her with a steel pole and eight-inch knife, in 1998. Alice, 14, from Hanwell, west London, was last seen on 28 August next to the Grand Union Canal.

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    Camila Batmanghelidjh is calling on the government to step in with significant funding to save Kids Company, which she says is having to fund services that should be provided by the state.

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    The funeral of Palmera Silva, who was killed in a suspected beheading earlier this month, is due to be held tomorrow.

    Palmera Silva

    A 25-year-old man has been charged with the murder of the 82-year-old grandmother, who was found in a garden behind a house in Nightingale Road, Edmonton, on Thursday.

    Tube carriage fills with smoke 13:37:

    A Tube carriage filled with smoke this morning with commuters tweeting they struggled to breathe when the Piccadilly Line train stopped just outside Manor House Station at about 8.30am.

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    Westminster has seen plenty of upheaval over the past 900 years, and Prime Minister David Cameron has promised some big changes in response to the Scottish referendum vote.

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    • The Green Party claims two of the proposed new cycle superhighways, from Penge to the City and East Finchley to Angel, have been scrapped due to spiralling costs
    Dairy Crest jobs cut in London 11:45:

    Dairy products firm Dairy Crest is to close a creamery in Somerset and bottling dairy in London, with the loss of 260 jobs.

    Dairy Crest jobs cut in London

    Two hundred people work at the dairy in Hanworth, west London, where milk is put into glass bottles, while the remaining jobs will go at the creamery in Chard.

    Alice search continues 11:33:

    Police divers will continue to search the River Brent near Ealing Hospital today, close to where the missing 14-year-old Alice Gross was last seen.

    Find Alice poster

    A knife which was found in the water yesterday has been sent for forensic analysis.

    Bus journeys falling 11:17:

    Bus journeys in London fell in spring, with 591.7 million passenger trips being taken between January and March compared to 604.7 million in the previous three months.

    Commenting on its seasonally adjusted figures, the Department for Transport said bus usage has been "broadly flat" since huge growth in passenger numbers up to 2009.

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    Have your say on superhighways 10:51:

    A consultation into changes to the notorious Cycle Superhighway 2 from Whitechapel to Bow begins today.

    Cycle superhighway design

    A number of cyclists have died on CS2 and the plans look at segregating most of the route. Some businesses have raised concerns about plans to build segregated cycle routes on Embankment.

    Suspected bomb-maker arrested 10:42:

    A 37-year-old man has been arrested at his home in north west London by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of making improvised explosive devices in Iraq in 2007.

    The man remains in custody at a south London police station.

    Theatres make gender equality pledge 10:25:

    Leading English theatres have committed to making changes in their programming and working practices to address gender inequality in the theatre industry.


    They include the Almeida, Tricycle and Young Vic theatres in London; the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC); and the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds.

    Man arrested on bomb-making suspicion BREAKING NEWS

    A man has been arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices in Iraq in 2007.

    Rail delay information 'lacking' 10:10:

    Only a third of rail passengers are happy with the way their train company deals with delays or cancellations, a survey has suggested.

    Rail delay information 'lacking'

    Passenger Focus's survey said rail customers found Twitter had better information than station staff, and said that while improvements had been made by rail companies, more were needed.

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    • A survey's found half of all delayed train journeys in the country are in London and the South East, and only a third of passengers are happy with the way their train company deals with delays or cancellations
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    Former Fulham boss Felix Magath has admitted he told Brede Hangeland to treat a knee injury with cheese.

    Felix Magath, former Fulham boss

    But the German, who was sacked by the Championship club last week, says the story has been distorted by the media after defender Hangeland claimed Magath told him to treat an injured thigh with a block of cheese soaked in alcohol.

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    It has made more than $6.2bn (£3.8bn) in ticket sales alone, not counting merchandise, cast recordings or revenue from the film on which it is based, meaning it has overtaken The Phantom of the Opera, even though Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical has been seen by twice as many ticketholders.

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    Rail, Maritime and Transport Union acting general secretary Mick Cash has been elected its leader following the death of Bob Crow in March.

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    Londoner bet £900k on Scots vote 09:10:

    An anonymous London man bet £900,000 on a "No" vote in the Scottish independence referendum - and won.

    Londoner bet £900k on Scots vote

    He said the bet was "not a reckless gamble" but rather "a reasoned wage" based on thorough research - although he did make sure to check with his wife first.

    News on the hour 09:00:
    18 rescued in Battersea fire 08:50:

    Eighteen people were rescued by firefighters after a blaze broke out in a tower block in south London.

    18 rescued in Battersea fire

    The Met said 10 people had been treated for minor injuries, while six were taken to hospital for treatment after 80 firefighters and 12 fire engines were sent to the fourth floor of the high-rise block in Battersea at around 16:00 yesterday.

    On air 08:41: Vanessa Feltz Presenter, BBC London 94.9

    On BBC London 94.9 from 09:00, researchers in London say only half of 5-year-olds have reached a good level of development by the time they start school, and in some parts of the country it's barely a quarter - how can we make that better?

    Top headlines
    Controversial show opens 08:30:

    A controversial exhibition which has been branded as racist by some critics opens at the Barbican today.

    Exhibit B by Brett Bailey features live performers including black men and women shackled and caged.

    Some have denounced it as a detrimental portrayal of black people but the Barbican's defended it as an exploration of black history.

    Met investigated 08:20:

    A human rights watchdog is to investigate the Met Police after it emerged references to discrimination were deleted from internal reports.

    Carol Howard

    The inquiry by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) comes after PC Carol Howard won a discrimination case against the force.

    Road problems 08:10: Louise Pepper Journalist, BBC London

    At Clapham Junction, St John's Hill is closed at Falcon Road (by the station) due to a collision leading delays around the area.

    On the A13, a collision westbound after Prince Regent Lane has added to morning delays all the way in from Rainham.

    For the latest information go to our travel page or on Twitter @BBCLondonTravel.

    Chilly start 08:04:

    After a chilly start any patchy mist and fog will clear, leaving sunny spells. This afternoon cloud will increase, perhaps bringing some rain later.

    It will feel pleasantly warm in the light winds, with temperatures a little above average for the time of year.

    Highs of 20C (68F)

    08:00: Matthew Bell BBC News, London

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