Royal Wedding 2018

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Patient watched royal wedding during surgery

Alex Lester

Presenter, BBC WM

A woman has thanked hospital staff for letting her watch the Royal Wedding even as surgeons operated on her.

Jean Smith after the operation, with hat and flag
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Prince Harry, 33, and Meghan, 36, were married at Windsor Castle on Saturday.

Jean Smith, 80, told BBC WM she was devastated when she thought she was going to miss the event after falling and breaking her ankle.

But staff at Walsall Manor Hospital provided a special TV for her which she was able to watch, while wearing a hat they made for her and waving a flag.

They put it on and the wedding was on. I was one end of the operating table, watching television, while the doctors and the physicians and everything were at the other one, just mending my foot."

Jean SmithHospital patient

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