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Oscar-winner Silent Child on BBC One

Maisie Sly

The Oscar-winning British short film The Silent Child - starring a six-year-old deaf girl from Swindon - is to be shown on BBC One on Good Friday.

It will be the first chance television viewers have had to see the 20-minute film, which tells the story of a young deaf girl who struggles to communicate.

The main character 'Libby' is played by Maisie Sly who travelled to Los Angeles earlier this month to attend the Oscars and see her film named the winner.

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The Silent Child producers go back to school
Oscar-winning filmmakers Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton show off their award for the Silent Child to schoolchildren in Birmingham.
Watch Frances McDormand's Oscar being stolen
A Governor's Ball guest took Frances McDormand's Oscar and posted a video on social media.

Watch McDormand's Oscar being stolen

Watch Frances McDormand's Oscar being stolen
A man stole Frances McDormand's best actress Oscar for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. The man took the statue to the Governor's Ball, where he posted videos with the award.