Margaret Thatcher dies after stroke: Reaction as it happened

Key points

  • Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died at the age of 87 following a stroke
  • She was Conservative prime minister from 1979 to 1990, the first woman to hold the post
  • Baroness Thatcher will not have a state funeral but will be accorded the same status as Princess Diana and the Queen Mother
  • Baroness Thatcher died "peacefully" at the Ritz hotel in central London, where she had been staying since December
  • Prime Minister David Cameron called her a "great Briton", and the Queen spoke of her sadness at the death
  • The ceremony, with full military honours, will take place at London's St Paul's Cathedral

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Last updated 9 April 2013

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Former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher has died at 87 following a stroke, her spokesman says.


Lord Bell said in a statement: "It is with great sadness that Mark and Carol Thatcher announced that their mother Baroness Thatcher died peacefully following a stroke this morning."


Baroness Thatcher was Conservative prime minister from 1979 to 1990

Baroness Thatcher was Conservative prime minister from 1979 to 1990, and the first woman to hold the post.


Nick Robinson, Political editor

tweets: The dominant figure of post-war British politics is dead. Love her or loathe her, Margaret Thatcher shaped this country as few others did.

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The Queen is sad to hear the news of the death of Baroness Thatcher and will send a private message of sympathy to the family, Buckingham Palace says.


The BBC News website's main story on the death of Baroness Thatcher can be found here.


Prime Minister David Cameron tweets his first reaction: "It was with great sadness that l learned of Lady Thatcher's death. We've lost a great leader, a great Prime Minister and a great Briton."


James Landale, Deputy political editor

Due to her frailty, Baroness Thatcher had been spending some time at the Ritz Hotel in London. I do not know whether she died there or had returned home.


Mrs Thatcher launching the Conservative Party manifesto, 1983

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