Day four of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Key points

  • The Queen marked the final day of the Diamond Jubilee weekend by attending a service of thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral, followed by a reception, lunch, and carriage procession
  • The Queen and other senior members of the Royal Family also appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony, and there was an RAF flypast. The Queen made a broadcast address at 1800 BST
  • The Duke of Edinburgh missed the day's events after being taken to hospital with a bladder infection on Monday

Watch the BBC's Live coverage of the Diamond Jubilee in video, text and pictures.

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    Hello and welcome to our live text coverage of the fourth day of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. We will have regular updates from BBC correspondents on the ground. The Queen will not be joined by her consort as Prince Philip remains in hospital with a bladder infection.


    To give you an idea of timings, the main events today are the 50-minute thanksgiving service at St Paul's Cathedral at 1030 BST, followed by formal lunches for the royal family and a carriage procession at 1420, and a Buckingham Palace flypast - weather permitting - at 1525.


    For full details of today's events, you can of course check our in-depth guide.


    Leading national figures, including the prime minister, and members of the Royal Family including the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry - though not of course the Duke of Edinburgh - will attend the St Paul's service.


    For a flavour of how performers at last night's Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace shared in the celebratory atmosphere, you can read BBC entertainment reporter Mark Savage's review of the night.


    Hundreds of well-wishers have already gathered outside St Paul's, with one woman saying she woke up at 03.30 BST to travel to the event from her home in Essex. She said: "My children wanted to watch it on television, but I told them the atmosphere would be so different if we were there."


    The St Paul's sermon will be given by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and a special prayer of thanksgiving will be read.


    The BBC's Dominic Hurst reports from outside St Paul's that City of London police on ceremonial duty have been given medals to mark the Diamond Jubilee. Many are also wearing Golden Jubilee medals from 10 years ago. "It's nice to be wearing white gloves and our ceremonial tunics instead of body armour," said one officer.


    The Queen's former press secretary, Charles Anson, tells the BBC the Duke of Edinburgh's absence will be felt today, "but I think 'keep calm and carry on' is a phrase that might have been invented for our Queen. We've seen it in 60 years and I'm sure it will be the same today."


    The Queen will also give a message of thanks for this weekend's celebrations in a special address, recorded on Monday, to be broadcast at 1800 BST in the UK and across the Commonwealth, Buckingham Palace has announced.


    It's not just St Paul's... many churches around the UK have held services over the weekend. At Roman Catholic Masses the following prayer was said for the Queen which asked that "she may be preserved from all that is harmful and evil and being blessed with your favour may, with her consort and the Royal Family, come at last into your presence."


    Plenty of candles and "a lot of cake" - the BBC's Jenny Hill speaks to wellwishers who camped overnight in the Mall to make sure they got a good view of today's events.

    Via Twitter Carole Stares

    Tweets: had an amazing jubilee party in Hyde Park last night! Hope to be on the mall today, flag waving ‪#diamondjubilee

    Via Twitter Peter Hunt Royal correspondent

    Tweets: When the Queen travels from Westminster Hall to Buckingham Palace she's likely to travel in a carriage with Charles and Camilla.


    As the first guests begin to arrive at St Paul's spectators line the streets waiting for the arrival of the Queen.

    Outside St Pauls
    Via Twitter John McManus BBC World Service reporter

    Tweets: Christianity Uncut members protesting outside St Paul's - say ancient biblical meaning of Jubilee = forgiveness of debts, social justice.

    Via Twitter Elizabeth Hurley actress

    Tweets: How brilliant was Elton in the Jubilee concert? I thought he was the best. Who was your fave?


    The guests assemble inside St Paul's ahead of the service which is due to begin at 10.30 BST.

    Inside St Paul's

    More details on the St Paul's service: There will be more than 2,000 people in the congregation, and the Diamond Choir made up of 41 children from around the UK and aged between 10 and 13 will sing a new choral work written by young British composer Will Todd, entitled The Call of Wisdom.


    While the crowds in the Mall wait to see the Queen in London, earlybird spectators in Southampton have already been able to catch a glimpse of the three Cunard cruise liners Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria alongside a flotilla of small boats.

    Via Twitter Mary Macleod Conservative MP

    tweets: Waiting for The Queen at St Paul's Cathedral for National Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate ‪#jubilee‬. All have dressed up beautifully!

    Via Twitter Dave Trevaskus

    tweets: Such a shame Prince Phillip can't be there with Her Majesty today. Hope he recovers fully and quickly.


    The BBC's School Report has spoken to one young member of the Diamond Choir, the 10 to 13-year-olds set to sing their brand new choral work at St Paul's today. 12-year-old Jess says she is a little bit nervous but really excited.


    The procession of three royal carriages at 1420 BST will go from New Palace Yard in Westminster to Buckingham Palace, with thousands of well-wishers expected to line the route the three carriages wil take. It will take about 20 minutes. Use our map to plan the perfect viewing spot:

    route map
    0944: Luisa Baldini BBC News

    The Duke of Edinburgh will remain in hospital under observation for several more days. No recent update from the palace but there is a sense that they don't want to detract from the celebrations.

    0951: Dominic Hurst BBC News

    A couple of republicans have turned up at St Paul's in Irish green with a placard and sound system playing Irish jigs. They have two police officers escorting them. The hundreds of royal watchers in red white and blue are giving them frosty looks. The Queen is due to arrive soon.


    Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife arrive at St Paul's.

    David Cameron and his wife

    The Queen is due to depart from Buckingham Palace at 10.15 BST by car, for the St Paul's service. She will travel via the Mall, Trafalgar Square, the Strand, Fleet Street, and Ludgate Hill to the cathedral.


    London Mayor Boris Johnson waved to the crowd who gave him a loud cheer as he arrived at St Paul's Cathedral.


    Police line the Mall in preparation for the Queen's journey from Buckingham Palace to St Paul's.

    The Mall

    BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood predicts some rain for later in the day but says "It won't be as cold as Sunday." There'll also be "some breeze" because of all the flags, she adds.

    Via Email Santos Felipe

    writes: "This Diamond Jubilee has been amazing!

    I am perfectly situated between the river and Buckingham Palace, and I have not missed any of the events.

    I have 'Boris-biked' my way along to all the events, including friend's parties dotted around elsewhere. The whole occasion has been fabulous!

    God save the Queen forever!"


    One royal supporter has come prepared with a huge poster of the Queen.

    A royal supporter is pictured with a huge Queen Elizabeth II poster as they wait on the Mall

    Most of congregation have now taken their places at St Paul's, including Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg, with the PM's wife Samantha dressed in black sitting between the two. Ed Miliband and his wife are also in their seats. The Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips and her husband Mike Tindall have just arrived.

    0958: Holly Wallis BBC News

    The sun is shining and the bells are pealing at St Paul's this morning. Thousands of people have gathered - lots of families hitching children onto their shoulders to see the Queen.


    The Duke of York makes his way to St Paul's with Eugenie and Beatrice.

    Prince Andrew
    1006: Holly Wallis BBC News

    Nicki Harris, 43, has come from Worcester with her three children Amy, 8, Poppy, 13, and Emily, 15 to be at St Paul's. She says: "We're excited to see the Queen, aren't we girls? Although it might be a bit hard - there are so many people. We've been here since early in the morning!"

    1007: Via Email Anonymous

    writes: "How much did this pageantry cost the British tax-payers? In these times of austerity, I wonder if such an expense is morally justifiable, despite its apparent wide-spread appeal!"


    Senior members of the Royal Family continue to arrive at St Paul's, with the Duke and Duchess of Kent just arriving and being greeted at the Great West Door by the Archbishop of Canterbury.


    Ltnt Cl Dan Hughes, Commanding Officer of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, describes the amount of work going into the day, with nearly 160 horses on parade. "Getting that number of horses and soldiers out on parade in good order is quite an effort," he said.

    1013: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    Natalie Sheppard, of Bethnal Green, 28 is among the crowds.

    " I came to see the Queen today because she's amazing. My whole family are royalists. My gran has passed but I'm wearing her ring today, so it's like she's here."


    Dignitaries arrive at St Paul's.

    Dignitaries arrive at St Paul's.
    Via Email Anita Tofts

    writes: "To those who complain about public expense, the Queen works full time in her retirement age to ensure that her government don't go too off the rails. Her whole family work for charitable concerns etc."


    A rumour spreads that the Middletons have just arrived but people aren't sure - it's hard to see unless the royal guests turn around on the staircase. "I'm being shoved every other second" says one man to his wife.


    The Queen leaves Buckingham Palace in the state limousine. Instead of the Duke of Edinburgh, she is travelling with one her ladies in waiting, Diana Marion, The Lady Farnham.


    The Queen smiles and waves to the crowds as she is driven down the Mall.


    The RAF has put details of the planned flypast at 1530 BST today on its Facebook page - it includes a Hurricane, a Dakota, a Lancaster, Spitfires and the Red Arrows.


    The Queen gets huge cheers from the crowds on the Mall as she leaves Buckingham Palace.

    The QUeen
    Via Twitter Richard Palmer Daily Express Royal correspondent

    tweets: Princess Anne is in a very sparkly turquoise outfit.


    More people are arriving at St Paul's, with Prince Charles, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry the latest to mount the steps - with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge just behind them.

    Via Email Karin Gronerp

    writes: "These 4 days have been absolutely amazing. The Queen rules!!! How many 80 year olds would go through so many events in 4 days? "


    The crowd outside St Paul's is chanting "God save the Queen" as the Prince of Wales and other senior royals are greeted by the Archbishop of Canterbury inside the cathedral.

    Via Twitter Richard Palmer Daily Express Royal correspondent

    tweets: The Duchess of Cambridge is in an Alexander McQueen dress with hat by Jane Taylor at St Paul's today..

    1026: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    Smartly dressed policemen are guarding the steps - standing to attention as more guests arrive.


    Prince Charles makes his way in to St Paul's for the service.

    Prince Charles
    1030: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    A child with a teddy is put on her father's shoulders at the front of the crowd, and everyone grumbles!


    While you'd expect huge interest across the UK and the Commonwealth in the royal events, it's more surprising to learn that France has also caught a little Jubilee fever. Millions there tuned into a TV special over the weekend and the BBC's David Chazan reports that there is a surprising degree of fascination in all the pomp and pageantry.


