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Council leader: 'No fat left to trim'

Brighton and Hove City Council's Labour leader Warren Morgan has been speaking to BBC Sussex Breakfast after unveiling budget proposals that would see £24.3m cut from the budget next year. 

He hit back at criticism from Green councillors who said he hadn't challenged central government cuts strongly enough. 

There are no council services which are expendable. There are no easy cuts left. We have trimmed the fat. We've made the easy savings - they're all gone.

I had the Secretary of State in my office, I made it very clear to him the pain these cuts would cause. I lobby via the Local Government Association. They have been saying councils are facing a crisis because of the pressures in social care. The costs of social care are now £150m in the city - our council tax adds up to £125m.

When the Greens were in power they stood outside the Treasury on a Saturday, when nobody was there, and banged the drum. If that's the kind of gesture politics they think I should be doing, fine. What my much more competent and united team are doing is looking at the situation we find ourselves in, getting to grips with the situation we've got. The public expect us to make the best of it."

Warren MorganLeader, Brighton and Hove City Council

What does Trump's win mean for climate change?

Bjorn Lomborg and Jonathan Bartley on future US policy on climate change.

President-elect Trump said last month he would "cancel billions in climate change spending for the United Nations" and previously said it was an "expensive hoax". Bjorn Lomborg, president and founder of the US-based economics and international development think tank Copenhagen Consensus Centre, debated climate change policies and the Paris Agreement with Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley.

Hit-and-runs on the increase

Sian Berry
Sian Berry
Sian Berry

Statistics obtained by the Green Party in London show the number of hit-and-run casualties in the capital rose for the seventh year in a row. 

The total hit-and-run incidents have increased 60% since 2009, while the number of fatalities increased for the first time in three years.

Hit-and-runs have increased both in number terms and as a percentage of total collisions with drivers now failing to stop after one in five crashes.

The data was obtained by Sian Berry, who represents the Green Party in the London Assembly, and her predecessor Jenny Jones through questions to the Mayor of London and FOIs.

Lucas: 'Ministers must be held to account'

Caroline Lucas

Brighton Pavilion MP and Green Party co-leader, Caroline Lucas, says the Coperforma saga shows a need for new powers for the health regulators.

This service should never have been outsourced to the private sector in the first place and patients and staff will be relieved that at last there is a plan to bring the service back into the NHS.

There are some very grave questions to be asked about how it was possible for a fleet of 30 ambulances to be run without a licence during the summer. Ministers must be held to account for this appalling patient transport scandal that has gone on for 7 months. I believe we may need new powers from Parliament to give the regulators the teeth to stop this happening again."

Election Histories: The Green Party

A brief history of The Green party

Andrew Dobson, Professor of Politics at Keele University, gives a brief history of The Green party.

Tim Farron, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

Tom Bateman

BBC News

The Conservatives have won the Witney by-election, with the Lib Dems making significant gains and Labour falling into third place. How significant is the result?

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On this day... one, three, five years ago.

Stuart Maisner

BBC Live reporter

Let's take a look at the stories making the news in Sussex one, three and five years ago. 

Looking back at the Green Party fortunes after it elects two leaders on a joint ticket.

Looking back at the Green Party fortunes after it elects two leaders on a joint ticket.