Prince plays US 'Harry mania' to his strengths

Prince Harry in America Prince Harry aims to bring the 'Warrior Games' for disabled servicemen and women to the UK

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Harry's the prince who sticks to the script - most of the time.

Take a speech he delivered in Colorado Springs. According to his prepared text he was meant to recall planting a tree in the gardens of the British Embassy in Washington.

Instead he went off royal piste and reminded his audience that this was an activity which "most of my family do nowadays".

A future devoted exclusively to tree planting is one Harry intends to avoid.

For now, he'll mix his work as an Apache helicopter pilot with supporting charitable causes and occasional overseas forays.

His latest one, to the US, has gone well. In a land that regularly commits fairytales to celluloid, there have been some women who've made it clear it's time he made them a princess.

'Harry mania'

Harry blushed, in the way redheads do, and the headlines of "Harry mania" were born.

The son of Diana - her name still has resonance here - has been praised in the local papers for his "roguish charm"; for being "down to earth"; and for not acting, in the words of one commentator, "like a snobby twit".

The trip has been designed to play to Harry's strengths. At its heart, has been a visit to the American military's answer to the Paralympics.

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Despite the favourable coverage of his time in America, Prince Harry harbours a deep disdain of the media”

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He is determined to bring the "Warrior Games" for disabled servicemen and women to the UK. This is not a princely pipedream - there are serious discussions going on, behind the scenes, to make this a reality.

The images generated have been in stark contrast to the ones printed in some papers the last time he crossed the Atlantic - when a naked Harry was captured for posterity playing strip billiards in Las Vegas with strangers.

In the eyes of some, his rehabilitation is complete. Little wonder then, that critics of the British monarchy - such as Republic which campaigns for an elected head of state - have argued overseas royal tours are less about flying the flag and more about projecting a positive image of the principals back home.

Soldier prince

Success overseas is not a new phenomenon for Harry. In Jamaica, last year, he took on Usain Bolt; he hugged a prime minister who wants to move on from having his grandmother as her head of state; and he executed some nifty moves on a dance floor to a Bob Marley track.

Despite the favourable coverage of his time in the US, Prince Harry harbours a deep disdain of the media. At its most intense after his mother died with the paparazzi in pursuit, it hasn't abated with the passage of time.

Prince Harry promoted British tourism with David Cameron

He would have appreciated the irony of an erroneous report on a US website which suggested he'd held a private party for 40 friends. The guests at the reception were, in fact, members of the British media.

In the years to come, Harry will continue to struggle with this relationship. The ancient institution he represents would wither if ignored.

He will continue to attract glowing write-ups and critical headlines. He is a mix of the soldier prince; the budding charitable entrepreneur; and the royal who desperately wants to be "normal" (though he admitted recently he's not sure what normal is) and have fun - though never again in Vegas.

Harry sticks to the script. Most of the time.

Peter Hunt Article written by Peter Hunt Peter Hunt Diplomatic and royal correspondent

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    Comment number 115.

    The USA or otherwise commonly known as United States of Avarice is and will be using everything and everyone to better their own position economically. Their whole self-serving system is reliant on manipulation, bullying and if they do not get their way, war.

    There are no good deals to be had there only pain.

    Move on to the other markets where better more lucrative opportunities await.

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    Comment number 114.

    107. it seems your stuck in 1878.Harry's doing a great job, both in the Army and promoting UK plc.

    It seems the professional left wing moaners are out in force again.

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    Comment number 113.

    @ 1878onwards
    Wow, So an all paid for junket and a game of polo thrown in!

    You don't get the bigger picture do you. A lot of other activities go on during these visit that encourage business and jobs in Britain.

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    Comment number 112.

    I fear this trip is just another move on the conservatives agenda to Americanise the British.

    If, as they say Britain should be forging its own trade deals why are they in America when they should be in Asian areas where the growing markets are?

    America has a track record of looking after its own interests before anything else. Who here honestly thinks any deals with America will serve us well?

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    Comment number 111.

    I'm sorry, but I can't see why Harry shouldn't go to the USA and promote all things British. He has done a great job for UK Plc there, just as he does as great a job as he can in his military role.

    And still we seem to carp.

    Would you really change places with him? Really? And have the media report EVERYTHING you do that's slightly off?

    Leave him alone and get a life for yourselves.

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    Comment number 110.

    Harry will always go down well Stateside.....

    .....after all he is loud, objectionable, louche, drunken, gung ho et al.....

    ....he could even be a yank......

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    Comment number 109.

    King George III would be confused.

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    Comment number 108.

    @81 "What a bunch of jealous, introverted, whiners you English have become! Complaining about one guy who will single handedly increase sales of British products in the USA ".

    Sounds like you're the one whining mate... and I disgaree we should judge our public figures by consumption in USA - there's other values I prefer.

    Texas is a beautful and friendly place - enjoy your life there.

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    Comment number 107.

    Wow, So an all paid for junket and a game of polo thrown in! the real world,we have 2.5m unemployed,god knows how many on benefit.We have families facing a so called bedroom tax for having 1 spare room,when Buck Pal has around 40 not being used.
    This society is so unequal..yet the fawning on here leaves me angry and ashamed!!

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    Comment number 106.

    So what if Harry chose to chew a little wild oats in Vegas... Maybe some of these who wrote these comments should try it themselves.

    Most of those who wrote the comments you refer to aren't in the privileged position that Harry is thus they can't afford a trip to Vegas.

    And that's the whole point - the royal family are the biggest symbol of inequality in the UK.

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    Comment number 105.

    sorry if I offend the " left wing" vote, but I will take the royals over our politicians every day & I suspect most of the world would as well !

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    Comment number 104.

    103; Dear HYS: You've got a problem with freedom of opinion, haven't you?

    We run a little book around here, betting on which comments will be removed because the moderators 'found it broke the house rules'. It's all good clean fun for the kiddies, and absolutely hilarious at times. I'll give you one thing, though, Mods, you're always unpredictable....

  • Comment number 103.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 102.

    I cannot believe how opinionated some of these comments are. Most American’s that I know have a lot of respect in your country and in Harry. So what if Harry chose to chew a little wild oats in Vegas, good for him. Maybe some of these who wrote these comments should try it themselves. I hope he achieves what he is trying to do for your veterans, maybe some of you should think about that.

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    Comment number 101.

    "If America love these pampered parasites so much perhaps they could keep them and do us all a favour." - Private Eye

    Oh, fine. I'll be gracious and take Harry, then. Sexy, adorable, naughty Harry, with all his good deeds and in his pilot's jumpsuit...

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    Comment number 100.

    "Harry Mania" ?
    Urgh You people fill me with inertia with your relentless fawning and forelock tugging towards the Upper Classes.

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    Comment number 99.

    The lad has done well. He was top of his class on Apache training which is no mean feat.
    Just needs to find a good girl to keep him on the straight and narrow - or two bad ones!

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    Comment number 98.

    94. varifocals

    Actually there's genuine evidence for FDR's administration allowing Pearl Harbour to be attacked because US Congress was opposed to joining the war but FDR was VERY keen

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    Comment number 97.

    And the US has what exactly, a dysfunctional population of which 50% are disenfranchised by your own government because of education and colour, yeah that's much better than what we poor Brits have,

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    Comment number 96.

    62.Paul - I would like to know who you interviewed to come to your conclusions about veterans/families being sold out... Theather only politicians my rather large circle of veteran friends feel sold out by is Obama and his menions who shorsell Nat'l security to provide cell phones to the welfare class.


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