Broadcaster David Dimbleby gets first tattoo aged 75

David Dimbleby at tattoo studio, and tattoo David Dimbleby said the experience was "not painful at all"

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Veteran TV broadcaster David Dimbleby has revealed he has got his first tattoo - a scorpion on his shoulder.

In a Radio Times interview, the 75-year-old Question Time host said: "You are only old once. I have always wanted a tattoo.

"I thought I might as well have it done now. It's a dream come true for me," he added.

Dimbleby got the tattoo while making the maritime series, Britain and the Sea, to be shown on BBC One on Sunday.

During filming, Dimbleby was given the chance to have a tattoo of his own while looking into how body art was introduced to the UK as a result of Captain Cook's South Sea adventures.

He turned down the offer and had a black pencil mark put on his body, but changed his mind when he saw a preview of the film.

"I thought it was wimpish having it just drawn on and I needed to man up," he said.

Churchill's tattoo
David Dimbleby The tattoo was done during the filming of Britain and the Sea

Dimbleby, who has been the BBC's main presenter of election coverage since 1979, was then accompanied to an east London tattoo studio by a cameraman.

"It took about 30 minutes - an hour in all - and I thought of Winston Churchill having his done while mine was being done. It wasn't painful at all, it just zings a bit."

The tattoo, on his right shoulder, was discreet, modest and represented his star sign, Scorpio, he said.

Of singer Cheryl Cole, who has roses tattooed all over her bottom, he said: "I wasn't tempted to have any private parts decorated, I have to tell you."

His wife, Belinda, was, he added, "mildly amused" by it but might be persuaded to have one of her own.

Britain and the Sea, made in partnership with the National Maritime Museum, starts on Sunday 17 November at 21:00 GMT on BBC One.


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    Comment number 755.

    Good on you Mr Dimbleby, it's never too late. I thought I was a late starter as I got my first tattoo at 34 but I bow to you! (Coincidentally, mine is also a scorpion and in the same place!).

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    Comment number 714.

    There is no problem with this at all,it does look classy, and age should not come into it. The mystery to me however, is why he wants to make it public, do not see why this should be the case, would think the majority of the public are not really interested

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    Comment number 699.

    I've always admired David Dimbleby - and even better that he's chosen a scorpion tattoo, as I had an undead scorpion tattooed on my arm last year (I'm also a Scorpio).

    I don't understand the negativity about tattoos - it's not like anyone is forced to have them done. It's a life choice, just like botox, face lifts, boob jobs, piercings - heck, even make-up.

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    Comment number 464.

    Getting a tattoo is one of those decissions that is intensely personal and unless you have one, or intend to get one, then you probably don't understand. Just because you don't want one, or they aren't to your taste, doesn't mean that they are wrong, stupid, junk or chav.

    I like my tattoo's, they mean a great deal to me.

    Would you like them?

    I don't really care.

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    Comment number 428.

    The skin is a beautiful blank canvas, but why despoil it permanently? You could have a different temporary tattoo every month to celebrate your rebelliousness and bohemianism but even the very few tattoos that have artistic merit (and you don't usually stare too long for fear of 'what you looking at'?) fade into a green blue mush with time. Banksys they ain't!


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