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Dress made from marine waste 'monster'

Kevin Hay

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The dress made from marine debris
Daniel Woodfield
Jazmine Flowers, 17, is the lead singer on the title track of the Plastic Oceans album, which is raising money to clear up marine plastic

A bundle of marine litter that has blighted a Cornish beach for five years has been turned into a high-end fashion item.

Locals had dubbed the waste at Pentewan Beach, near St Austell, "the monster" until environmentalists pulled it ashore and put photos of it on social media.

Waste on beach

Fashion designer Dr Linda Thomas has since turned the plastic strands into a dress, which was unveiled at an eco-summit in London last night.

It is made from the plastic collected in Cornwall plus vintage orange cotton thread and shell buttons.

About 260ft (80m) of waste was layered up and used for the dress.

Dr Linda Thomas
Dr Linda Thomas

"It had been in the ocean for so long, but had not broken down," she said.

"It felt like an important part of the story, about what happens to all these bits of plastic once they're in the sea."

She said the rubbish came from a cargo spill and some has also washed up on the coast of Norway and Sweden.

Dr Thomas previously made a dress from discarded body boards dumped on beaches, to highlight the waste they create.

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