WW1 row and 'devil cast out' on front pages

Observer front page 5/1/14
Image caption A row has erupted over comments by the education secretary about interpretations of World War One by academics. Labour has entered the fray in the Observer, with shadow minister Tristram Hunt accusing Mr Gove of "ugly", "crass" and "politically motivated remarks" ahead of the war's centenary.
Mail on Sunday 5/1/14
Image caption Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is removing the words "devil" and "sin" from the traditional christening service, according to the Daily Mail. The paper says "critics are stunned at such a fundamental change to a cornerstone of their faith".
Independent on Sunday front page 5/1/14
Image caption Another day, another dramatic weather image on the front of the Independent on Sunday - this time waves crashing over the seafront in Aberystwyth. The lead story is a Labour exclusive - a pledge from Ed Miliband "to clamp down on British businesses using cheap foreign labour".
Sunday Times front page 5/1/14
Image caption In an interview with the Sunday Times, David Cameron promises to keep raising the state pension until at least 2020 and keep the so-called triple-lock for the duration of the next Parliament if the Conservatives are re-elected. He also says he wants "to cut taxes for all workers", the paper adds.
Sunday Telegraph front page 5/1/14
Image caption It's pensions, too, for the Sunday Telegraph. Lib Dem minister Steve Webb tells the paper he "wants pensioners to be able to switch to better annuities regularly in the same way that home owners can change their mortgage every few years". The paper's main image is of the flood-hit town of Tewkesbury.

As is often the case, political stories dominate the Sunday headlines, with both the prime minister and leader of the opposition taking to the papers to announce policy plans.