    A fanfare sounds and the congregation get to their feet as the Queen arrives at the West Steps of St Paul's to be conducted to the Great West Door, ahead of the Queen's Procession which marks the start of the service.


    The crowds renew their chants of "God save the Queen", and a huge cheer goes up, as the Queen climbs the steps. She is walking behind the Lord Mayor bearing the Pearl Sword.


    The Queen is greeted at the door of St Paul's.

    The Queen
    1034: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    Mary Carminati, 22, from South Africa, has joined the crowd outside St Paul's. She says: "We came a long way - it's an amazing atmosphere and experience to be part of it."


    The service is starting with The Queen's Procession - as figures including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and finally the Queen - without the Duke of Edinburgh by her side - make their way down the aisle.

    Via Twitter Lizzie Knight

    tweets: "aww it's sad watching the Queen walk in on her own :( #diamondjubilee"

    1038: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    The heavy wooden doors to St Paul's are closed. Soldiers march down the stairs, and the crowds start to disperse - discussing whether to stay in place to see her afterwards. The extra dedicated move forward to fill in the spaces.

    1040: Dominic Hurst BBC News, at St Paul's

    A small group of republican protesters are in the crowd at St Paul's. They are holding placards saying "don't jubilee've it" and 9500 nurses or one queen?". The royal fans are waving their union flags to cover the protest placards. The atmosphere is good natured. A few police in blue tunics are monitoring the protesters.


    Full details on what the Queen is wearing: It's a silk tulle Angela Kelly dress with embroidered flowers and a mint green chiffon drape decorated with Swarovski crystals and a matching hat, we are informed.


    The Queen and other member's of the royal family make their way down the aisle inside St Paul's as the service begins.

    Inside St Paul's
    1039: Via Email Annette Showler

    writes: "A wonderful sense of pride and belonging as we watch the Royal procession. The value we have in our Royal Family cannot be measured in pounds, shillings and pence! They head a wonderful country and do a wonderful job both inside and outside the UK."

    1046: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    The service is broadcast loudly across the area around St Paul's. The crowd joins in the Lord's Prayer.


    The Queen, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall stand during the first hymn of the service.

    The Queen, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

    Prime Minister David Cameron is reading from the New Testament, Romans 12 1-18. "Live in harmony with one another; do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly; do not claim to be wiser than you are", it includes, ending: "If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all."


    Watch here how the crowds cheered the Queen as she made her way to St Paul's.


    The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, addresses the congregation and talks about dedication.

    Dr Rowan Williams

    The archbishop starts his sermon with a look back to the young Elizabeth receiving the news in Kenya that her father had died and that she had become Queen. "What we remember is the simple statement of commitment made by a very young woman, away from home, suddenly and devastatingly bereaved, a statement that she would be there for those she governed, that she was dedicating herself to them," he says.


    The Archbishop of Canterbury refers to the Duke of Edinburgh, who remains in hospital with a bladder infection, saying "our prayers and thoughts are very much with him this morning".

    1104: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    Outside St Paul's, Patricia Middleton,"over 60", from west London is wearing a hat with two union jack flags.

    "I know it's so funny - I share a famous name and everyone is very interested to know about it - I work in a college and all the kids ask me about whether I know them, but it's just a fun coincidence.

    "Today has been wonderful, people are in such a great mood and being so supportive. The only thing that's sad is Philip can't be here, but of course the Queen is carrying on - because she's fantastic."


    There are some fantastic pictures coming in. Please keep sending your Jubilee photographs to or text them to 61124.


    The Queen listens to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

    The Queen
    1107: Dominic Hurst BBC News, at St Paul's

    Among the crowds at St Paul's was Yasmin Majid, a third generation Kashmiri Muslim from High Wycombe, Bucks, wearing a union flag headscarf.

    "The Queen means a great deal to me," she said. "Britain is such a diverse nation and the Queen brings us all together. It is fantastic to be here and to be part of the Jubilee celebrations."


    Various tweaks have been made to today's celebrations after the Duke of Edinburgh was taken to hospital. In St Paul's, the seating arrangements were changed and instead of sitting at the very front on her own, the Queen is now next to her eldest son, Charles, on her right.


    Naomi Spencer, The Prince's Trust Young Ambassador of the Year addresses the congregation.

    Naomi Spencer
    1114: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    As prayers of thanks and a blessing are given about the Queen and the Royal Family the crowds of people outside St Paul's are bowing their heads and joining in with the prayers.


    Catch up with our in depth coverage of the four-day Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

    1121: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    The crowds stand quietly and listen to the Diamond Choir music from within St Paul's. One older lady is sitting in a deck chair with her eyes closed.


    The choir lead the singing as the congregation stand for the hymn O Praise Ye The Lord.

    1120: Via Email Paula Wall

    writes: "We are ex-pats watching the Jubilee celebrations in Australia at 8.10pm. What fantastic coverage, everything done so well, makes you proud to be British!"


    The Diamond Choir of children aged 10 to 13 sang their new choral work. The words, written by Michael Hampel, include: "Silver is of passing worth, gold is not of constant value, jewels sparkle for a while; what you long for is not lasting."


    The congregation joined in the final hymn of the service, Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer before singing the National Anthem.


    Watch how the archbishop praised the Queen's public service during the service at St Paul's.


