Diamond Jubilee: Flypast brings celebrations to an end


World War II aircraft and the Red Arrows conducted a flypast over Buckingham Palace

Four days of Diamond Jubilee events have culminated in an appearance by the Queen on the Buckingham Palace balcony in front of huge crowds.

There was also a flypast by World War II aircraft and the Red Arrows.

The Queen had earlier attended a service at St Paul's Cathedral where the Archbishop of Canterbury praised her "lifelong dedication".

But her consort, Prince Philip, has been absent from her side as he remains in hospital with a bladder infection.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex visited the Duke of Edinburgh on Tuesday afternoon.

Afterwards, Prince Edward said: "He's feeling better." The countess added: "He's in good spirits; he's on good form."

The Queen has recorded a two-minute message of thanks to the nation which will be broadcast at 1800 BST on radio and television in the UK and across the Commonwealth.

'God save the Queen'

Crowds built up from early morning outside St Paul's and Buckingham Palace.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving at St Paul's Cathedral The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the Queen on the palace balcony

There was a fanfare as Her Majesty, wearing a mint green outfit of fine silk tulle, embroidered with tiny star-shaped flowers, arrived at St Paul's for the service at 10:30 BST and the crowds chanted "God save the Queen".

Prime Minister David Cameron, who gave a reading, led the large representation from the government, military personnel and members of the royal household, at St Paul's alongside diplomats and foreign leaders.

Following the service at St Paul's, the Queen attended a reception at nearby Mansion House - the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were at a similar event at the Guildhall.

All of the senior royals then moved on through crowd-lined streets to a lunch at Westminster Hall where they dined on salmon, followed by Welsh lamb, grilled Isle of Wight asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes and chocolate delice, bread and butter pudding and berry compote with apple sauce.

60-gun salute

The Queen travelled in an open-topped coach with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall back to Buckingham Palace.

Princes William and Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge followed in a second coach.

Queen's procession in open-top carriage procession

They were led along The Mall by soldiers from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, and the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, then fired a 60-gun salute.

The day culminated with an appearance by the Queen and other senior royals on the balcony for the flypast, which had been in doubt due to the threat of bad weather.

The BBC's Gerry Holt, on The Mall, said the deafening sound of the flypast drowned out the crowd's cheers. She said that after the Red Arrows had passed overhead there were cries from youngsters of "The sky's turned red, white and blue!"

BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said the choice to have only six members of the Royal Family - the Queen, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Princes William and Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge - sent a message demonstrating both continuity and restraint at a time of austerity.

Among other Jubilee news:

  • The Archbishop of Canterbury praised the Queen for dedicating herself to the service of her nation and the Commonwealth. He said the Queen had put aside "selfish goals" and dedicated herself to public service, honouring countless communities and individuals and referred to Prince Philip, saying "our prayers and thoughts are very much with him"
  • US President Barack Obama also paid tribute to the Queen, calling her "a steadfast ally, loyal friend and tireless leader". He said that throughout her "60 extraordinary years" she had been "a loyal witness" to the unique alliance between his country and the UK "and the chief source of its resilience"
  • Ministers are being urged to look into reports that unemployed people hired as unpaid stewards for the Diamond Jubilee pageant ended up having to sleep outside and change in the rain
  • Southampton is hosting a Diamond Jubilee celebration involving Cunard cruise ships the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria but a display from the Red Arrows has been cancelled as a result of poor weather

Other highlights of the Jubilee weekend included a star-studded concert outside Buckingham Palace on Monday night.

At the show, Prince Charles paid tribute to his mother, describing her as "mummy" and a "very special person" but said there was disappointing edge to the night because his father could not be there.

Afterwards the Queen came on to the stage to press a diamond-shaped crystal into a pod, igniting a beacon in The Mall to mark her 60 years on the throne. It was one of more than 4,000 lit across the UK and the Commonwealth.

See all the latest Diamond Jubilee news and features at bbc.co.uk/diamondjubilee


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    Comment number 556.

    Why do people go on so much about democracy, like it's always so wonderful.

    Need I remind you that Hitler was democratically elected.............and a Socialist.

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    Comment number 555.

    Monarchists should learn history of this country and stop making things up. The country and democracy we enjoy today were forged and shaped by republicans, not monarchs. That is why we have a monument of Oliver Cromwell right in front of the House of parliament. What a bunch of hypocritical pillocks.

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    Comment number 554.

    @538 What Asians are you referring to? Asia covers a vast area the biggest continent if my Geography is correct. If you have a political agenda, form a political party and get yourself elected. Last I checked this was the Queens party, so I am sure she can invite who she wants. If your arguement is valid, then as a white person I can expect an invite to one of your parties?

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    Comment number 553.

