Occupy protests across the UK as St Paul's demonstration continues

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As protesters continue to camp outside St Paul's Cathedral, there have been similar protests in other parts of the UK. The demonstration is an offshoot of the Occupy movement, which began on Wall Street, in New York.

In Bournemouth, protesters are camped in front of the town hall, while one of Brighton's parks has been taken over. There are tents in George Square in the centre of Glasgow. In Birmingham's Victoria Square, demonstrators remain encamped and there are also demonstrations in Bristol which have spread to nearby Bath.

Brighton and Bournemouth

A demonstration has been established in a Brighton park and another in Bournemouth. Those taking part claim world leaders are not addressing problems with the global economy and say the camps are a peaceful environment for debate.

Bristol and Bath

Protesters camped out in the centre of Bristol have called on the council to provide more facilities. The demonstrators have been protesting on College Green for nearly two weeks.


Protesters camped outside City Hall in Bradford have been told they must pack up their tents and leave. The Occupy Bradford Group arrived on Friday and say they have been inspired by the Occupy London protest and the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East.


A small protest in the centre of Birmingham has been going on for about a week. Occupy Birmingham protesters say they are campaigning against many issues ranging from inequality to corporate greed.


The Occupy Glasgow protesters pitched their tents opposite the City Chambers on 15 October. A court move to evict them has been delayed.

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