David Cameron's daughter Nancy left behind at pub

David and Samantha Cameron The Camerons were at the pub with their children and two other families

David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, left their eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, in a pub after having Sunday drink, Downing Street has confirmed.

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It's a heart-stopping moment - one that my family experienced not that long ago.”

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She is reported to have spent a quarter of an hour at the Plough Inn at Cadsden, in Buckinghamshire, before Mrs Cameron returned to collect her.

Number 10 said the couple had been "distraught" when they realised Nancy was not with them.

It said the incident had happened "a couple of months ago".

The Camerons were at the pub, near the prime minister's country residence, Chequers, with Nancy and their other children Arthur, six, and 22-month-old Florence, as well as two other families.

After leaving, Mr Cameron went home in one car with his bodyguards and thought Nancy was with his wife and their other children in another car.


Mrs Cameron had assumed her elder daughter was with her father. The mistake was discovered when they got home.

When the prime minister's wife returned to collect Nancy she found her helping staff.

Downing Street said no protection officers would face disciplinary action over the incident, adding that security arrangements were constantly under review.

A spokesman said: "The prime minister and Samantha were distraught when they realised Nancy wasn't with them.

"Thankfully when they phoned the pub she was there safe and well."

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, who is promoting a scheme to give English councils a financial incentive to deal with "troubled families", was asked on BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast if he drew parallels between them and parents who inadvertently left their children in a pub.

"We're definitely not talking about that - mainly for my job security," he replied.

Mr Pickles was also asked about the incident during a BBC News Channel interview, saying: "I'm very glad that Nancy was missing for only 15 minutes. It could happen to anybody. It must be any family's nightmare."


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    Comment number 720.

    612.E_Ernie "I am glad I had loving and responisble parents when I was growing up that would be shocked by this attitude"

    704.mofro "I am with you on this one Ernie. What I cannot understand is that those comments with the most recommendations seem to think that this sort of bad parenting is ok"

    Please would you both tell us all what it is like to be perfect parents who never made a mistake?

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    Comment number 719.

    These things happen dont they _ leave it alone lefty whingers - it is none of your bloody business

    --- Wasn't this George Osborne's explanation for the abject failure of Government economic policy?

    Regarding"PUBGATE" ,I have left my car in a pub car park but can't say I have left my kids there to
    Obviously Lord Snooty has too much on his plate,chillaxe mate and take the rest of your life off!

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    Comment number 718.

    701.Parish Spinster
    See my above post.....dig,dig, bury,bury - sound of government spades going like the clappers......

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    Comment number 717.

    Disgraceful. Drinking on a Sunday, taking children to the pub, using two cars, what is this country coming to when the Prime Minister indulges in such apalling activities? And as for the matter of leaving a child for a while by mistake - give the guy a breakm, I'm sure we've all done it (or wanted to at times).

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    Comment number 716.

    I'd love it if someone, anyone, asserting that ordinary parents "would be fighting social services for custody of their children" if this happened to them, or that "this political party would crucify a single mother if they did this" could cite even one example? Shouldn't be too hard to find, given how often this kind of thing has happened in this comment column alone...

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    Comment number 715.

    Maybe the Cameron's are one of the Governments 'troubled families'. Drinking in the afternoon forgetting about their children!! Lets send in Pickles to teach them how to count to three and look after their children

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    Comment number 714.

    Don't confuse this with the McCann situation.

    The McCanns left their children intentionally - it sounds harsh but true.

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    Comment number 713.

    This sort of illustrates in a backhanded way that The Big Society is operating well.

    The little girl was safe and looked after. It should be 'safe' for mistakes like this to happen and to have no dire consequences.

    With all the bad news around - we tend to forget that most people are decent kind and compassionate.

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    Comment number 712.

    Everyone make mistakes why is this even newsworthy can we focus on the policies his government is making. Is this really the future of BBC news and the press, breaking news the prime minister forgot to go on a family outing

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    Comment number 711.

    As somebody who has left their children - in my case in their buggy - due to a mix up where I thought they were with my wife (getting them ice creams) and she thought they were with me, I have some sympathy for the Cameron's.

    In our case, the kids were sitting there happily awaiting their ice cream and no harm was done (other than to my blood pressure).

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    Comment number 710.

    a message to the media - get the story right - The Cameron's didn't 'forget' the child - there was a misunderstanding , and it appears (since their security personnel have apparently changed since the incident) that any fault was that of the security detail. Another case of tinkering with the facts to get a juicy story

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    Comment number 709.

    I am labour guy through and through and will criticise Cameron at every opportunity but this is a bit of a non story....but Links to News International etc. isn't

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    Comment number 708.

    Yes, easily done, but I wonder what would have happened afterwards in otherwise similar circumstances if a nanny, childminder, or even a teacher on a school trip had been in charge?
    Would forgiveness have been so generous in their lapse?

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    Comment number 707.

    Note to Mr PM -
    A topic in a Quality Manual was about Assumptions.
    NEVER assume anything - to ASSUME makes an ASS of U and ME.

    To those who say it could happen to anyone implies negligence by every parent. Any parent worth the name is always aware of where their children are at all times. My parents NEVER left me anywhere, I never left my girls anywhere. It takes 1 second to check.

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    Comment number 706.

    So? It's not as if anything happened, or if they intentionally left her on her own, like some parents. Clegg gets left on his own for periods as long as a whole hour!

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    Comment number 705.

    The moderators have been made a laughing stock, they must have been ordered to do this incedibly obvious attemt at deflecting criticism. ex BBC NEWS EDITOR now at No 10 Oliver Craig is behind it me thinks.

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    Comment number 704.

    ..and it happens on such a regular occurance parents should be non-plussed by it at all. All I can say is I am glad I had loving and responisble parents when I was growing up that would be shocked by this attitude.

    I am with you on this one Ernie. What I cannot understand is that those comments with the most recommendations seem to think that this sort of bad parenting is ok.

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    Comment number 703.

    My parents did this to me once when I was very young - still in a buggy. My dad took my older brother off to WHSmith while my mum went to the supermarket, both parents walking off leaving me in the buggy in the middle of a shopping centre. I was taken to security and collected some time later. My parents are both responsible and not the slightest bit neglectful - but things happen.

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    Comment number 702.

    An unfortunate mix-up, but in the security context, whoever was on that security detail should have received a severe dressing down. The Camerons recovered as fast as they could from a small mix-up, good for them, but there were people being paid to oversee that family's safety, and those security people failed in their duty.

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    Comment number 701.

    Question - what does the government not want us to notice today? They must have a reason for releasing this silly story now, it's not a recent event.


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