Jeremy Hunt: I followed due process over BSkyB


Jeremy Hunt: "I intend to respond fully to allegations about my conduct and that of my department"

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Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told MPs he "strictly followed due process" in the way he handled a controversial BSkyB takeover bid by News Corporation.

He said it was not true that the firm had any "back channel" of influence, when he was ruling on the bid.

His special adviser Adam Smith has quit over contact with the firm that he said "went too far".

But Labour's Harriet Harman said Mr Hunt had been "backing" rather than "judging this bid" and should resign.

She has written to David Cameron demanding an investigation by the independent adviser on ministers' interests into whether the culture secretary breached the ministerial code.

'Too close'

Mr Hunt delivered his statement in a noisy House of Commons, following the publication of emails at the Leveson Inquiry relating to his handling of the takeover.

Labour say these show he fell short in his impartial "quasi-judicial" role in ruling on the company's bid to fully take over broadcaster BSkyB.

But Frederic Michel, head of public affairs at News Corp, has said his references to "JH" in emails were actually shorthand for Mr Hunt's special adviser, Mr Smith.

Mr Michel has said he had no direct contact with the culture secretary, after he assumed responsibility for ruling on the BSkyB bid in December 2010.


Jeremy Hunt has No 10's backing but his position remains precarious. There are several fronts to the culture secretary's defence.

By consulting with regulators and civil servants throughout the bid he insists he acted with integrity and scrupulous objectivity, with the permanent secretary at the culture department agreeing that Mr Hunt's special adviser should act as a conduit with News Corp during the process.

Mr Hunt argues that the texts and emails seen so far are a partial, secondhand account of what was going.

And yet, the chummy channel of communication from his aide to News Corporation provided the company with a huge amount of inside information, sometimes before Parliament, and raises questions about whether the information given to the company undermined the quasi-judicial process or breached the ministerial code.

Mr Smith said the content and extent of his contact with News Corporation was not authorised by Mr Hunt and he was resigning because his "activities at times went too far" and created the perception that the firm "had too close a relationship with the department".

Mr Hunt took over responsibility for ruling on Rupert Murdoch's controversial BSkyB bid when Business Secretary Vince Cable was stripped of the role, having been secretly recorded saying he had "declared war on Mr Murdoch".

In the "quasi-judicial" role, Mr Hunt had to act with impartiality - but Labour say information that emerged at the Leveson Inquiry into press standards on Tuesday showed he had "fallen very far short" of his duties.

A string of emails suggests there was a steady flow of information from the culture secretary's office to News Corp advisers from June 2010 onwards.

In one, dated 24 January 2011, Frederic Michel told News Corp executive James Murdoch he had managed to get some information on Mr Hunt's upcoming statement to Parliament, adding: "Although absolutely illegal..>!".

The following day Mr Hunt announced his intention to refer the takeover bid to the Competition Commission, but only after first giving News Corp more time to address concerns about "potential threats to media plurality".

James Murdoch said that the "illegal" reference had been a "joke" - but Labour said Mr Murdoch got "the very words that Jeremy Hunt was going to use" ahead of his Parliamentary statement.

Mr Hunt told MPs that his adviser's resignation was a "matter of huge regret" to him, but he said the volume and tone of communications had been "clearly not appropriate in a quasi-judicial process".

Harriet Harman: "He wasn't judging this bid, he was backing this bid"

Mr Hunt went on to say he had followed due process "with scrupulous fairness throughout" and said Labour's claim that "there was a back channel through which News Corporation were able to influence my decisions" was "categorically not the case".

But Ms Harman said it was clear Mr Hunt had already "made up his mind" about the takeover and he should not have taken on responsibility for ruling on it in the first place.

"Your conduct should have been quasi-judicial but it fell far, far short of that and short of the standards required by your office," she told him.

"The reality is, you weren't judging this bid, you were backing this bid and so you should resign."

Mr Hunt replied that that idea was "laughable" as he had taken a series of decisions that were "against what News Corporation had wanted".

He said it was because he had "expressed some sympathy for the bid" before he was given responsibility for ruling on it that he had "changed the process so that at every stage before I made a decision I got the advice of independent regulators which I carefully considered and followed".

'Shadow of sleaze'

He also said there were "a number of exaggerations" in Mr Michel's emails and "countless examples... of things that simply did not happen".

In noisy exchanges at Prime Minister's Questions, Labour leader Ed Miliband said if Prime Minister David Cameron "can't defend the conduct of his own ministers... he should fire them" and said there was a "shadow of sleaze" over the government.

PMQs: Jeremy Hunt has 'full support' of David Cameron

Mr Cameron said Mr Hunt "has my full support for the excellent job that he does" and accused Mr Miliband of not being able to resist "the passing political bandwagon".

Mr Hunt has asked Lord Justice Leveson to bring forward his appearance at the inquiry, which he had been due to address in May.

He told MPs his adviser's role as a point of contact had been "agreed by the permanent secretary" in his department - something BBC political editor Nick Robinson said might provide the culture secretary with some "cover".

News Corp, which owns the Sun, the Times and the Sunday Times, and has a 39% interest in satellite broadcaster BSkyB, abandoned its bid to take over the remaining 61% of the broadcaster in July 2011, after the phone-hacking scandal emerged.