    You can follow the day's events by regularly checking our picture gallery which will be updated as the day progresses.

    Woman wearing the union flag

    The service is almost over, with the Queen joining a procession to the cathedral's Great West Door, where she will formally leave for her next engagement.

    1132: Holly Wallis BBC News, at St Paul's

    Bells begin to peal loudly at St Paul's and people hold their cameras in the air in anticipation. Babies back on shoulders as three cheers go up for the monarch.


    After the service, the Queen has a five-minute drive to a reception for about 250 guests at Mansion House, the home of the Lord Mayor of London. After that, she is heading for a lunch at Westminster Hall.


    The BBC's Deputy UK Editor Morwen Williams says the crowds at Buckingham Palace roared at the end of National Anthem.


    As the Queen emerges from the cathedral, still holding her order of service, bells peal out, and she acknowledges the waves and cheers of the crowd.

    Via Twitter Megan Cherry

    tweets: "So much love and respect for the Queen. If I do as much as she does when I'm her age I will be one happy lady #jubileeservice #BBCjubilee"


    The Queen was accompanied by the Dean of St Paul's.

    The Queen leaves St Paul's
    Via Twitter Ruthie Gledhill Times religion correspondent

    tweets: "Congratulations all boys and girls ‪#diamondchoir‬ at St Paul's that was so beautiful."


    Armed with cameras the crowds watch as the Queen passes.


    The Queen arrives at Mansion House and is met by the Lord Mayor of the City of London and his wife.

    Queen at Mansion House
    1152: Via SMS Lesley Elizabeth McCoy

    texts: "In honor of her Majesty. 60 years well done!!! Proud to be British."

    1157: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    With just over two hours to go until the carriage procession, the excitement is really building. Everyone is desperate to see the Queen in her carriage, rather than the 1902 State Landau that will be employed if it rains.


    While the Queen is at the Mansion House, other members of the Royal Family - the Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry - will attend a reception at the Guildhall, home of the City of London Corporation. They will then all head to Westminster Hall - "the oldest building on the Parliamentary estate" - for lunch.


    Children of the Diamond Choir are relaxing after their moment in the sun at St Paul's, where they sang a brand new choral work. Brendan, from London, says: "It was just amazing... it felt like a dream."

    1202: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    The crowds on The Mall are 20 or 30 deep in some parts - the road is positively brimming with an air of expectation and the red, white and blue of countless union jacks.


    Jubilee celebrations continue up and down the country. Gordon Patrick sent in this picture from Buckinghamshire where 1,400 people are attending a village party.

    Jubilee party

    The flypast over Buckingham Palace is still set to go ahead this afternoon, although it could be scuppered by the weather, as Sunday's one was. The latest from the Ministry of Defence is: "We will just keep an eye on the weather, but it's still on."

    1214: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    Lisa Maysey, 40, a paramedic, from Ashford in Kent, is among the hardy many who camped out. She is pictured here wearing a hat and draped in a flag.

    "Hopefully we will see the Queen in her carriage. That would be fantastic. It's just a shame Philip is not going to be here too." She adds of the monarch: "She is absolutely amazing - she's the Great in Great Britain."

    Lisa Maysey joins the crowds on The Mall

    The King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery are getting ready for the afternoon's parade.

    King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery

    The Royal Marines band is one of those playing on the Mall.

    Royal Marines band

    The Queen emerges from Mansion House after a reception as a choir of children sing.

    1228: Via Email Paul Lanagan

    writes: "Street party without a street! Photographs from Houghton-le-Spring, near Sunderland, where displaced residents organised a street party on the demolished location of their old houses."

    Street party

    Meanwhile the Guardian newspaper has reported on long-term unemployed people who were bussed into London to work as stewards during the Diamond Jubilee - some were unpaid and some dropped off in London with nowhere to stay. Labour's ex-deputy prime minister John Prescott tweets: "I've called on the Home Secretary to launch an urgent inquiry into the #jubileestewards story in the @guardian".

    1240: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall
    Jane and Lisa Sciacaluga

    Also on The Mall is mother and daughter Jane and Lisa Sciacaluga, from Gibraltar. The self-confessed royalists, clad in crowns and union jack facepaint, attend every royal occasion in London. Jane, 52, says: "The Queen is a wonderful person - she brings stability for us in Gibraltar which means great deal. It keeps us British."


    Other members of the royal family pass the Cenotaph as they head towards Westminster.


    Now for more details about the Diamond Jubilee Lunch at Westminster Hall. It will be attended by the Queen, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, and about 700 guests. It is hosted by the City of London companies collectively known as the Livery.


    The Queen accompanied by her Lady-in-waiting leaves Mansion House in her state Bentley.


    As for the menu at the Diamond Jubilee lunch: Guests will start with marinated Uist Island salmon with Lyme Bay crab, followed by saddle of Welsh Cambrian Mountain lamb with braised shoulder of lamb, grilled Isle of Wight asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes and Jubilee sauce. The "symphony of dessert" is chocolate delice, bread and butter pudding and berry compote with Sandringham apple sauce.

    1243: Via SMS Sadiq Darwan

    watched the pageant from the banks of the Thames opposite the London Eye. He says the atmosphere is great, people are really getting in the mood singing 'God Save the Queen'.

