David Cameron: UK will get up to strength in 2012


David Cameron: UK must 'go for it' in 2012

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David Cameron has promised to use the "global drama" of the Olympics and "glory" of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to help get Britain "up to strength".

"This will be the year Britain sees the world and the world sees Britain," the PM said in his new year message.

However, he admitted 2012 would be difficult as the economy struggled.

In his new year message, Labour leader Ed Miliband said his party must convince people in 2012 that "optimism can defeat despair".

The message, issued before the new year, said the UK needed "profound change" to avoid a future of struggling to compete in the world and called on politicians to show they could make a difference.

And in a message issued to Lib Dems last week, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said the new year posed "many great challenges for everyone", adding that his party had ensured the coalition government was helping people.

'Extraordinary incentive'

Mr Cameron said 2012 "must be the year we go for it" - the year the coalition government "does everything it takes to get our country up to strength".


The prime minister's new political prophecy reads like a pep talk from the country's coach at a particularly gloomy time. He's at pains to say that he understands people's fears, their worries about jobs, high prices, City excess and the economy.

It's an attempt to enthuse a pessimistic people that better times lie ahead. Number 10 knows it must offer the hope of something sunnier beyond austerity and cuts.

Even prime ministers can't predict the future but two events that will happen this year are the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. He wants these to be a "mirror" on the nation, moments to enthuse and inspire. They might, but it's the course of the economy that is the urgent concern of many people and David Cameron's message concedes that its future is almost impossible to predict.

The eurozone crisis still casts an ominous shadow over the economy. "We have gained security", the prime minister says, "for now" - an important qualification.

But he insisted the coalition understood the problems and would "do more" to help people through them.

The prime minister looked ahead to the "global drama of the Olympics", which will be held in London from 27 July to 12 August, and the "glory of the Diamond Jubilee", which will mostly be commemorated for three days from 2 June.

"Cameras and TV channels around the planet will be recording these magnificent events. It gives us an extraordinary incentive to look outward, look onwards and to look our best: to feel pride in who we are and what - even in these trying times - we can achieve," said Mr Cameron.

He continued: "Of course, I know that there will be many people watching this who are worried about what else the year might bring.

"There are fears about jobs and paying the bills. The search for work has become difficult, particularly for young people. And rising prices have hit household budgets.

"I get that. We are taking action on both fronts. I know how difficult it will be to get through this. But I also know that we will."

Mr Cameron said the government had "clear and strong plans" to bring down the deficit, which were giving "some protection from the worst of the debt storms now battering the euro zone".

"We have gained security for now - and because of that, we must be bold, confident and decisive about building the future," he added.

In his new year message, Labour leader Ed Miliband said "optimism can defeat despair" in 2012

"I know much needs to change. We've got to do more too to bring our economy back to health. So we've set out big plans for the transformation of our infrastructure, starting now - with better roads and railways, superfast broadband and new homes."

He said although much of Europe was struggling there were huge opportunities for UK businesses in other parts of the world.

And he promised to be bold in sorting out public services and social issues - complaining that "too often our schools aren't up to scratch, our hospitals aren't always clean enough and our police don't catch criminals".

'Tackling excess'

"While a few at the top get rewards that seem to have nothing to do with the risks they take or the effort they put in, many others are stuck on benefits, without hope or responsibility," he said.

"So we will tackle excess in the City just as we're reforming welfare to make work pay and support families.

In his new year message to Lib Dems, issued last week, the deputy PM Nick Clegg said next year posed "many great challenges for everyone".

He said the UK had been "pulled back from the brink" by a government which remained focused on its "economic rescue mission".


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    Comment number 577.

    The general public are captive to the gov’s whims. I feel so sorry for people juggling money to get to work by car or train, just to keep their job while companies maintain profits, before enforced redundancy hurls them onto the dole. Get a job DC says. Where? You paying the rent? How long before we’re issued with UN rations/ tents?

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    Comment number 576.


    Most vociferous anti immigrants osters are those who are themselves sons and daughters of earlier immigrants to this country of 1910s 1920s! The ought to be ashmed!!

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    Comment number 575.

    Stop moaning, lets celebrate the Olympic and Jubilee for all those that can afford to go, unfortunately not me.

    Do we really have any leaders-politicians that have the b*lls to do what is right for the majority of the people of Britian, I doubt it.

