Diamond Jubilee: Flypast brings celebrations to an end


World War II aircraft and the Red Arrows conducted a flypast over Buckingham Palace

Four days of Diamond Jubilee events have culminated in an appearance by the Queen on the Buckingham Palace balcony in front of huge crowds.

There was also a flypast by World War II aircraft and the Red Arrows.

The Queen had earlier attended a service at St Paul's Cathedral where the Archbishop of Canterbury praised her "lifelong dedication".

But her consort, Prince Philip, has been absent from her side as he remains in hospital with a bladder infection.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex visited the Duke of Edinburgh on Tuesday afternoon.

Afterwards, Prince Edward said: "He's feeling better." The countess added: "He's in good spirits; he's on good form."

The Queen has recorded a two-minute message of thanks to the nation which will be broadcast at 1800 BST on radio and television in the UK and across the Commonwealth.

'God save the Queen'

Crowds built up from early morning outside St Paul's and Buckingham Palace.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving at St Paul's Cathedral The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the Queen on the palace balcony

There was a fanfare as Her Majesty, wearing a mint green outfit of fine silk tulle, embroidered with tiny star-shaped flowers, arrived at St Paul's for the service at 10:30 BST and the crowds chanted "God save the Queen".

Prime Minister David Cameron, who gave a reading, led the large representation from the government, military personnel and members of the royal household, at St Paul's alongside diplomats and foreign leaders.

Following the service at St Paul's, the Queen attended a reception at nearby Mansion House - the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were at a similar event at the Guildhall.

All of the senior royals then moved on through crowd-lined streets to a lunch at Westminster Hall where they dined on salmon, followed by Welsh lamb, grilled Isle of Wight asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes and chocolate delice, bread and butter pudding and berry compote with apple sauce.

60-gun salute

The Queen travelled in an open-topped coach with the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall back to Buckingham Palace.

Princes William and Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge followed in a second coach.

Queen's procession in open-top carriage procession

They were led along The Mall by soldiers from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, and the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, then fired a 60-gun salute.

The day culminated with an appearance by the Queen and other senior royals on the balcony for the flypast, which had been in doubt due to the threat of bad weather.

The BBC's Gerry Holt, on The Mall, said the deafening sound of the flypast drowned out the crowd's cheers. She said that after the Red Arrows had passed overhead there were cries from youngsters of "The sky's turned red, white and blue!"

BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt said the choice to have only six members of the Royal Family - the Queen, Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Princes William and Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge - sent a message demonstrating both continuity and restraint at a time of austerity.

Among other Jubilee news:

  • The Archbishop of Canterbury praised the Queen for dedicating herself to the service of her nation and the Commonwealth. He said the Queen had put aside "selfish goals" and dedicated herself to public service, honouring countless communities and individuals and referred to Prince Philip, saying "our prayers and thoughts are very much with him"
  • US President Barack Obama also paid tribute to the Queen, calling her "a steadfast ally, loyal friend and tireless leader". He said that throughout her "60 extraordinary years" she had been "a loyal witness" to the unique alliance between his country and the UK "and the chief source of its resilience"
  • Ministers are being urged to look into reports that unemployed people hired as unpaid stewards for the Diamond Jubilee pageant ended up having to sleep outside and change in the rain
  • Southampton is hosting a Diamond Jubilee celebration involving Cunard cruise ships the Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria but a display from the Red Arrows has been cancelled as a result of poor weather

Other highlights of the Jubilee weekend included a star-studded concert outside Buckingham Palace on Monday night.

At the show, Prince Charles paid tribute to his mother, describing her as "mummy" and a "very special person" but said there was disappointing edge to the night because his father could not be there.

Afterwards the Queen came on to the stage to press a diamond-shaped crystal into a pod, igniting a beacon in The Mall to mark her 60 years on the throne. It was one of more than 4,000 lit across the UK and the Commonwealth.

See all the latest Diamond Jubilee news and features at bbc.co.uk/diamondjubilee


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    Comment number 516.

    They practically are funded by royalists. 80% of us want a monarchy.

    it's not just in London. The Queen now sets off on regional tours to continue the Jubilee celebrations.

    No single person or body contributes more than the Queen and the Royal family. Now it is out turn to say thank you.

    Queen Elizabeth II , thank god you exist, long may you reign

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    Comment number 515.


    More money wasted on the jubilee.