    532Mr Max

    It clearly states the Monarch owns it [Crown Estate]. How have you somehow concluded otherwise?
    Is inheritance tax paid on it? Can she sell it?
    There's obfuscation going on here. The question is "to whose benefits?"

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    Comment number 552.


    The UK is not great.

    It is a corrupt country ran by its central bank who have forced its people to be controlled by a fiat currency, its basically the same as the other corrupt countries doing the same

    All fiat currencies are backed by the dollar which is also fiat.

    Every single fiat currency in history has collapsed but this time it will be a global event

    The queen should be ashamed

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    Comment number 551.

    Some people on here seem to be confusing a 'Monarchy' with a 'Democracy'. The UK is both!

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    Comment number 550.

    Trust Old Beardie to exploit the opportunity and preach against greed. Rich indeed coming from the CEO of the Anglican faith franchise. A well oiled money spinner with billions invested and locked away even during these difficult times. Trading in the temple indeed! Finishing the celebrations off by having the finale in hall of shame that is St Paul's ruined it for me.

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    Comment number 549.

    Crown Estates came into being in 1066. That was the year we obviously decided to sell the Country to the Normans and the royal family. Nothing else happened did it?

    Crown Estates and royal land is based on the law of bagsy - for there is no higher authority than a bagsy.

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    Comment number 548.

    The US has $15.7 trillion of debt and rising. No universal healthcare, limited welfare, tent cities, food stamps, soup kitchens in every city, 25% of the worlds prisoners, higher child mortality and lower life expectancy than UK - and yet they intend to spend a record $6 billion on the presidential campaign.

    But at least the head of state is democratically elected....

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    Comment number 547.


    "...So we have had no cultural identity for three hundred or more years?..."


    The Inclosure Acts continued to the 2nd part of C19th.

    It's perhaps the only the catastrophes of WWI and II that obscured these injustices in the mind. Once peace came, Enoch Powell etc. recruited mass immigration, then stirred, to divide and preoccupy the employed classes maybe...

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    Comment number 546.

    Serious question for you Tiarra worshippers: Do you think it right that our politicians are actually banned by law from discussing the monarchy ? Did you know that they can only refer to the monarch as 'the Golden One' - no Im not making this up !

    BTW BBC your coverage of the Jubilee makes Syrian state TV seem positively balanced and open by comparisson.

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    Comment number 545.

    Re 501. Son of Maggie and Norman
    I think that a couple of the things that we really can be proud of in this country are the freedom to have an opinion which may be unpopular or at odds with the majority view and the freedom to express it without being shouted down by the mob. I expect that the sort of country that you would like to see would be quite an unpleasant place in which to live.

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    Comment number 544.

    Can we have some news please? It's really boring now for those of us who are not interested in pomp.

    The BBC24 News Channel is exactly same as BBC1, all other news has been cancelled and replaced by the Royal coverage. Why?

    Whilst so far not reporting on this scandal.............


  • Comment number 543.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 542.

    @532.Mr Max - I'm sorry but your citing of Wikipedia shows me that you are incapable of interpretation or realisation of the real facts.

    Again - 1760, George III made a deal with the government that the CE would be managed ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNMENT.

    You don't manage something that someone doesn't own - do you?

    If it were owned by the monarch they would be managed on behalf of the monarch!

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    Comment number 541.

    Strange that the right wing Taxpayers Alliance have not said anything about the disgusting waste of money spent on the vile excess over the last week.

    Sad but not surprising to see all the Red (English cross of St George), white (English cross of St George) and Blue (Scottish cross of St Andrew) covering many streets in Wales. What other country would be so servile?

  • rate this

    Comment number 540.

    #386 @JobBloggs_snr can you think of one then?

    #402 @Tony - I don't think 'blind adulation' is what's happening. Most people caught up in the celebrations seem simply to want an excuse to have a national party. It almost doesn't matter what the subject matter is, but an apolitical symbol (some would say cartoon character) such as the Queen is perfect.

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    Comment number 539.

    516. markthesensible

    No single person or body contributes more than the Queen and the Royal family
    A disgraceful slur on every hard grafting worker who slogs away 9 til 5 to earn a living wage.

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    Comment number 538.

    Let's not try and fool the non white population with all this talk of celebrating diversity.The present ethinically diverse UK was not celebrated- could not see a single Asian face amongst the celebrities or the invitees.What was celebrated was a version of the Commonwealth ie of the past Empire.Any wonder then that our growth is getting closer to zero- decision makers get your priorities right!

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    Comment number 537.

    You should hang your heads in shame, every single none of you critsizing the Queen. We have a monarchy because it is part of what makes the UK great. Believe me as a foreigner we certainly don't come to the UK for it's great service, food or weather! If you don't like it don't let the door hit you on the way out! It disgusts me that people are so disrespectful to their own country. No pride at all


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