Anglian Water in water supply pledge

A water company has written to MPs across the East to reassure them that reservoirs are 90% full.

Anglian Water also said it would not be introducing hosepipe bans this year despite record low rainfall.

MPs in Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire were contacted.

Managing director Peter Simpson said: "We've had the worst winter since records began followed by the driest March and April for 60 years."

Burst pipes and leaks increased during the December freeze and extra work crews and specialist technicians were employed to fix them.

UK's 'driest region'

"We also pumped enough extra water for a million people through the system to replace what was being lost," Mr Simpson said.

"From December, leaks were being fixed faster than they were being reported and the situation was back to normal within eight weeks.

"This huge effort to deal with the effects of the cold winter has also played a big part in helping us cope with the very dry spring.

"No-one should think we are complacent. We live in the driest part of the UK with a third less rainfall than the rest of the country.

"That's why we continue to place such a high priority on our water efficiency campaign."

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