London 2012: Olympic ticket sale targets unsuccessful bidders

Triple Jumper Some 20,000 people who missed out in the first and second ballot will have first choice of tickets

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Around 900,000 tickets for the London Olympics, including men's 100m final tickets, have gone on sale, with priority given to those who missed out in two previous allocations.

Some 20,000 people had exclusive access to buy up to four tickets for a single event in a 31-hour period from Friday.

A million other unsuccessful applicants can purchase tickets from 13-17 May.

Some 70,000 general tickets for the Olympic Park will also be made available to this group from 17 May.

And from 23 May, unsold Olympic tickets of all varieties will be released for sale to the general public.

'Contingency tickets'

Locog said feedback from those users buying ticket from its website had so far been positive.

Seb Coe, chairman of Games organisers Locog, said: "We know thousands of sports fans were disappointed when they missed out in the initial sales period because of the massive demand for tickets.

"We promised we would prioritise these fans when we released the contingency tickets, which is exactly what we are doing."

Locog said they would give an update on the ticket situation when the current session finished on 17 May.

The online ticketing system came in for criticism after it crashed under high demand, leaving potential buyers frustrated at long delays.

London 2012 - One extraordinary year

mLondon 2012 One extraordinary year graphic

In some cases, the system may have led buyers to believe they had been successful in their application, only to find out by email in June 2011 that they had failed.

The first priority group of 20,000 people are those who applied in the ballot and then the second chance sale but missed out in the latter, despite applying for apparently available tickets.

People in this group were contacted by Locog via email on Tuesday 8 May.

The 20,000 people contacted were able to select from any event, including the opening and closing ceremonies, although organisers warned that only a limited number of tickets were available for the two ceremonies.

Olympic Park tickets were not be part of the sale window for this group.

Fans from the two priority groups are limited to one transaction and a maximum of four tickets per person.

These restrictions will be lifted when the remaining tickets go on sale to the public.

New tickets for sale

From Sunday 13 May, one million people who missed out in the first ballot will have five days to buy tickets. Different tickets will be available from 11:00 each day, as follows:

  • 13 May - Hockey, Tennis, Wrestling (Freestyle), Wrestling (Greco-Roman), Beach Volleyball and Football
  • 14 May - Athletics (Race Walk), Athletics (Marathon), Canoe Slalom, Canoe Sprint, Shooting, Swimming, Volleyball, Weightlifting and Cycling (Track)
  • 15 May - Equestrian (Dressage), Equestrian (Eventing), Equestrian (Jumping), Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Handball, Table Tennis, Swimming (Marathon) and Water Polo
  • 16 May - Basketball (North Greenwich Arena sessions), Badminton, Sailing, Gymnastics (Artistic), Gymnastics (Rhythmic), Gymnastics (Trampoline), Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing and Fencing
  • 17 May - Archery, Basketball (Basketball Arena sessions), Cycling (BMX), Cycling (Mountain Bike), Cycling (Road), Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Triathlon and Olympic Park tickets

Tickets that are not sold each day will be carried forward for sale the next day. Once fans are successful they will be unable to buy any more tickets in the exclusive five-day period.

Unsold tickets for the Paralympic Games are also set to go on sale from 11:00 BST on 21 May, with further details yet to be announced.

And Locog has said it is releasing new tickets for sale from 29 May, to "help more people get to the Games". These tickets are:

  • Cycling Road Race at Box Hill, Surrey
  • Cycling Individual Time Trial at Hampton Court Palace
  • There will also be tickets available for Wimbledon which will provide access to The Hill and the big screen only
  • The Orbit - for those who already have access to the Olympic Park on the day they wish to visit the Orbit

Organisers have confirmed there will be a "babes in arms policy" during the Games, which means babies aged 12 months or under will be allowed into all London 2012 venues without a ticket - as long as they are securely strapped to a parent or carer.

But the policy will not apply to events held at Wembley Stadium, St James' Park, Old Trafford and North Greenwich Arena, where licensing rules require everyone to have a ticket.


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    Comment number 115.

    No seriously, who CARES?

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    Comment number 114.

    Oooh, we're not allowed to be happy about the Olympics by the curmudgeon police! Even Nazi Germany enjoyed the Olympics, which makes us officailly more miserable than them!

