David Gregory-Kumar: A new blog and a new name


Hello, so this is my new BBC blog.

Behind the scenes the BBC have moved the blog to a new production system and at the top you can see I've also changed the title to my new married name of Gregory-Kumar.

I will no longer be updating my old blog page, although the archive will remain.

I've also been allowed to expand the brief of the blog itself so it now covers both science and environment stories rather than just focusing on science. But still firmly with the accent on evidence-based explanation.

As a friend said on Facebook when they stumbled across the old blog: "There are really interesting mini articles here - I wish I'd known about this previously. I shall be a regular (occasional) visitor. Much better than cats stuck up trees."

Feel free to comment on the lack of cat stories in the comments if you like.

David Gregory-Kumar Article written by David Gregory-Kumar David Gregory-Kumar Science & Environment correspondent, BBC News

West Midlands medic trials sugar remedy

One medic in the West Midlands investigates whether sugar could help treat infected wounds.

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    Comment number 1.

    Congratulations on your marriage.
    As much as I like stories about cats, my comment is about the use of 'they' in the singular: "As a friend said on Facebook when they stumbled..." Surely mentioning your friend's gender will not identify him/her to your readers.
    Why does the BBC find it acceptable to use the grammatically incorrect 'they' instead of the correct, even if slightly unwieldy, 's/he'?



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