Dave Lee Travis rebailed over sex offence claims

Dave Lee Travis
Image caption Dave Lee Travis is best known for his 25 years spent broadcasting on BBC Radio 1

The ex-Radio 1 DJ and Top of the Pops presenter Dave Lee Travis has been rebailed by police investigating allegations of sexual offences.

Mr Travis, of Mentmore, Bucks, was first arrested in November 2012 as part of Operation Yewtree. He was later rearrested in March over further claims of sexual offences.

He has denied any wrongdoing and has said his "conscience is clear".

His bail now lasts until an unspecified date later this month.

Operation Yewtree is an inquiry into historical allegations of sexual abuse linked to the entertainment industry.

The investigation was launched in the wake of revelations that ex-TV presenter and Radio 1 DJ Jimmy Savile subjected hundreds of young people and children to sexual abuse over four decades.

The operation has three strands. One is looking specifically at the actions of Savile and the second strand concerns allegations against "Savile and others".

The third strand relates to alleged complaints against other people unconnected to the Savile investigation.

Mr Travis's arrest is understood to fall within the latter category.

Mr Travis is best known for his 25-year stint on BBC Radio 1 which ended in 1993.

He also presented editions of Top of the Pops on BBC TV in the 1970s and 1980s.