    View at the Mall
    1256: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    In a glittering union jack top hat, Anne Hall, 67, from Filey in North Yorkshire, is among The Mall stalwarts. She's been here 24 hours and counting. "It makes you proud to be British when you hear the bands," she says, sitting behind a barrier clad in red, white and blue tinsel.


    Guests at the Diamond Jubilee Lunch gather at Westminster Hall.

    Westminster Hall

    The BBC's Kieran Fox says the crowds are six deep at Parliament Square as the Queen arrives for lunch in Westminster Hall. There is respectful flag waving as she passes and no sign of an expected protest by anti-monarchy group Republic.


    Journalists and cameramen stand outside the King Edward VII Hospital where Prince Philip, who has a bladder infection, remains under observation as a "precautionary measure".

    Journalists and cameramen stand outside the King Edward VII

    The Queen arrives at Westminster Hall where she will have lunch with about 700 guests.

    Queen in Westminster Hall
    Via Twitter Gemma Bailey

    tweets: "I would want to be at Prince Harry's table, it would be a right laugh! #BBCJubilee"

    1253: Via Email Carolyn Cameron

    writes from the America: "I am watching the live ceremony at 3 a.m. in gratitude and respect for the presence in our lives of this honorable, dedicated public leader. She is unmatched in the world."


    The Master Mercer Mr Thomas Sheldon officially welcomes the Queen to the lunch. He says he is particularly sorry that the Duke of Edinburgh is unwell.


    Grace is said at the Queen's lunch by the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.

    1308: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    The arrival of a string of mounted soldiers prompts big cheers from the crowd. Gasps of "Wow" and "Unbelievable" are mouthed as the sound of horses hooves and jangling saddlery block out the cheering momentarily.

    1309: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    Beryl Kelsey, 72, a retired nurse from Kingston upon Hull, says it feels very special to be here.

    "When I was 12 I watched the Coronation on a friend's television - we didn't have our own back then - I saw people camping out and thought to myself 'What fun, I would love to do that'. It's 60 years later but here I am."

    1313: Peter Hunt Royal correspondent

    The Queen has a strong, understated faith so the St Paul's service would have been a key part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations for her.

    1311: Via Flickr Andy Wilkes

    writes: "I am in the stands at the moment for the Jubilee ceremony"

    Jubilee ceremony
    1318: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    Many on The Mall are bursting with pride as they watch the armed forces parade past. Nicola Hollihead, 32, a Gatwick airport worker, says: "When the armed forces pass through here they have their chests out and we have our flags out. It goes to show what we think of our armed forces in Britain."


    The BBC's Michael Buchanan, outside the King Edward VII Hospital in London, says it is "fairly quiet" there, and there is still no official word on how the Duke of Edinburgh is responding to treatment for a bladder infection. The duke is expected to stay in for a few days, and the standard treatment for such a condition is a course of antibiotics.

    1325: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    The bobbies lining the road are in fine spirit, chatting to the crowds and having their pictures taken. One section of the crowd has what they describe as their own bobbies - "Give us a wave Ian," they shout, to which he responds with a white-gloved hand, and they have their own armed officer, Officer A, a much more surly-looking chap with a moustache, who is smiling nonetheless.

    1334: Nicholas Witchell Royal correspondent

    The St Paul's service was probably the most important part of the Jubilee celebrations for the Queen. She takes her faith very seriously, it's a very fundamental commitment for her. I thought she looked very relaxed, or as relaxed as it is appropriate to be for a service in St Paul's cathedral, but no sign of any preoccupation. I think we can be reassured, as we were saying last night, that this is not a serious health scare.

    But she was listening intently to the sermon by the Archbishop of Canterbury, a trenchant sermon, taking the theme of dedication as his motif; also talking about ludicrous financial greed and our society that is very superficial.

    1338: Jon Brain BBC News, at King Edward VII Hospital

    Given the duke's age any health scare is taken with concern. The duke will remain here under observation, we are told, for several days. Commentators are saying standing in the cold and wet for the pageant can't have helped the situation.

    1339: Philippa Thomas BBC News, on The Mall

    We've had everything here - rival cheering, singing of the National Anthem, and everyone coming up The Mall - even the most minor member of the Royal Family or palace functionary - gets a cheer.

    1341: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    The crowd is being treated to a show of strength by the immaculately turned-out soldiers, who are stomping and shuffling their way through a military drill. It's an astonishing performance from the soldiers, who sport perfectly plumped bearskin hats, boots so polished you could see your face in them and ferocious-looking bayonets.

    1342: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    There's a cheer as a royal convoy passes down The Mall, although no-one can quite see who is in the cars. There are of cries of "was that the Queen?" followed by a quick murmur of agreement among the crowd that it was not.

    1342: Via Email Chris Tully from Barnsley

    writes: I'm here with my wife, we saw the Queen on her way to St Paul's Cathedral. We've been in London since Sunday morning. The atmosphere is great, it's really busy though.

    Queen Elizabeth II in a convoy on the way to St Paul's Cathedral The Queen en route to St Paul's Cathedral

    So, a recap on the timings for the events to come this afternoon: At 1420 BST the Queen and senior Royals will leave Westminster Hall for a carriage procession to Buckingham Palace, arriving at 1440 BST. At just before 1530 BST there will be a balcony appearance at the palace and - weather permitting - an RAF flypast. There will also be a "feu de joie" - a celebratory cascade of rifle fire - in the forecourt. And finally, at 1800 BST, a broadcast address by the Queen.


