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A man has been arrested in connection with an alleged cricket betting scam centred on the latest test match between Pakistan and England at Lord's.

Police are investigating claims, made in the News of the World, that members of the Pakistani cricket team fixed parts of the match.

It is alleged two players deliberately bowled no-balls at pre-arranged moments.

BBC News website readers and social media users have been commenting on the story.

From Twitter

What a shame for the cricket-loving population of Pakistan. How horrible to discover the team you love may have no integrity. Nadia Kamil

Cricket's been ruined. Flora Ellis

It's such a shame that a test with a record eighth wicket stand is going to be remembered for match-fixing. John Arundell

I was looking forward to a good day of cricket. I wasn't expecting a funereal atmoshere. It's a dark day for cricket. TGM

I am very disappointed about the cricket news. Phil Haqeeqa

From the BBC News' Facebook page

It tarnishes cricket as a sport, not just the England series win. Stewart Dunbar

As a Pakistan fan if they are found guilty I want them banned, they have made a joke of every Pakistan fan who has supported them over the years. Aamir Hussain

It tarnishes our series win though. Stuart Roberts

Emails to the BBC

I was at Lords Saturday, attending my very first Test match and it was such a special day. Reading the news this morning nearly brought me to tears. How can such a genteel, noble sport be taken through the gutter like this? I feel betrayed. I hope that if the players involved are found to be guilty, they'll be banned for life. They do not deserve to walk through the gates of Lord's ever again.

Marianna, Cambridge

Saddened. What I love about cricket is the way the game hangs on the psychology of the players. Thus, any distraction means a player can't perform at his best. A batsman won't play if someone in the crowd is moving! So now a whole series has lost its meaning. How can we predict how well England really played if Pakistan was distracted?

Malcolm Cochran, Sheffield

Whilst I have much sympathy with the Test not continuing, it cannot be done. My reasoning is simple. There is not guilt proven. Therefore you cannot cancel the Test purely on allegations. Imagine if that were allowed. To simply stop a future match all you would have to do is raise some allegations to influence the outcome. Far better would be to continue and if the allegations are proven after the game then sanctions worldwide should be made.

Mike Freeman, Brixham, Devon

I am deeply shocked by the news. If found guilty, I wish all involved are banned from any form of cricket to set an example for the future. I wish players played a fair game while representing their country and not be in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Shokat Zeb Khan, London

This is another example of sport being ruined by gambling. If bookies are involved they should be banned from taking this type of bet. It is bad enough betting on final results which can be bought and sold.

Nigel Lillywhite, Ipswich, Suffolk

Shame has wrapped the whole of Pakistan. Our so-called gentlemen have brought us another gift.

Sajjad Khan, Peshawar, Pakistan

It is really sad for me to hear about such events. It is these kinds of events which are taking me away from cricket. Coupled with all of the worthless cricket being played these days it seems the ineffectiveness of the ICC spells doom on such a beautiful game.

Sachin Singh Gautam, Aachen, Germany

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