David Cameron's daughter Nancy left behind at pub

David and Samantha Cameron The Camerons were at the pub with their children and two other families

David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, left their eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, in a pub after having Sunday drink, Downing Street has confirmed.

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It's a heart-stopping moment - one that my family experienced not that long ago.”

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She is reported to have spent a quarter of an hour at the Plough Inn at Cadsden, in Buckinghamshire, before Mrs Cameron returned to collect her.

Number 10 said the couple had been "distraught" when they realised Nancy was not with them.

It said the incident had happened "a couple of months ago".

The Camerons were at the pub, near the prime minister's country residence, Chequers, with Nancy and their other children Arthur, six, and 22-month-old Florence, as well as two other families.

After leaving, Mr Cameron went home in one car with his bodyguards and thought Nancy was with his wife and their other children in another car.


Mrs Cameron had assumed her elder daughter was with her father. The mistake was discovered when they got home.

When the prime minister's wife returned to collect Nancy she found her helping staff.

Downing Street said no protection officers would face disciplinary action over the incident, adding that security arrangements were constantly under review.

A spokesman said: "The prime minister and Samantha were distraught when they realised Nancy wasn't with them.

"Thankfully when they phoned the pub she was there safe and well."

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, who is promoting a scheme to give English councils a financial incentive to deal with "troubled families", was asked on BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast if he drew parallels between them and parents who inadvertently left their children in a pub.

"We're definitely not talking about that - mainly for my job security," he replied.

Mr Pickles was also asked about the incident during a BBC News Channel interview, saying: "I'm very glad that Nancy was missing for only 15 minutes. It could happen to anybody. It must be any family's nightmare."


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    Comment number 920.

    Proves with all his bodyguards and wife beside him he still hasn't got parent skills. Yet he wants to give parents skill and has labelled my borough in his ruling. Councils couldn't run anything they all on the fiddle!!!

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    Comment number 919.

    So this happened around 2 months ago and just by coincidence is being announced on the week that Osbourne and Cameron are appearing at Leveson. Cameron expected moral outrage with this story to protect his buddy Ozzy from the real scrutiny he will get and deserves at the enquiry today. The tories really do think we zip up the back, no story here..

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    Comment number 918.

    What a complete non story and so typical of the BBC to try and make it into one raising it on several of their channels to try and help their Labour friends.

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    Comment number 917.

    Ref - 814.Le Bloke
    "the BBC has devoted way more time to Leveson than the average licence payer wants."

    With a bit of luck through the Levesen inquirey we will find out just how corrupt this country has become.

    Not what DC was hoping for.

    Almost all the the people "connected" with Murdoch have been "disembling though their teeth".

    Maybe he has forgotten that too.

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    Comment number 916.

    ..... I don't think we should expect too much from him to be honest, it's all starting to make sense now.

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    Comment number 915.

    884. mh

    "Can some one please explain to me how this complete and utter non-story for news gets more comments that the most recent episode of the euro zone saga yesterday"

    Prime Minister forgets his child and leaves her in a pub and you call it a non-story? Exactly what would Daft Dave have to do before you raised an eyebrow then?

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    Comment number 914.

    Why is this news? This is such a minor thing especially considering all the other pressing matters that the country has going on at the moment.

    The poor girl got left behind. They realized quickly and went back to get her. She's alright. Let's move on.

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    Comment number 913.

    One snowy night my husband stopped for petrol, not hearing our daughter (9) tell him she was going to make snowball. She saw the car leave, gave chase but couldn't keep up, returning tearfully to the petrol station.
    He was unaware until he reached home, returning in panic to find her. She was safe but he was not allowed to forget this slip for some time! He was engrossed listening to Radio 4.

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    Comment number 912.

    One could wonder if the olympics would be safe if the PM could leave his daughter at a pub! I do understand though that it is easy to make a mistake, but leaving her at the pub sounds worse! If it had been at a shopping centre it could be much easily passed as error, it must be hard being PM with so many people watching for slip ups though, he does try hard, maybe a sign he should take a break

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    Comment number 911.

    I agree it probably isn't newsworthy, but since its in the news... I would have to agree with the few people who are shocked.

    I also have never "forgotten" my children. Its lazy parenting to assume the other parent has the children without making sure!

    Perhaps a quick phone call to your other half before leaving the pub would have been a GOOD idea?

  • Comment number 910.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 909.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 908.

    I guess this story shows how the public is frustrated with DC; the fact so many anti-DC posts here is more to do with the lack of opp to HYS in other more important news.
    Imagine if DC was working day&night and getting UK back on track, most of us might say, give the guy a break, he's over-stretched. He mite still be over-worked, but not for the rite reason (probably).

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    Comment number 907.

    So the media ave turned against Cameron

    this sort of story happens when you are not very popular remember all the stories about Gordon Brown such as him writing a letter to a war widow and it being in poor had wringing on account of his sight problems but the media jumped right on that because he was unpopular

    these stories don't really matter and just ostracize unpopular people in the public

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    Comment number 906.

    Although I agree that Cameron should not be kicked for this, by the same virtue I think it equally disgusting seeing Tory/UKIP voters pouring ad hominem and a plethora of pointless trivia in order to divert attention.
    There is always Jeremy Hunt and Sayeeda Warsi to chat about...

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    Comment number 905.

    I think this subject is far more interesting than Euro Zone, but why was it not reported earlier. Happened two weeks ago?

    I recall that my brother in-law left his eight year old in pub, thinking that the boy had walked home by himself and owing to total boredom.

    On panic return to pub, discovered young lad asleep under table. He was probably practicing for adulthood.

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    Comment number 904.

    Whoever is in charge of protection protocols for the Cameron family should take immediate early retirement and the new person should have a thorough security review. Had the lovely lass fallen into the wrong hands, some very bad people would have had the ultimate leverage over the premier of a nuclear country……. Cool she was helping staff when they went back for her - top marks to her!

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    Comment number 903.

    At eight years old she would be using a car seat to comply with the law. Either they have a car seat for her in each car, or they weren't planning to use one. Which is it?

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    Comment number 902.

    a case of bad parenting I think... whether or not they have security and five cars.. you just don't lose your kids... idiots!

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    Comment number 901.

    "This is undoubtedly proof that David Cameron is Satan and that it wasn't fair that Labour lost the last election and that there ought to be another election and Labour should win and there will be a socialist paradise and money will grow on trees"

    There, Labour supporters, I've said it for you.


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