    You can see a selection of key moments from last night's star-studded concert at Buckingham Palace, including when Kylie Minogue dressed as a pearly Queen, in a picture gallery here

    1358: Via Email David Page from Auckland, New Zealand

    writes: I am sitting here in New Zealand, at gone midnight on Wednesday 6th June, watching the coverage of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, in total awe of our Queen. Her husband is unwell, she must be terribly concerned and she has had an exhausting few days, yet still she does her job without fuss or emotion.

    1359: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    The soldiers might be in the middle of The Mall - but the real battle is between one side of the road and the other. One man on the left shouts "We can't let them win, come on", after a quick countdown those around him respond to his battle cry with a giant roar knocking the opposition for six.

    1402: Luisa Baldini BBC News

    The table the Duke of Edinburgh was to have hosted at the lunch at Westminster Hall is being hosted by the Master Grocer instead.


    The Westminster Hall lunch comes to an end, with the guests on their feet for the National Anthem, played by the National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain, just before the Queen leaves.


    The Archbishop of Canterbury hails the Queen's lifelong commitment to the country and Commonwealth at a service to give thanks for her Diamond Jubilee.


    We've just published a picture gallery of work by artists at the Jubilee pageant. Some stunning work despite the wet conditions.

    Painting of the pageant
    1412: Via Email Gary Wainwright from Wiltshire

    writes: To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee 60 military and civilian skydivers linked arms and legs and completed a special Jubilee skydive over an army parachute centre APA Netheravon in Wiltshire. I was on board one of the planes and took this photograph as the skydivers plummeted to the earth.

    Jubilee skydive, photo takjen on June 4th at 6pm Skydivers celebrate The Queen' s 60 year reign
    1416: Dominic Hurst BBC News, on The Mall

    So far the gloomy forecast has not materialised. The skies above The Mall are cloudy but it is dry. Meanwhile a regimental sergeant major in magnificent red bearskin dress uniform marches proudly along, pacing stick in hand, making sure the position of his street liners is inch perfect.

    1416: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    It is clear that the Duke of Edinburgh, absent again today because of ill health, is not forgotten here on The Mall.

    "Three cheers for Prince Philip" shouts a loud voice from the back - The Mall is more than happy to oblige.


    The Queentakes her seat in the 1902 State Landau to begin the carriage procession back from Westminster Hall to Buckingham Palace. Instead of the Duke of Edinburgh, she is accompanied by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

    1420: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    The rain has started to fall on The Mall. With the conditions this crowd has seen over the past four days, they are ready for anything, and the excitements builds as they prepare to welcome the Queen.


    If you have not seen our picture gallery yet on the day's events it is worth a look.


    The Queen, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall leave Westminster as they head towards Buckingham Palace.

    Leaving Westminster

    After the river pageant and informality of the jubilee concert, says historian Robert Hardman, Tuesday's official celebrations feel more traditional: "This is timeless. This is what we expect - the pageantry".

    1424: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    Large booming sounds can be heard from further up The Mall - it's an ominous sound, not unlike the approach of a T-Rex in Jurassic Park, but everyone here knows it is the salute to signal the arrival of what they have waited so patiently for.

    Via Twitter Huw Thomas, BBC Wales reporter

    tweets: At Buckingham Palace where the Queen will arrive by carriage shortly. Sadly the rain has returned! #jubilee


    What makes a good royal souvenir - One woman tells the BBC how she thinks she is the Queen's "biggest fan" and opens her home to show off her huge collection of royal memorabilia.


    The Queen waves to the crowds on the Mall as they cheer her towards Buckingham Palace.

    Via Twitter TheBritishMonarchy

    tweet: A Guard of honour wait for the return of The Queen in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace #diamondjubilee


    The weather has held off enough so far, so the Royal Family are able to process as they had hoped in their horse-drawn open-topped carriages, rather than moving into other coaches. The Queen smiles and waves at the crowds - as do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, who are in a second carriage.

    1432: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    Sword-carrying mounted guards in all their sparkling glory mark the arrival of the Queen. There are roars and horns blaring as the Queen passes. The Mall goes momentarily bananas.

    Via Twitter Michael Fullilove, Historian

    tweets: The Household Cavalry looks very impressive. You'd hate to see them galloping toward you with their swords drawn. #diamondjubilee


    The procession reaches Buckingham Palace where the royal family is expected to appear on the balcony to watch a fly-past.

    Buckingham Palace
    1435: Dominic Hurst BBC News, on The Mall

    A cheeky banner in the crowd on The Mall reads: "Marry Me Pippa"

    1436: Dominic Hurst BBC News, on The Mall

    Royal watchers at the front of The Mall are being told by police that once the Queen has passed and it is opened to the public, the crowd will be allowed in from the back first.

    This means the ardent royal fans who have camped overnight will not get near the Buckingham Palace balcony. But latecomers at the Trafalgar Square end stand a better chance. This is causing some disappointment.


    US President Barack Obama sends a Diamond Jubilee message to the Queen, offering the "heartfelt congratulations of the American people". "May the light of Your Majesty's crown reign supreme for many years to come," he says.


