Phone-hacking report: As it happened

Key points

  • Rupert Murdoch 'is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company', MPs have said
  • Its report has concluded that Mr Murdoch exhibited 'wilful blindness' to what was going on in his media empire
  • The committee was split six to four with Tory members refusing to endorse the report and branding it 'partisan'
  • News Corp says it is 'carefully reviewing' the report and will 'respond shortly'
  • Watchdog Ofcom says it will 'consider the report' as part of its inquiry into whether BSkyB should hold a broadcasting licence

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Last updated 1 May 2012


Welcome to our live page. We'll be keeping you up to date with all the latest developments as parliament's cross-party Culture, Media and Sport committee explains its report into phone-hacking within Rupert Murdoch's media empire.


Charlie Beckett, Journalist and Director of think-tank Polis

tweets The fact Select Committee split on party lines may indicate what a threat to Govt this issue now is. #Murdoch #Hacking


Here's deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman on the report: "It is really a very dismaying report and I think it's very important that the Ofcom review, which is currently under way and it's very fortuitous that it is under way, will now have the findings of this report to help them decide and they are the ultimate arbiters as whether or not News Corp is a fit and proper person (sic) to hold a broadcasting licence. "


James Archer

tweets @LouiseMensch's condemnation of the culture committee's finding that #Murdoch is not a fit person is a slight on the memory of Milly Dowler


Robert Peston, Business editor

writes in his blog: [The report] will push Ofcom, the media regulator, closer to the conclusion that British Sky Broadcasting is not fit and proper to hold a broadcasting licence, for as long as News Corporation owns 39% of BSkyB.


MP John Whittingdale tells journalists that: "Our report has not concluded that either Rupert or James Murdoch are guilty of contempt [of Parliament]."


From our digest of the report: "It is simply astonishing" that James and Rupert Murdoch did not realise that phone hacking at the News of the World was not confined to "one rogue reporter" until December 2010. James Murdoch is accused of an "astonishing lack of curiosity" for not reading a chain of emails sent to him in 2008."


MP John Whittingdale admits that though there may be a precedent for an offender to be called before the bar of the house to be admonished for misleading parliament, he does not know how they would be punished. "It will be a matter for debate," he says.


Mark Brown \u200f

tweets: Interesting to see that the Tory strategy to contain fall out from #Hacking starts with limiting damage to the Murdochs