David Cameron's daughter Nancy left behind at pub

David and Samantha Cameron The Camerons were at the pub with their children and two other families

David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, left their eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, in a pub after having Sunday drink, Downing Street has confirmed.

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It's a heart-stopping moment - one that my family experienced not that long ago.”

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She is reported to have spent a quarter of an hour at the Plough Inn at Cadsden, in Buckinghamshire, before Mrs Cameron returned to collect her.

Number 10 said the couple had been "distraught" when they realised Nancy was not with them.

It said the incident had happened "a couple of months ago".

The Camerons were at the pub, near the prime minister's country residence, Chequers, with Nancy and their other children Arthur, six, and 22-month-old Florence, as well as two other families.

After leaving, Mr Cameron went home in one car with his bodyguards and thought Nancy was with his wife and their other children in another car.


Mrs Cameron had assumed her elder daughter was with her father. The mistake was discovered when they got home.

When the prime minister's wife returned to collect Nancy she found her helping staff.

Downing Street said no protection officers would face disciplinary action over the incident, adding that security arrangements were constantly under review.

A spokesman said: "The prime minister and Samantha were distraught when they realised Nancy wasn't with them.

"Thankfully when they phoned the pub she was there safe and well."

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, who is promoting a scheme to give English councils a financial incentive to deal with "troubled families", was asked on BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast if he drew parallels between them and parents who inadvertently left their children in a pub.

"We're definitely not talking about that - mainly for my job security," he replied.

Mr Pickles was also asked about the incident during a BBC News Channel interview, saying: "I'm very glad that Nancy was missing for only 15 minutes. It could happen to anybody. It must be any family's nightmare."


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    Comment number 1160.

    It is standard practice for the British rich to abandon their kids.

    First to a Nanny

    Then to Boarding School.

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    Comment number 1159.

    One thing's for certain, they wont be using that pub again! Staff that sell on stories?...tut tut tut

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    Comment number 1158.

    The distance from the Pub to Chequers is 3 miles so in 'U' turn terms pretty quick to nip back and pick up their daughter. The bit that intriques me is how the Pub's management, owner or staff reacted? Can you imagine it 'Hello young lady are you lost? Yes! where are you parents? At Chequers, Do you have a contact number for them? No, they are ex-directory. Ahh......

  • Comment number 1157.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 1156.

    No sorry should not have happened. If it had happened to a normal couple in a Glasgow pub and the Children's Reporter was informed then a supervision order would quickly be put in place. If that had happened to the Brown family then the people who are supporting the Camerons would have been highly critical.

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    Comment number 1155.

    I wonder what everybody would have said if Gordon Brown said something similar.

    I blame the nanny for having a day off.

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    Comment number 1154.

    I sympathise with these parents. My 20 year old daughter whom I continually adore, I left in her nursery 18 years ago, and only remembered that something in the car was missing after I had reached half of my way home. She forgave me instantly when I returned.

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    Comment number 1153.

    This is poor parenting, they left their child in a pub. You don't assume, you check,end of. I think there are a lot of Tories defending this who would be appalled and shocked if it was the leader of the opposition

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    Comment number 1152.

    Jesus at the age of 12 was left behind by his parents.Fact. Can anyone dare to say that Jesus's parents were irresponsible? come on....its the worst nightmare loving parents can experience!

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    Comment number 1151.

    It wasn't David's fault... clearly his wife is secretly a Labour-supporter.

    No... wait... I'm joking.

    Not only is this a complete non-story, I have full sympathy with them. They must have felt terribly anxious for the minutes that probably passed as hours when they realised she was missing. Any parent who hasn't had a similar heart-stopping moment probably has the reins a little too taught.

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    Comment number 1150.

    2 Days after our daughter was born my wife and I took her to the pub to show Her to the locals.

    18 Years Later and She's still there!

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    Comment number 1149.

    im finding it really shocking that people think that beacause he is the PM that this was an accident. well accident or not tis still a case for child protection to have a look at like they do with ne other normal parent

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    Comment number 1148.

    A timely warning to Mums everywhere.
    DO NOT delegete your childrens welfare.
    You will never forgive yourself if things go wrong.

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    Comment number 1147.

    this gives you faith makes you wonder if he remembers hes running the country mind you some people shouldnt have kids ....what a numpty

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    Comment number 1146.

    Cant we move on ? I suppose we will have an enquiry !

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    Comment number 1145.

    Lots of assumptions here about level of PM security. But traditionally UK security levels much lower than in the USA.
    Home secretary only has 1 police officer outside door.
    It may be that Dc only had a couple of Bodyguards with him in a pub that was probably vetted. It is a small pub.

    Now I guess if leaving kids behind will need more...but I guess these count as front line staff

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    Comment number 1144.

    Whether he is the Prime Minister or not, this can happen to any parent. When my sister's son was three months old, she my mother and I were heading out of the house. My sister asked my mother to bring the baby to the car and because I was the last to leave the house my mother assumed I took him. When we all got to the car we realised he was still peacefully sleeping in his cot inside the house.

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    Comment number 1143.

    This really doesn't matter - the Prime Minister SHOULD be focused on the country, not his daughter. The only issue is with the security staff who allowed the girl to vanish.

    A senior MP abusing their child, that would be news, but this is an irrelevance.

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    Comment number 1142.

    @victor ireland (1123)

    "I the first place why are ANY kids in a pub? Not a long time ago it would have been against the law. It should revert back."

    Because, thankfully, pubs are no longer the male-dominated, smoky drinking dens they used to be, but have generally become more pleasant environments where the whole family can get both food and drink. A big advance. Why long for the bad old days?

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    Comment number 1141.

    Do families in Broken Britain, neglect their children, these broken families who need intervention from the state. Cameron and the tories lecture from the pulpit, and submit UK families to humiliation to satisfy the tory right. Then complain when they do something that gets attention and call it a non story I say call social services it is a clear case of neglect, just like the budget useless


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