As it happened: Amy Winehouse

Key points

  • Singer Amy Winehouse, 27, is found dead at her north London home at about 1600 BST on Saturday
  • Police say the cause of death will remain unknown until they have post-mortem test results
  • Dozens of mourners gather outside her Camden flat to leave floral tributes and messages

    This is the BBC's rolling coverage, bringing you all the developments and the reaction to the news that singer Amy Winehouse, 27, has been found dead at her north London home.


    As yet, the cause of death remains unexplained.


    Winehouse enjoyed huge acclaim and success with her music after bursting on to the British pop scene in 2003, but the singer was also plagued by personal turmoil.


    Her battles with drug and drink addiction nevertheless kept her in the public eye.

    1852: Tributes are pouring in from fellow celebrities. Singer and actress Kelly Osbourne

    tweets: I can't even breath right now. I'm crying so hard I just lost 1 of my best friends. I love you forever Amy & will never forget the real you!

    1854: Television presenter Piers Morgan

    tweets: Such desperately sad news re Amy Winehouse. Supreme talent, terrible self-destructive addictive personality.

    1855: Singer LeAnn Rimes

    tweets: RIP Amy Winehouse. So sad to see such a talent gone and her life end in tragedy. This makes me terribly sad.

    Amy Winehouse performs at Glastonbury Festival in 2008 Amy Winehouse's 2006's Back to Black album brought her worldwide stardom

    Amy Winehouse's record label Universal says it is "deeply saddened at the sudden loss of such a gifted musician, artist and performer" in a statement.

    "Our prayers go out to Amy's family, friends and fans at this difficult time."


    A section of the road where the singer lived in Camden, north London, remains cordoned off.

    Journalists, local residents and fans are gathered at the police tapes, and forensic officers have been seen going in and out of the building.

    1907: Daily Telegraph music critic Neil McCormick

    recently saw Winehouse perform in the studio. He tells the BBC he's "utterly shocked" by her death.

    "What's really, really tragic about this is she did seem to be winning that battle and she was certainly looking a lot healthier this summer and singing fantastic, than she had in a long time.

    "But then you know the battles with drugs and addiction are often a life long thing and you slide in and slide in, and slide out of them. And obviously she went back."

    1909: Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown's wife Sarah Brown

    tweets: Sad sad news of Amy Winehouse - great talent, extraordinary voice, and tragic death, condolences to her family.

    Police gather outside the property in north London where singer Amy Winehouse was found dead. Police gather outside the property in north London where singer Amy Winehouse was found dead
    1914: Musician Jamie Cullum

    tweets: I shared some wonderful musical moments with Amy. I feel very lucky to have done so. She was a wonderful person with an extraordinary talent.

    1919: Twitter is awash with tributes from musicians and celebrities. Lily Allen

    tweets: It's just beyond sad, there's nothing else to say. She was such a lost soul, may she rest in peace.

    1919: Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver

    tweets: Such a terrible shame to loose Amy winehouse such a talent, such a waste, raw talent.

    1921: US actor Alec Baldwin

    tweets: Amy Winehouse. How sad.


    Winehouse has joined a group of famous rock stars who passed away at the age of 27.

    Others are Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones, guitarist Jimi Hendrix, singer Janis Joplin, and The Doors singer Jim Morrison.


    Fans are beginning to lay flowers at the edge of the police cordon outside the singer's house.

    1926: Former News of the World showbiz editor Dan Wootton

    says it's a life cut short and her death is a "tragedy".

    "It's one of those things where people always say this could happen. You never want to believe that it can and you hope against hope that one of these stints in rehab, or one of these new attempts to turn her life around would actually work."

    1927: Actress Demi Moore

    tweets: Truly sad news about Amy Winehouse. My heart goes out to her family. May her troubled soul find peace.

    1930: Brian Wheeler BBC News, Camden Square

    There is a crowd of about 100 people gathered near the singer's home.

    1932: Brian Wheeler BBC News, Camden Square

    It's a very quiet, leafy square set back from the main part of Camden. People here seem quite shocked.

    There are people arriving with flowers. There is a very large area cordoned off by police, including the park in the middle of the square.

    Crowds are continuing to gather outside the house in Camden, north London Crowds are continuing to gather outside the singer's house in Camden, north London
    1936: Lizo Mzimba Entertainment correspondent, BBC News

    It's yet another case of an incredible young talent who hasn't been able to cope with the pressure their success and talent has brought them.


