Newspaper review: Marriage tax breaks pondered


The announcement that the government will shortly bring forward proposals for marriage tax breaks is the Daily Mail's lead - and music to its ears.

The policy was a Conservative manifesto pledge at the last election and was due to be introduced by 2015.

Better three-and-a-half years late than the five David Cameron is said to have planned, the paper says.

In the Mail's words: "After the diversions of gay marriage, green taxes and overseas aid this paper is delighted that he has remembered his core belief in the traditional family as the basic building block of a happy nation."

The Sun says the tax breaks worth £150 a year are to be rushed forward by the government to quash a backbench revolt.

Organ donation

The Daily Mirror leads with a report that diseased meat is being sold secretly by the government for human consumption.

It says the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) makes up to £10m a year from selling cattle that have tested positive for bovine TB to slaughterhouses. The story is reported in other papers, too.

According to the Mirror, the meat has been finding its way into burgers and meals in schools, hospitals and the military.

A spokesman for Defra tells the paper the meat goes through rigorous safety checks before it can be passed fit for consumption and the risk of infection is extremely low.

The first organ donation scheme in the UK that puts the onus on people to opt out if they do not wish to take part is set to be approved on Tuesday.

The Guardian says the Welsh Assembly is to vote on a controversial bill under which adults will be deemed to have consented to their organs and tissue being used if they have not said otherwise.

According to the Daily Telegraph, critics argue that it is deceitful to suggest that a lack of objection amounts to consent and it gives government too much power over people's bodies.

Summer sunshine

Mark Carney takes over as governor of the Bank of England on Monday, but it is his wife's pronouncements that raise eyebrows in some quarters.

The Daily Mail reports that Diana Carney, whom it describes as an outspoken green campaigner and avid recycler, has declared war on teabags. She says they are harmful to the planet.

According to the paper, she has written on her internet blog that teabags can be pretty and convenient but asks whether we really need all that bleached and printed paper with every cup of tea.

Finally, after the hottest day of the year the papers are excited about forecasts of a July heatwave.

The Daily Telegraph says that although temperatures will cool over the next few days, high pressure will start building over the UK meaning warmer and settled conditions.

As the Daily Express puts it, Britain is set to roast in a month of scorching summer sunshine. The country can look forward to a run of warm, dry weather with weeks of blue skies on the way.

So much for all those soggy summer warnings, the Daily Mail says.

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