Newspaper review: Papers spread Diamond Jubilee fever

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Media captionBBC News takes a look at Saturday's first editions of the newspapers

"Let the party begin" declares the Times , reflecting the prevailing sense of Diamond Jubilee fever.

It says a million people will gather to watch the armada of boats in Sunday's pageant on the River Thames to honour 60 years of an "unsinkable monarch".

The Daily Mail says millions of Britons will shrug off the economic gloom and host close to 10,000 parties.

And the Sun says: "It's not every morning you wake up on a day that will be written about in the history books."

Commons delay

Several papers reflect on the pressure facing Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The Daily Telegraph says Whitehall could investigate his handling of News Corp's bid for BSkyB after MPs warned the prime minister could not block such a move.

The Independent reports Labour's claim that David Cameron has torn up the ministerial code by backing Mr Hunt.

But the Financial Times thinks Labour's attempts to pursue the controversy will be hampered by the delay in forcing a Commons debate on the issue.

'Skip tax'

The Guardian says Mr Hunt and Business Secretary Vince Cable are at odds over the future role of ministers in deciding media takeovers.

And the Daily Mirror thinks support for the culture secretary is draining away.

Chancellor George Osborne is also under fire, according to the Telegraph, which says he has backed down over tax levied on rubbish dumped in landfill sites.

The Financial Times says he has embarked on an apparent attempt to set a record number of U-turns in 72 hours.

Royal gnome

Finally, back to what the Daily Star calls "the greatest show on Earth". .

The Times says Tesco has sold 1,500 miles of bunting and will sell 200,000 bottles of champagne and two million punnets of strawberries this weekend.

Supermarket giant Tesco anticipates selling more than 2.8 million flags, according to the Daily Express. .

The Guardian says if it's red, white and blue, it's flying off the shelves , and notes that 3,000 B&Q customers have bought a royal garden gnome.

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