MP Geoffrey Cox warns against any 'sordid boundary deal'


Devon Conservative MP Geoffrey Cox warns the government not to make any deals with the Liberal Democrats about boundary changes

"These are the zombie proposals. They are the walking dead proposals which will never see the light of day".

This verdict on the Prime Minister's mission to change constituency boundaries - theoretically moved forward by the Boundary Commission last week - has been delivered by a South West MP.

It would seem an obvious analysis to a lot of people.

How can the PM really hope to push this through the Commons against the avowed opposition of the Liberal Democrats?

Basically it's a judgement on Conservative policy you would expect to hear from almost anybody. Except a Tory MP.

This blunt assessment, though, is offered by Geoffrey Cox, Conservative MP for Torridge and West Devon.

It's long been an open secret that a number of Tory backbenchers don't share David Cameron's enthusiasm for redrawing the map. Not least those, like Geoffrey Cox, who would see their own constituencies dismembered or entirely removed.

Geoffrey Cox says he had reconciled himself to the loss of his own seat in principle. But he also reveals he would consider voting against the boundary changes if the government tried to secure them by "sordid trading" with the Liberal Democrats on party funding.

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps MP told the BBC's Sunday Politics no wheeling and dealing of this kind is taking place. And Nick Clegg insists the Lib Dems will not be bought with "cash for constituencies" anyway.

But if Geoffrey Cox's views are at all representative of his colleagues, the Prime Minister could now face even more of an uphill struggle.

Martyn Oates, Political editor, South West Article written by Martyn Oates Martyn Oates Political editor, South West

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    Comment number 19.

    The current boundries favour the left which is to be expected because Mr Blair changed the boundries when he came into power for that purpose. Some of the cities have constituancies that are tiny, it is time for a change.
    There are too many MP's representing too many contituancies, I would half the numbers.

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    Comment number 18.

    16.Ginger Ferrit Liberals are being economical with the truth

    Of course the left wing dont want to answer about the right of Scottish and welsh mps to dicate terms on England by allowing labour to have majority with the use of devolved areas of uk. Because your hypocrites.

    Explain again the fairness an alliance of losers including SNP and welsh nationalists dictating policy on England

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    Comment number 17.

    Oh i see its fair that

    England cant have vote on an English Parliament. Its fair that labour only gets in power through the help of welsh and scottish mps where they have devolution and basically stich up the predominately right wing England

    Dorset, devon and cornwall are currently the parts of England that IMHO are still English as they are not multicultural with less then 1% minorities

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    Comment number 16.


    I'm assuming you've just turned over and started watching this from half-way through, otherwise you'd be aware that this was Nick Clegg growing a backbone through opposing a boundry change. Had the Tory's held up their end of the bargain (yes, even you have to accept that engaging policies requires compromise!) with regards the HoL reform, they could have had their boundry changes.

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    Comment number 15.

    The labour and liberal parties

    THEY SAY YES TO Devolution WALES and N Ireland and Scotland
    But they wont allow an English Parliament because labour and liberals have no chance in controlling it. And tories were elected throughout the country

    mark me down all you like you hypocrites

    We will also see how right wing England is by the EU vote in 2014


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