    Thousands of people across Wales are joining in the fourth day of celebrations. First Minister Carwyn Jones attended the thanksgiving service at St Paul's before honouring Royal Welsh solders with Diamond Jubilee medals.

    1442: Via Email Tim Veater

    writes: "Is there another person in the world who commands the same respect or who has had such an impact for good for so long? In this time of cheap celebrity, financial distress, political lies and violence around the world, the strength of her position is a moral one, grounded in her Christian faith and the true love and affection of her loyal subjects here and everywhere. God save the Queen."


    Prime Minister David Cameron says last night's concert was "incredible". Speaking from the garden of Buckingham Palace, he tells the BBC: "We have got this incredible institution that people revere and love." He continues: "It is above politics". As for his own celebrations to mark the Diamond Jubilee, he says he was in Oxfordshire where there was country dancing, but no cameras.


    President Obama's message can be seen in full on YouTube. He says: "In war and in peace, in times of plenty and in times of hardship, the United States and the United Kingdom have shared a special relationship."

    While many presidents and prime ministers have come and gone, he says, "Your Majesty's reign has endured."

    "As a steadfast ally, loyal friend and tireless leader, Your Majesty has set an example to us all that will be long celebrated."

    Via Twitter Alice O'Driscoll

    tweets: "Loved Obama's tribute to the Queen! #BBCJubilee"

    1457: Via SMS Mia Dungey from Portsmouth

    texts: I am waiting to see my husband Warrant Officer1 Paul Dungey, today he is the the only warrant officer 1 in the Royal Navy guard, he has spent hours polishing his shoes for this. I am so proud of him.

    1457: Via Email Kyle Oldham

    writes: "Waste of money. All this publicity for sitting in throne for 60 years. Just a good excuse for the country to drink on a bank holiday."

    1459: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    As the remaining soldiers make their way down The Mall, there is loud clapping and shouts of "Well done boys". The military contingent have certainly earned their stripes with this crowd today.

    1459: Via Email Pawan Kumar

    writes: "It pains a lot of people to see such pompous display in a country for just one family, in this era of upheavals in society, with wars, natural disasters and economic downturns and with millions dying every day (shown on TV). "


    Former prime minister John Major says the scenes at The Mall and across London make a "very memorable sight". "I don't think I've seen anything quite like this before," he says.


    The BBC's Tony Brown says crowds are eager to get on The Mall in time for the flypast.


    Here the crowds can be seen being led down the Mall on their way to the gates of Buckingham Palace where they will await the Royal Family's appearance on the balcony.

    The Mall
    1504: Dominic Hurst BBC News, on The Mall

    Jubilee crowds at the front of The Mall booed when the public was let in and those at the back got in first.

    1506: Via Email Becky Leeson

    writes: "I am from Kentucky, USA, and would like to congratulate the "Queen" on her remarkable 60 years on the throne. It is a lifetime achievement for anyone. She should be so proud. Watching it the past 3 days, has been like watching "Cinderella" at the ball. Long may you reign."

    Via Twitter Sophie Weeks

    writes: "#bbcjubilee what an impressive sight! so many people walking down the mall. makes you proud to be british!"


    There is a sea of flags and umbrellas as the crowds gather outside Buckingham Palace and the Irish Guards play rousing music.

    1512: Via Email Mohammed Khan

    writes: "We patiently wait for the Royal Family's appearance on the balcony. It is deeply saddening that Prince Philip will not be with his family. We wish Prince Philip much health and strength in his recovery. "


    Veteran broadcaster Terry Wogan raves about Monday night's Buckingham Palace concert: "If there is ever going to be a better concert, I want to be here to see it".

    Breaking News

    The Earl of Wessex visits his father the Duke of Edinburgh at King Edward VII Hospital in London, where he is being treated for a bladder infection.


    The Mall and the space around the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace is now full as royal fans await another appearance by the Queen.

    Outside Buckingham Palace
    1522: Dominic Hurst BBC News, on The Mall

    It's raining now on The Mall but the crowds under the balcony are chanting "we want the Queen!".


    Lord Lord Webber tells the BBC's Huw Edwards he and Gary Barlow gave the Queen a private premiere of their song, Sing, before unveiling it to the public at the Jubilee concert, accompanied by musicians from across the Commonwealth.


    The Queen appears on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to rapturous applause from the crowds below.


    On the balcony with her are the Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla, Prince William and his wife Catherine, and Prince Harry - a much smaller group than at some past events.


    The crowds cheer as the Queen and members of her family appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

    Buckingham Palace

    Here comes the flypast - 18 aircraft including two King Air aircraft, a Lancaster, Spitfires and a Hurricane from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. They are set to be followed within seconds by the Red Arrows.


    Jubilee street parties are still going on all over the country. Jeremy Wilson took this picture in Cookham, Berkshire.

    Cookham street party

    The Red Arrows trail red, white and blue over Buckingham Palace, to the delight of the crowds. The Queen clearly enjoys it too.

    1533: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    It was all eyes upwards as the RAF planes approached.

    1534: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    The deafening sound of the RAF flypast drowns out the crowd's cheers, and is followed by the Red Arrows. There are cries from youngsters of "The sky's turned red, white and blue!"