    It doesnt really matter anyway because your government and central bank can do absolutely nothing to stop the economic disaster that is coming.

    What you are seeing is them dragging it out for as long as they can.

    They have lost control of the fiat money and its going to change your life.

  • rate this

    Comment number 514.

    Well I'm glad the old dole-waller and her tragic family have had a good time at the expense of their cash-strapped servants. Can we now have the TV and news back? I'm sick of the sight of the lot of them.

  • Comment number 513.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 512.

    Sycophants posting, telling us how they love the Queen, how great she is, how we all live in a democracy and in the next breath reminding us how the left wing nasties let in all the foreigners and ruined the country. Then there's the people on the streets of London dressed in union jack suits, waving even more flags and singing 'God Save the Queen' like crazed nationalists. How stupid do you look?

  • rate this

    Comment number 511.

    500. Freethinker
    Hilarious how monarchists try to defend the monarchy, an undemocratic and unmeritocratic institution, by the principle of democracy ( the thing Republicans are arguing for ....
    Do you defend the politicians elected by democratic means?

  • rate this

    Comment number 510.

    The British public at least need to demand a higher transparency on the Monarch's finance matter! It's completely unfair and they played the citizens as if they were fools. Yes, the celebration should be much more low key!! I feel sad for British people!

  • rate this

    Comment number 509.

    Further to my point 482:

    Let's not forget that the BBC is the official State broadcaster.
    The veneer shown is of an impartial public service, whereas in truth it's position as State broadcaster shows where it's allegiance/responsibility truly lies....

  • rate this

    Comment number 508.

    I think the whole Jubilee event has been inspiring, and I specially appreciated the Archbishop's sermon. I feel so sad about those who despise the monarchy - who would make a good president of a British Republic? God save us from that, and God save the Queen.

  • rate this

    Comment number 507.

    492.So whilst the jubilee was happening the world carried on

    What, really? I saw no evidence whatsoever to back this statement up (at least from the BBC)

  • Comment number 506.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

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    Comment number 505.

    Which god and why does this queen need saving?

    Where are the people that make up Britain in this anthem every royalist loves to quote.

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    Comment number 504.

    Got no money to build affordable housing for our own but can afford this. Got no money and have to have austerity for the poor but can afford the olympics. The lies disgusts me.

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    Comment number 503.

    i would just like the monarchy to have a real voice, was the queen happy for us to go to war or not? is the queen happy we are protecting the bankers or not? the queen appears reads out the GOVs agenda waves and leaves us to it. i dont want her to have the final say but i would like the head of the nation to voice her opinion even if to raise more debate before action is taken

  • rate this

    Comment number 502.


    So much energy put into the "celebrations" by so much of the populace, but you can bet your life that this story about the shabby treatment of jobless people will be met with general apathy and indifference.

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    Comment number 501.

    Would all the republican and anti royalists please crawl back under the stones you came from – alternatively leave the country and find yourselves a republic to live in.
    There is very little left in this country we can be proud of but the Queen is one thing we can.

  • rate this

    Comment number 500.

    Hilarious how monarchists try to defend the monarchy, an undemocratic and unmeritocratic institution, by the principle of democracy ( the thing Republicans are arguing for ) by siting the crowds who came to watch a free show or two versus the number of protesters brave enough to risk arrest (again) or violent assault. We need a fair referendum preceded by free debate and media coverage.

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    Comment number 499.

    441. No, i'll leave cancelling all workers rights to the tories and their supporters thanks. Bank holidays are a right as a worker in the EU, I enjoy and often find them necessary to spend time with my family. Adding two additional holidays whilst the country 'can't afford' to keep the 'lazy poor people' is a contradiction of the highest order. I would work extra to keep others fed, would you?

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    Comment number 498.

    The concert last night was good fun - and nice to watch on TV. The flotilla on the other hand was a mess, and just boring at best. The weather didn't help, but it meant there were less people out to be disappointed by the lack of spectacle. It's also brought home how inaccessible the river is and how much of it is reserved for 'private' groups.

  • rate this

    Comment number 497.

    489. ravenmorpheus2k

    Check the "who owns the CE".

    As I said - independent body."

    Here's some actual quotes from your link: "The Crown Estate belongs to the reigning monarch" and "The Government also does not own The Crown Estate".

    Quite how you missed those is beyond me. Not sure you read it, they're some of the first lines.

    It's ADMINISTERED by an independent body, not owned.


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