UKIP accused of putting thousands of south of England jobs at risk

A380 testing

There was just one vote in it.

Members of the European Parliament environment committee have been voting on plans to charge US, Indian and Chinese airlines a levy for every flight to or from the EU.

Up until now they've had an exemption from the Emissions Trading Scheme.

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They talk a lot about defending British jobs and sticking up for the South West, but when it came down to it they couldn't be bothered to turn up and vote”

End Quote Julie Girling MEP South West England Conservative

But they knew retaliation was threatened. The US Congress has already passed a resolution condemning the scheme.

The Chinese are likely to respond most harshly to the levy. Already they have frozen orders for 27 Airbus A330 aircraft, and an order for 150 more was due to be confirmed at the end of the month.

Four-thousand jobs rely directly on Airbus manufacture at Filton, and thousands more in sub-contractors across the south of England. These are high value engineering jobs, which rely on a healthy forward order book from around the world.

Furiously tweeted

When it came to a decision, many on the committee argued to end the exemption, to ensure a level playing field on environmental measures.

But British Conservatives opposed the measure and had thought they had the edge.

Then they realised UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall was not present, and that one vote decided it.

UKIP's empty seat on the environment committee UKIP's empty seat on the environment committee

South West Tory MEP Julie Girling furiously tweeted "UKIP empty chair at votes on aviation ETS. Lost by 1. Hundreds of thousands of jobs now at risk #useless UKIP" and posted this picture of the place at the committee table where Paul Nuttall should have been.

She later added "They talk a lot about defending British jobs and sticking up for the South West, but when it came down to it they couldn't be bothered to turn up and vote."


A UKIP spokesman later denied that was the case, saying Paul Nuttall would have voted but was mis-informed by EU officials.

"Paul Nuttall, the MEP for this committee, was not informed by the member of staff monitoring this committee, else he would have attended and voted against these punitive charges."

The party said that South East and South West members were not able to replace him.

"Both Nigel Farage and the Earl of Dartmouth are not members of this committee and so were not in possession of the timetable of votes. However had they been aware of the importance of this vote they would have attended as substitute members if Mr Nuttall had not been available.

"We will make sure we vote against this measure when it comes to plenary, unlike the Lib Dems and Labour."

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Peter Henley Article written by Peter Henley Peter Henley Political editor, South of England

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    Comment number 20.

    Here we go again more scaremongering from the political elite.

    Vote for me for the perfect world.

    Don’t vote for me doom and gloom.

    Too many stories like this over Scotland Europe etc it’s getting harder to take any of it seriously the closer we get to the elections, off putting to say the least.

    Politics at its best lies, dam lies and statistics!

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    Comment number 19.

    ..."UKIP empty chair at votes on aviation ETS. Lost by 1. Hundreds of thousands of jobs now at risk #useless UKIP"....

    Did someone really say this? 'hundreds of thousands of jobs' A typical, meaningless, factually misleading, unfounded, knee-jerk reaction from someone terrified of the UKIP challenge.

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    Comment number 18.

    Ah so the ridiculous 'Emissions Trading Scheme' is entirely UKIP's fault.

    Forget the idiotic 'Climate Change'/'The End is Nigh' lobby that the BBC spends so much time promoting.

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    Comment number 17.

    The spokesman claimed he wasn't informed that there were votes. Nuttall was copied in to the email circulating the agenda which was actually sent twice in one week so no excuses.

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    Comment number 16.

    So presumably the countries who make airbus between them, as we don't construct all of it, weren't bothered about their jobs then. If the UK was not in the thing we wouldn't have to worry about stupid eussr regulations costing us jobs in the first place.


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