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    Comment number 113.

    The Whole Olympics has been a Embarrasing Farce of wasting money, to say the general public have been well and truely Mugged is an understatement, and as for the people who think its wonderful, keep drinking the Kool aid Darlings...;)

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    Comment number 112.

    I was unsuccessful on the first 2 rounds, I havent had an email saying tickets are going on sale today and i've been calling them all day but cannot get through to a human!! This is so frustrating as this is a once in a lifetime event for me... i'm so upset it's beyond annoying that even though i've tried to get various tickets i am not classed as eligible now!

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    Comment number 111.

    An even bigger waste of money than the millenium dome it has become a jamboree for corporate sponsors, olympic officials and hangers on. I have no intention of going and am planning to be out of the country (or in the deepest backwater) for the whole time. This was supposed to be the people's games - pity the people have come last every time.

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    Comment number 110.


    erm..... Formula 1 was also covered by the same ruling that protects the Olympics, Wimbledon etc......
    Where is the only place you can now watch every race live?


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    Comment number 109.

    I also was had no luck with any tickets in the first round after selecting 12 events and on the second round selected once again various events and the website crashed on the payment page. Found out in the last few days I have only applied once according to LOCOG even though I know twice. Frustrating as have not been recognised as one of the 20,000 who have access today.

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    Comment number 108.

    Yet another "rich man's" event with the rest fighting for scraps while the same corporations that have bled us dry enjoy corporate hospitality at our expense. Makes me sick to the back teeth. We should all boycott the games - and dont get me started on the lack of investment for the athletes who trained so hard in the first place!

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    Comment number 107.

    In all honesty, who gives a f@@k

  • rate this

    Comment number 106.

    103. ronnieboy1
    we get about 50 million games a year on the box with 22 blokes kicking a bag of wind around and people actually want to see more of them at the olympics...
    Yep, got tickets and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeee!

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    Comment number 105.


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    Comment number 104.

    Seb Coe said this earlier in the week, that more tickets were on sale because they were not certain until the venues were nearer completion how many seats would be available because they had to take account of TV cameras which take up a lot of room! What sort of enterprise is this, where they don't even know how many seats each venue holds? Sounds like one massive con trick to me.

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    Comment number 103.

    we get about 50 million games a year on the box with 22 blokes kicking a bag of wind around and people actually want to see more of them at the olympics...pathetic

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    Comment number 102.

    "Around 900,000 tickets for the London Olympics, including men's 100m final tickets, have gone on sale with priority given to unsuccessful bidders."

    Which means 899,999 for all the events we will see being watched by one man and his dog. And 1 for the mens 100m final... whoops! that one just went gratis to the IOC rep.

    You know what keep 'em.

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    Comment number 101.


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    Comment number 100.

    97. brora 2MINUTES AGO 90.krokodil 5 Minutes ago
    The BBC are in love with the Olympics.... they put a lot of licence fee monies into it all.

    As to the tickets... of course its a con trick. An opaque lottery system, run several times (they keep finding these tickets), a bit of media spin saying we must hurry. Blatant deception. And I bet tickets will be sold on the door for many events.... ;-)

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    Comment number 99.

    even with all the tax payer funded ads by the bbc they don't seem to be selling too well, doesn't bode well for the Paralympic games.

    ( will they be knocking on doors trying to get people who over look an event to pay too ? )

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    Comment number 98.

    Disgrace. We were in the 1st round and got tickets for the football in Cardiff, we tried for far more, cycling,hockey&athletics. We then couldn’t enter the later rounds where there is less competition for tickets. Now athletics final tickets up? How is that fair competition? Should've been equal chance for all tickets. Not, oh well, unlucky first 2 rounds, here are 2 tickers for the 100m final.

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    Comment number 97.

    5 Minutes ago

    I reckon you are on to something. Pretend the tickets are scarce to get people panic buying at full price - and then they think they are lucky to get them!! And they have the BBC helping - got to admire them really.

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    Comment number 96.


    11 Minutes ago

    Two tickets for the end of the games please !
    Good to see that people want to see the closing ceremony as well. Though it's not as good as the sport, it is usually a really good party atmosphere.


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