Newspaper review: PM criticised over Carr


The papers roundly criticise David Cameron for calling comedian Jimmy Carr's tax affairs "morally wrong".

"This is difficult terrain," says the Daily Telegraph , for a man whose family has "had intimate knowledge of tax minimisation techniques".

"It's Britain's incomprehensible tax system that's the most morally offensive," says the Daily Mail .

In the Guardian, Marina Hyde writes that "celebrity obsession" made the PM unable to resist sharing his views.

'Cuts and closures'

A week of negative headlines about tax avoidance are a "game changer", according to the Financial Times .

The paper says one scheme - apparently used by various prominent football managers - could "backfire" and result in a "big bill".

But the Times suggests the tax department, HMRC, could take 38 years to clear a backlog of tribunals.

"Cuts and closures," it says, "have left the taxman unequal in battle against army of accountants".

Ode to Joy

"Discord", says the Financial Times , sums up the mood of the eurozone crisis meeting in Rome, attended by leaders of Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

The trouble, reports the Telegraph , was German resistance to a proposed scheme to share debt.

What happened to the "Ode to Joy sing-along" of past European summits? asks Roger Boyes in the Times .

The Sun shows Germany's Angela Merkel cheering with the headline "Greeks exit Euro"... referring to the football.

'Daring to dream'

The Mail predicts that England's quarter-final against Italy on Sunday will draw a TV audience of 20m "bigger than the Jubilee".

England's secret weapon, according to the Daily Mirror , will be a "peanut protein blast".

It has spoken to the team chef, Tim De-Ath, who says a peanut ball is given to the players at 16:30 and also before bed, at 21:30.

"A nation is daring to dream," declares the Daily Express . "Come on England."

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