Post Olympic spirits high but may fizzle out - survey


Members of the public reveal their favourite moments from London 2012

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The Olympic Games have had a positive effect on the UK, according to a survey for the BBC, but there are doubts how long the feel-good factor will last.

Some 83% said the Games had a positive effect on the UK and 80% thought it had made people more proud to be British.

However while 35% thought the effect of the Games would be long-term, 54% thought it would be short-lived.

Of the 1,002 people asked by GfK NOP, 80% said they had been interested in the Games over the past two weeks.

Value graphic

Meanwhile, 64% said the Olympics had provided good value for money and 56% said they had had a positive effect on them personally.

The Games delivered the biggest national television event since current measuring systems began, with 51.9 million people - 90% of the UK population - watching at least 15 minutes of coverage.

It was the BBC's most successful online event, attracting a record-breaking 55 million global browsers to the BBC Sport website throughout the Games.

Games chairman Seb Coe has acknowledged the role played by the crowds who gave huge support to the athletes, resulting in GB finishing third in the medals table.


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In a separate survey conducted for the BBC in July, most people said they thought the Olympic Games would mainly benefit London and not the rest of the country.

The poll of 2,017 people found 59% thought taxpayers had paid too much to cover the cost of the Games, while at the same time 53% thought it was not wasted money.

When a similar survey was conducted for the BBC in April, 64% of those who took part thought the cost was too high.

The Olympics, which began on 27 July, were brought to a close by a ceremony on Sunday 12 August watched by 26.3 million people in the UK.

Selected poll questions

What effect, if any, do you think the Olympic Games have had on the UK as a whole?

Source: GfK/BBC News, 1,002 people aged over 16 interviewed between 10-12 August 2012





No effect at all


Do you think that the Olympic Games has made people more proud to be British, less proud to be British, or made nodifference?

More proud


Less proud


No difference


Thinking about the effect the Olympic Games will have on the UK overall, do you think that any effect on the UKwill be long term, any effects will be short-lived, or will there be no effect at all?

Long term


Short term


No effect


Don't know



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    Comment number 346.

    Children too often aspire to be professional footballers. As such they tend to be adopted as role models.

    Are they earning $50 million per year? No. But a number are quite happy on their £10 million p.a.

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    Comment number 345.

    The effects will last as long as it takes for "Olympics XXX" to be issued for Playstation etc. Once people realise that success and celebrity will not be handed to them on a plate (and that celebrity in many sports is very transient) and that they have to work for it then they will lose interest. A chilly Autumn will help kill off enthusiasm - as will the cost. Sad but true.

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    Comment number 344.


    Worth every penny if you live in or around the east end of London but the vast majority of GB and NI don't live there and will see no benefit whatsover, despite contributing though taxes and lottery tickets. A London subsidy.

  • Comment number 343.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 342.

    Just seen factory workers who's jobs have been cut and outsourced to China rejoicing and skipping in the streets at how proud they are to be British and the Olympic "legacy".....

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    Comment number 341.

    The games were incredible, as was the coverage. But of course the effects will be relatively short-lived.

    Massive news stories that effect the world are similarly short lived when the media gradually die off their coverage. It doesn't mean the games will ever be forgotten.

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    Comment number 340.

    334. Nimrod2
    They earn too much money for their skills and have to rely on injunctions when they get caught bedhopping or deliberately injuring team mates. Some role models they are!
    So footballers are the only people to use super injunctions are they?

    Check out this rich under 30 list, not one footballer among them.

    Why are footballers role models?

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    Comment number 339.

    I expect the BBC will pick apart everything to do with the legacy as was done before the games started. Two correspondents in particular - Adrian Warner and David Bond did nothing but )a state the obvious b) be completely negative in their reporting. Then the games started and they realised they had it completely wrong.Neither have any credibility at all.

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    Comment number 338.

    336 me

    What are you favourite sports then?

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    Comment number 337.

    As a clay shooter I feel I can voice the opinions of the majority of the UK's shooters.
    Whilst we are all delighted that Peter Wilson won gold in the Double Trap there was overwhelming disappointment that there is no a 'bricks and mortar' legacy for our sport.
    The TEMPORARY shooting venue cost £30m and funds were cut to help potential medal winners. When will the governing bodies act to do more

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    Comment number 336.

    The Olympics are a non event. as a true sports fan i watched 2 mins of it some bizarre hockey game which bored me to death so i switched off, and that was enough. The olympics = Grand National, every nonj loving sports fan watches it every year housewifes,but are they glued to the 330 from warwick on a tuesday afternoon in december = No of course not. Just like the Olympics watched by non fans.

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    Comment number 335.

    i was told today that Great Britain has bid to host the games again in 2024. i hope that this is true and that we win. two weeks of watching young attractive individuals exhibiting grit and determination is just about the best thing to see. obviously it is depressing it is over perhaps we can lift ourselves by participating in sports and remaining pleasant to each other. is that to much to ask?

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    Comment number 334.

    Maybe but in the case of most of them they are World and/or Olympic Champions.
    The bunch of numpty footballers in the UK at the moment are nowhere near that standard and yet seem to think they are something special. They earn too much money for their skills and have to rely on injunctions when they get caught bedhopping or deliberately injuring team mates. Some role models they are!

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    Comment number 333.

    331. frankiecrisp
    seeing people who don't just perform for £250.000 a week is a breath of fresh air
    Micheal Phelps est. to earn $100m in next 5 years, Bolt not far off, Andy Murray is a multi - millionaire, Ennis and Farrah est. to earn £20m in next 5 years, Wiggins the same(he already has a big contract with Sky). USA basketball players are amongst the highest paid sportsmen in the world.

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    Comment number 332.


    I think that while the government is trying to keep the high in the air that they could have waited slightly more than 24 hours after the close of an extremely expensive circus to start knocking the wind out of peoples sails.

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    Comment number 331.

    Talking to people at work, we are that used to the greed and cheating of premiership footballers and their talentless wags seeing people who don't just perform for £250.000 a week is a breath of fresh air

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    Comment number 330.

    Yes the "feel good factor" will disappear as quickly as it started as we live in a sensory-overloaded instant gratification society.

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    Comment number 329.

    3rd Test starts on Thursday, England friendly tomorrow, Premier league kicks off Saturday, oh and Mcilroy won the PGA on Sunday and not a penny of lottery money in sight.

    Normal service has resumed - see there is sport 52 weeks a year not just for 2 weeks every 4 years.

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    Comment number 328.

    i really enjoyed not being in our grey and unpleasant land over the past fortnight,did i miss anything by not being here?,don't think so,just the same old usual hype,political unreality and a buzz that's doomed fizzle,so nothing has changed needless to say i doubt if it ever will.

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    Comment number 327.

    I hope not. I really enjoyed the sport. They could have lasted 3 months and I'd have been happy.


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