    For a look at Amy Winehouse's life in pictures, see our photo gallery.

    1940: Broadcaster Paul Gambaccini

    tells the BBC: "We have been dreading this news for some time, hoping against hope that she would turn herself around, but she showed no evidence of being able to do so."

    1940: Singer Natasha Bedingfield

    tweets: I'm so sad to hear about Amy Winehouse just dying. My heart and prayers go out to her family. Such a terrible loss for us all.


    Police at the scene in Camden say there will be no statement from officers there tonight. A press release will be published on the Met's website later, they say.


    Meanwhile, a spokesman for the late singer says: "Everyone involved with Amy is shocked and devastated. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. The family will issue a statement when ready."


    For a summary of Amy Winehouse's rollercoaster career, read the obituary.


    London's Blue Note Jazz Club, where Amy Winehouse's father had been due to perform next week, posts on its website: "We are very sad to report that the Mitch Winehouse performance on Monday July 25th is cancelled due to the unexpected death of his daughter, Amy Winehouse. Our condolences go out to Mitch and his family".

    1950: US singer Kelly Clarkson

    blogs: I heard the news about Amy Winehouse. I'm incredibly sad.


    For those who have just joined our coverage, here's what we know so far:

    • Emergency services were called to Amy Winehouse's Camden flat at around 4pm
    • Two ambulances arrived but paramedics were unable to save the singer
    • Police are treating the death as "unexplained"
    • About 100 mourners are gathered at the scene, which has been cordoned off by police
    1953: Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood

    is dedicating his show on Absolute Radio this evening, as well as a reunion performance by his former group The Faces in Hurtwood, Surrey, to Winehouse.

    He says: "It's a very sad loss of a very good friend I spent many great times with."

    1955: Singer Rihanna

    tweets: I am genuinely heartbroken about this #DearAmy.


    Teddies and candles have been added to flowers at the police tape around the scene. One card reads: "You will not be forgotten by Camden. We all love you and will continue to love you. Your legend lives on."

    A flower is placed by a road sign near the north London flat in A flower is placed by a road sign near Winehouse's north London flat
    2000: Jay Homer, Birmingham, UK

    writes: What a talent, what a total genius, what a terrible waste RIP Amy Winehouse.


    Sources are suggesting that initial signs indicate Winehouse's death could be related to drink or drugs, the Press Association reports.

    2010: Claire, Tenerife

    writes: Music chooses you - you don't choose it. Many will see this as another musician who "made bad choices", but to create and to give what talented artists do comes at a price. Such a shame to lose another talented and tortured artist this way. RIP Amy.

    Dave Friedel, Colorado, US

    tweets: Sometimes the truly gifted are fuelled with an energy that burns twice as bright, but only half as long... #amywinehouse

    2015: Local restaurant owner Ze Silva

    says she saw Winehouse last Tuesday and she had stopped drinking: "She said to me 'Darling, don't give me any alcohol, I'm not drinking any more'. She was normal. She would speak to everyone, have pictures taken with the kids, give autographs to the kids."

    Amy Winehouse The Brit and Mercury prize-winner had struggled with drink and drug addiction and had recently been in rehab

    The Recording Academy says, in a statement, Winehouse was a "dynamic performer and musician who seamlessly blended rock, jazz, pop, and soul and created a sound all her own".

    "Her rich, soulful and unique voice reflected her honest songwriting and earned her a devoted fan following, critical acclaim, and the genuine respect and admiration of her musical peers."


    The statement continues: "She will forever be remembered for her immense talent, and her music will live on for generations to come.

    "Our deepest sympathies go out to her family, friends, and fans during this difficult time."

    2027: Doug Charles-Ridler

    is the co-owner of Amy's favourite Camden pub The Hawley Arms. He says the staff are shocked and saddened: "Aside from her extraordinary musical talent, she was a special person with a good soul and this should not have happened."

    2031: #27club is currently one of the top trending topics on Twitter, referring to notable musicians who have died at the age of 27. Twitter user Danny Drew

    tweets: Amy Winehouse dies at 27. Coincidentally at the same age as Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones #27Club.

    2033: Producer Mark Ronson

    has worked closely with Winehouse. He says in a statement: "She was my musical soulmate and like a sister to me. This is one of the saddest days of my life."


