1953 front page news - Murdoch fails to answer summons


I've delved back into my archives and found the following story, which seems rather amusing, especially given recent events.

From the Oxford Mail, 14 February 1953:

"Student Given Bail - Sequel to Oxford Warrant Issue

"Keith Rupert Murdoch, an undergraduate at Worcester College, for whose arrest Oxford magistrates issued a warrant yesterday, was charged later in the day with failing to produce a certificate of insurance for his car when asked to do so on December 21.

"He was bailed to appear before the magistrates next Friday.

"A warrant was issued when Murdoch failed to appear and had not written to the Bench explaining his non-attendance. He arrived after the court had risen."

And the front page of the Oxford Mail a week later reports:

"Keith Rupert Murdoch, aged 21, of Worcester College, said he had failed to answer his summons because he had been called away to London on really urgent business the night before the day he was due to appear in court.

"He returned next day, but arrived at the court just when it was finishing.

"He was fined 10s, for failing to produce his insurance certificate in Gloucester Street on December 5.

The certificate, said Chief Insp. Warwick, was subsequently found to be in order."

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