    The Red Arrows release their trademark smoke as they pass over Buckingham Palace.

    Re d Arrows
    1536: Gerry Holt BBC News, on The Mall

    The crowd joins in as the National Anthem echoes around Buckingham Palace and The Mall. It can probably be heard for miles. A very stirring, memorable moment, with many in the crowd lost for words.


    And the feu de joie rattle of rifle fire at Buckingham Palace brings the afternoon's celebrations to a close; with three absolutely enormous cheers for the Queen, and a broad smile and wave from the monarch.


    The Queen leads the other members of the Royal Family back into Buckingham Palace, with the Mall still packed with thousands of people.


    Broadcaster Terry Wogan says it was "smiles all the way" from the Queen as she watched the flypast and the feu de joie, as the fourth day of official Diamond Jubilee celebrations came to an end.

    1546: Breaking News

    After visiting the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital, his youngest son the Earl of Wessex said: "He's getting better." The Countess of Wessex added: "He's in good spirits, he's on good form."


    Leah Hadley has taken this picture of Rapunzel the kitten, who appears to be embracing the Jubilee celebrations.


    The Queen's former press secretary Charles Anson says the Queen doesn't tend to show her feelings in public, "but I did feel on the balcony she was very moved by the size of the crowd".


    Mr Anson adds that the whole jubilee weekend has gone "very well indeed... way beyond expectations".


    It is only the second time a feu de joie - cascade of rifle fire - has been fired during Her Majesty's reign. The first was following the Queen's Birthday Parade in 2006 in celebration of her 80th birthday.


    More from the Earl of Wessex, who along with his wife and two children has just visited his father Prince Philip in hospital. A "good rest" is probably required, he tells the massed television reporters, adding: "He's been watching it all on television... but I can't tell you which channel."


    Gavin Todd-James sent this picture from Buckingham Palace.

    Champagne at the Palace.
    Via Twitter Former England captain Gary Lineker

    tweets: We do pomp and ceremony awfully well. Bring on the Olympics. Proud to be British. #Jubilee


    The BBC's Philippa Thomas has been asking people in the Mall what they made of it all. "God save the Queen," replied one small boy, bashfully.


    A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman says the Duke of Edinburgh will remain in hospital under observation for a bladder infection "for a few days".

    Via Twitter Patrick Hinman

    tweets: "Boom, all done, fantastic demonstration of all things British, #Britsdoitbest #BBCJubilee"

    Via Twitter Karen Talavera

    tweets: "What a rarity to see a leader - the Queen - reigning 60 years.Counting myself lucky to witness such amazing history! #diamondjubilee"


    Historian Dr Kate Williams says the events are "an incredible historical pageant". She says the Queen is at one of the heights of her popularity and that a lot of this is down to the younger royals.

    1628: Via Email Robert Smith

    writes: "An amazing weekend which I have had the pleasure of attending. Ok the weather didn't help but the outflowing of genuine affection for The Queen was so apparent for all to see".

    Via Twitter Antonio Carlos

    tweets: "What a memorable ending to what has been an incredibly special, and moving 4 days for our country and Commonwealth! #DiamondJubilee"

    1643: Via Email Andrew Nicholls

    sent us this picture of his girlfriend and her colleagues celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

    Celebrations at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan
    Via Twitter Dan Walker BBC Sport presenter

    tweets: "Big crowd watching the #jubilee in the IBC in Warsaw. We might be rubbish at football but the world loves the Royal family."


    A spokesman for Buckingham Palace will not comment on whether the Duke of Edinburgh is due to receive more guests this evening, but a large police presence remains outside - possibly suggesting more visitors are likely.

    1726: Via Email Andy Williamson

    Andy from Whitley Bay met Margaret from Nottingham waiting on The Mall. Andy says: "Margaret and I had never met before today, but we've bonded over our love of the royal family and ridiculous glasses! We've now swapped email addresses. Just don't tell my fiancee!"

    Andy and Margaret on The Mall.

    The BBC's royal correspondent, Daniela Relph, says that using Buckingham Palace as a backdrop for the Diamond Jubilee concert was "probably the event that really marked out the celebrations". She added: "Broadly, the Jubilee weekend has been a roaring success for the Royal Family."

    1747: Via Twitter Jacqui Oatley, football commentator, BBC Radio 5 Live

    tweets: I spoke to some Met Police officers on #diamondjubilee duty. Said many of them have had to sleep on floor of police stations over weekend!

    1748: Via Twitter Conservative MP for Clwyd West, David Jones

    tweets: If we had no monarchy, consider who we might have had as elected presidents over the last sixty years. I rest my case. #DiamondJubilee


    A booming 60-gun salute, a fairytale carriage procession, a distant and yet intimate balcony appearance - all part of the final flourish for the Diamond Jubilee at the end of a memorable four days of events around the country.

    The Red Arrows above Buckingham Palace

    The Queen closes her four-day Diamond Jubilee weekend with a rare address to the country and Commonwealth, in which she describes the event as a "humbling experience".

    "It has touched me deeply to see so many thousands of families, neighbours and friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere," she says. "I hope that memories of all this year's happy events will brighten our lives for many years to come."

    And that's it from us too. Thanks very much for joining us and for all your contributions, and enjoy what remains of the Diamond Jubilee weekend.


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