Its boss, Rupert Murdoch, is facing what could end up being two days of questioning at the inquiry under oath.


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    Comment number 885.

    both labour and tories are tainted by their relationships with murdoch. its really funny on here watching tories defend hunt and labour attack him'. you could swap the parties around and the tories would be calling for resignations and labour resisting those calls.

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    Comment number 884.

    IF (and it's a big IF) all the truth is to come out from this enquiry about political sleaze and Murdoch, I think Labour will have a very messy potty indeed. Two years of scandal on the Tories will be nothing compared to Blair/Brown/Labour.
    Labour are pointing the finger - when it gets pointed back - they'll do their usual and scream unfair.

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    Comment number 883.

    Nobody in this parliament had a right to form a government. The people who voted for the Liberal Democrats have been betrayed by Clegg. The people who voted for the Conservatives have got exactly what they deserve (sleaze & more sleaze). The people who voted for Labour deserve to be Hung drawn and quartered. Do yourself a favour Clegg and call off the coalition... none of you deserve it

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    Comment number 882.

    The Dirty Digger relies on designer deniability. His manipulation need not be hands-on or explicit to be effective. Murdoch is a magnate with the magnetic power to control covertly and remotely. He plots the paths of politicians as a planet does its moons. They know it but hoped to use it to their advantage. Perhaps now their hands are getting burned they will stop doing deals with 'the devil'.

  • Comment number 881.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 880.

    This just goes to show that Mr Cameron cannot rely on old school chums to staff his government.

    They are just not clever enough for the job. Their incompetence and insider corruption has shown up time and time again. So many have been caught out!!

    I have just signed the 'Avaaz Org' e-petition urging the immediate sacking of Jeremy Hunt. Many thousands have already signed.

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    Comment number 879.

    Look up the word Conservative in the Oxford Dictionary and the
    word Sleaze is quoted at least 3 times

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    Comment number 878.

    The government is showing appalling insouciance in its response to the Hunt crisis. The arrogance and almost smug sense of invulnerability on display by the the Tory membership in parliament today .. and by the Tory representatives 'interviewed' on the Today Program .... is symptomatic of a deep malaise at the heart of our government.

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    Comment number 877.

    @ 871.Whenknew


    But do not know what it will take to instil change. Most people here seem to be defending their Political party despite what recent history is telling them. We do not have democracy, we have corruption but most people will continue to vote for them. We are the minority!

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    Comment number 876.

    Sack Hunt. We need an overhaul of our relationship with rich lobby groups and he's in the firing line. Keep sacking people until political parties of all persuasions get the message that they should be serving us, and no one else.

    Lets have an anglo-spring.

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    Comment number 875.

    The emails claim that Mr Michel sent an email to Mr Murdoch stating: "I have managed to get JH quickly before he went in to see Swan Lake." It would go some way to finding out, if as Michel’s, claims his references to "JH" in emails were shorthand for Mr Hunt's special adviser or Mr Hunt, if it could be established whether Mr Hunt’s special advisor went to see Swan Lake or Mr Hunt.

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    Comment number 874.

    So the tories carry on where labour left off, sleaze will never leave politics and ALL parties are guilty of it so Mrs Harman get your own house in order before trying to sort out the Tories!

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    Comment number 873.

    He has Dave's 'full support'. He's doomed !! QED

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    Comment number 872.

    Does anyone remember Elizabeth Filkin? She was appointed by New Labour in 1999 to investigate Parliamentary Standards, filling Gordon Downey's shoes. But she did far too good a job of it, particularly on Peter Mandelsohn, John Reid, and Geoffrey Robertson. She was forced from office by a politico-journalistic campaign apparently orchestarted by a Lord Cocks (no kidding), New Labour Chief Whip.

  • rate this

    Comment number 871.


    Yes it is totally, it is always a broken promise or how you put it as.
    Some kind of glossy hoilday brochure.

    When the holiday always end in a holiday nightmare scenario, or lies and political deception and a media rip off

    Or all of the three combined

    We have the exact same points of interest and everything you have said i agree with you.

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    Comment number 870.

    When Cameron replaced Hable with... sorry, replaced Cable with Hunt, he sacked someone who was biased against the corrupt and corrupting influence of the Murdochs and installed someone who was prejudiced in favour of it!

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    Comment number 869.

    the rats are beginning to jump the sinking ship that is this excuse of a government

  • rate this

    Comment number 868.

    We know all parties got it wrong in past years, but Hunt is continuing the problem rather than being part of the solution. Leveson will look into it, but if Hunt makes a Commons statement, it's reasonable to expect answers there and then too.
    Hunt will go within the week, conceding he has "given the impression" he is stupid or corrupt, and then Dave won't have to let us find out which it is.

  • rate this

    Comment number 867.

    Is it part of Eton/Oxbridge culture that lying is ok? What in heavens name are they teaching them. There's even more honour among thieves. How can the Libdems support such a party, with such a cavalier attitude to honesty!!!! Come on Nick they threw Vince out! Its time to leave this Goverment whilst the party has a hope that the public might, just might, think the Libdems have some honour left!!

  • rate this

    Comment number 866.

    It is now blatantly obvious where Hunt's anti-BBC stance comes from.

    Dear BBC - this isn't "defamatory", it's the truth.


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