    Read 'think the unthinkable' by Tim Morgan, are we really prepared to put up with the pain.

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    Comment number 574.


    Why should we when most people between 18k 50k have had no influence on matters and have not done anything wrong. No great credit bills. It was the hegemony who decided to lend to those without the resources to pay. But now want excemption for reponsiblity.

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    Comment number 573.


    FYI......The UK exports as a value 53% of all UK exports worldwide.
    47% within the EU.
    The UK is the 2nd largest EU exporter of goods worldwide behind Germany.

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    Comment number 572.

    449. Lesarladais
    I am seriously considering starting a new Buy British/ campaign! Will anyone join me?#we must create wealth and jobs through manufacturing to create spending power, BUT will we be prepared to pay a little more or buy fewer products to support British/ businesses?

    First you need to reduce inflation causing benefit payments. They help keep demand high and track CPI.Essentials only

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    Comment number 571.

    @nieuw devil "Cameron must push a stake into the heart of the NHS and welfare system & free the UK from their deadly embrace."

    Yeah thats a great idea, lets have a system like in the US where if you cant afford treatment you don't get it.

    Yeah that and and cutting benefits should get rid of some of the proles!
    Ah to live in a Tory utopia.

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    Comment number 570.

    Is there no end to this man's vacuous verbosity and waffling windbaggery?

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    Comment number 569.

    Food stamps are widely used in the USA, as for humilation, they should be grateful.

    A fair percentage of those unemployed do not want to work. Last year I offered jobs to the unemployed (>MWW), only one was crediable (employed her).

    The remainder lacked education, and basic skills. If someone wants to earn money, then, even in todays climate it is possible.

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    Comment number 568.

    We are in a hole. It's about time the whingers, whiners and misfits stopped digging. There are jobs out there as long as you don't expect a brain surgeons salary when (metaphorically) you are only qualified to be a bin man.

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    Comment number 567.

    The UK has failed miserably to exploit Europe as an (easy to access) export market so why on earth should the UK be successful at exporting to the rest of the world. Europe as a major home market provides the solid basis and volumes for exporting elsewhere.

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    Comment number 566.

    "Cameron must push a stake into the heart of the NHS" -- What alternative are you suggesting to the NHS? We currently seem to be on the road to a US-style private insurance system, under which the main beneficiaries are the insurance companies, not the patients. The NHS is an example of the sense of fairness and equal opportunity that makes Britain great. Support it, improve it, don't kill it!

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    Comment number 565.

    “........Too many Governments have sacrificed manufacturing for the benefit of the parasitic city........”

    I agree that we have squandered our manufacturing base and that this trend needs to be reversed but we haven’t abandoned it completely. We once ‘dominated’ manufacturing world wide, now we only ‘compete'. It is relative. But yes, the government needs to do more for manufacturing.

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    Comment number 564.

    This country should go something akin to a war footing . Cut out ALL waste , invest in new inventions , support research in universities and help them retain the patent and market the product . Get rid of all unnecessary civil servants . Slash the benefits system and halt all immigration (common sense not racism) .

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    Comment number 563.

    The man who for months talked Britain down to win an election - Broken Britain - now wants us all to forget it because his royal relatives want a few days out!!!

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    Comment number 562.

    Forget all the glitzy razzamataz; what is really needed is a complete overhaul of our everyday thinking which, over the last three decades, has been founded upon a must-have culture that has led to excessive and unsupported borrowing.

    By drawing in the reins and accepting lower living standards, we shall regain our former competitiveness and something approaching an optimistic outlook.

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    Comment number 561.

    Why does Dave always speak like a middle-management David Brent, like the UK is his little Sales Team at a weekend team building exercise. As Obama once said when meeting him for the first time: 'Jeez what a lightweight'

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    Comment number 560.

    A new Year.
    Smame old spin!

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    Comment number 559.

    This man is living in cloud cuckoo land, him and his shower of hooks, crooks and comic singers just do not have a clue. How did such a talentless non entity become Prime Minister? Democracy has a lot to answer for.
    Will someone ask Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore out of retirment so he can show us how it is done.

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    Comment number 558.

    The irony of spending the odd Billion on a Royal Jubilee or the big Olympic Sports day(s) whilst stamping down on benefit scroungers, or even Council House Landlords completely escapes Cameron.
    Build factories, build houses, improve the infrastructure, train the unemployed, but don't blow the money on parties.


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