    It seems particularly poignant now to recall that in an interview with Harpers Bazaar magazine last October, when asked whether she had any unfulfilled ambitions, Winehouse replied: "Nope! If I died tomorrow, I would be a happy girl."

    A note is left near the flat where Amy Winehouse lived in north London A note and flowers are left near the flat where Amy Winehouse lived in north London

    Latest from the Met Police is that they will make a statement at 9.30pm.

    2059: Newsbeat's Natalie Jamieson

    says: "I've interviewed Amy a number of times through the years. It's tragic that relatively few interviews towards the end were concentrating on her music. Her personal life overshadowed her music."


    Officials bearing a body bag have just emerged from Amy Winehouse's flat, where a black private ambulance was waiting outside.

    2112: BBC Entertainment reporter Colin Paterson, at the scene in Camden

    says "It's a very sombre scene, with a crowd of about 80. The locals really are coming down to pay tribute."


    Tributes continue to pour in from mourners at the scene. Adam tells the BBC: "She was an incredible talent and a lovely girl. There was no-one really like her. Since [her debut album] Frank, she was so associated with Camden's identity."

    2119: Robert Coxwell

    tweets: More floral tributes for #AmyWinehouse however the crowds are now diminishing.

    Photo: Robert Coxwell

    Sue Philips writes on our BBC News Facebook wall: People are quick enough to slate Amy for her lifestyle but you can't take her talent away from her...she played hard, worked hard, wore her heart on her sleeve - sadly missed. If you ain't got nothing good to say, at least show some respect for her friends and family !! RIP x


    Supt Raj Kohli confirms that Amy Winehouse was dead when police arrived at her flat. He reiterates there have been no arrests and says he's aware of reports suggesting she died from a drugs overdose but that it would be inappropriate to speculate before the results of post-mortem tests.

    2129: Singer Jay Sean

    tweets: Just heard the shocking news of Amy Winehouse's death. Absolutely tragic. Such a talented artist. So sad. #RIPamywinehouse

    2132: Singer Billy Bragg

    tweets It's not age that Hendrix, Jones, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain & Amy have in common - it's drug abuse, sadly #27club.


    Kay Rowe-Gilliland writes on our BBC News Facebook wall: I am so saddened by this news. She was so talented. People shouldn't judge her because of her addictions. No-one will ever know what demons she was struggling with. We should be thankful for the short time we had to enjoy the beauty of her musical gift.


    So, not a lot more detail from police who are still describing Winehouse's death as "unexplained". Here's a summary of what we do know:

    • Amy Winehouse was found dead in her flat at around 4pm
    • Police say the cause of death will remain unclear until they have results of post-mortem tests
    • Some 100 mourners gathered in Camden, where people are leaving flowers
    • Tributes have been pouring in from figures across the music world
    2152: Singer Katy Perry

    tweets: RIP Amy Winehouse. May she finally find peace.

    2203: Sylvia Young

    says: "It's absolutely very, very sad indeed. Although people said this could happen it still came as a terrible shock because we did really believe that she was getting herself back on her feet." Winehouse was a former student at the Sylvia Young Theatre School.


    Winehouse's father Mitch is understood to be returning to the UK from New York where he was due to give a concert on Monday.

    2210: US socialite Paris Hilton

    tweets: So sad to hear about Amy Winehouse. What a talent - way too young to die. Addiction is such a deadly disease. She's now in a better place.

    2223: US reality television star Kim Kardashian

    tweets: I just heard the news that Amy Winehouse passed away. What a true talent. I pray she's in a better place and at peace.

    2224: BBC Radio 1's Chris Moyles

    tweets: Shocking terrible sad news about Amy Winehouse. Stunned. Thoughts go out to her friends and family.

    2227: Television presenter Davina McCall

    tweets: Amy Winehouse found dead at her home. So very very sad. A huge talent.


    Fans speaking in Camden outside her home said there was no one quite like Amy Winehouse. One of them, Adam Caslin, said: "Incredibly shocked and devastated really. An incredible talent and also a lovely girl. You know, the voice of a generation - definitely our generation. And it's tragic what's happened."

    Tribute to Amy Winehouse Written tributes from fans continue to appear near Amy Winehouse's home
    2248: Dara in Yorkshire

    Cant believe you're gone Amy. You were a legend - you're in heaven now with the angels. Love u always. RIP x


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