Dale Farm: Labour leader Ed Miliband supports evictions

During a visit to the Vauxhall plant in Luton Labour leader Ed Miliband was asked about the planned evictions at Dale Farm travellers site near Basildon in Essex.

The deadline is up for families who have been living illegally on part of the site near the village of Crays Hill.

Travellers living on plots without planning permission at Dale Farm had been given a deadline of midnight on 31 August to leave or face the bailiffs.

The High Court rejected the latest appeal against the proposed removals. Now Basildon Council is expected to start the eviction process later in September.

Enforcement action

Mr Miliband told us that he supported the council in enforcing the eviction notice:

"The law does have to be upheld right across the country whatever background people are from, wherever people are."

The travellers legally own the land but do not have planning permission for their caravans and chalets.

Basildon Council is taking enforcement action after 10 years of legal fighting over the 54 illegal pitches on the site.