In Pictures: Remembering D-Day

  • 5 June 2014
  • From the section UK

Veterans of World War II, world leaders and royalty have been gathering ahead of the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the biggest amphibious assault in military history.

Many UK veterans will sail on HMS Bulwark from Portsmouth to Normandy on Thursday, while a parade made up of former troops, cadets and serving members of the armed forces is taking place in Portsmouth.

The Prince of Wales is attending a memorial service to mark the taking of the strategic Pegasus Bridge in France, and the Queen will make a state visit to France, starting in Paris.

WWII veteran Frank James
Hundreds of veterans - including Frank James, 95 - have gathered to mark 70 years since the D-Day landings in northern France
Veterans taking part in a D-Day event in Portsmouth
Ceremonies have been held on both sides of the Channel, including one at Portsmouth
Princess Anne
The Princess Royal was at the drumhead ceremony in Portsmouth, where exactly 70 years ago troops were preparing to invade Nazi-occupied France
Troops about to leave a boat as part of the recreated beach landing in Southsea
After the ceremony in Portsmouth, the Royal Marines and Royal Navy demonstrated an amphibious assault in Southsea
Troops jumping off a boat on to a beach
Troops stormed up the beach in the demonstration, firing blank rounds as a large crowd watched
Crew of HMS Bulwark on deck
The crew of HMS Bulwark, due to leave Portsmouth for Normandy, saluted to those on shore during the events in Portsmouth
Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall
Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Pegasus Bridge, which was captured by British troops within minutes of landing in gliders just after midnight on 6 June 1944
Pipers marched past Cafe Gondree
Pipers marched past Cafe Gondree, the Pegasus Bridge Cafe, the first French house to be liberated
Spitfire and a Lancaster flying over Pegasus Bridge
A Spitfire and a Lancaster, both famous aircraft from WWII, flew over Pegasus Bridge near Caen, France
Raffi Mills, aged 10, from Lymington
Veterans were joined by people of all ages - including Raffi Mills, 10, from Lymington - at the Pegasus Bridge Memorial Museum in Normandy
A Hercules C-130 plane
A Hercules C-130 plane flew over Sword Beach in Ouistreham, northern France, where world leaders will gather on Friday
A French paratrooper carrying a US flag landed on Sword beach in Ouistreham
French paratroopers carrying various flags landed on Sword Beach, one of the numerous locations where D-Day anniversary events are being held
German soldiers lined up
German soldiers attended a US-German D-Day commemoration ceremony in Picauville
Isaac Curtis Phillips
US veterans - including Isaac Curtis Phillips - also attended the US-German D-Day commemoration ceremony
General George Patton's granddaughter, Helen Patton
General George Patton's granddaughter, Helen Patton, parachuted into Picauville
Military enthusiasts marching
As marines demonstrated an amphibian invasion in southern England, military enthusiasts dressed as WWII soldiers marched outside a camp near Omaha Beach in France
A French military enthusiast
While 70 years earlier the first Allied troops had not yet arrived, enthusiasts with vintage military clothing and equipment have been spotted around Arromanches-les-Bains
The Red Arrows
After the amphibious landing display by marines earlier, the Red Arrows put on a lengthy aerobatic show over the crowds in Portsmouth
Seven British veterans standing on a beach in France
Some of the 650 British veterans expected at Sword Beach for a ceremony on Friday attended by a number of world leaders visited the beach on Thursday
A British veteran walking alone on a beach
Veterans including George French, 89, of the King's Royal Rifles, have been returning to the beaches where an estimated 2,500 Allied troops died on D-Day
The Queen getting off a Eurostar train
The Queen arrived in Paris by Eurostar for a state visit to France and Friday's D-Day ceremony at Sword Beach

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