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Stuart Maisner

BBC Live reporter

Let's take a look at the stories making the news in Sussex one, three and five years ago. 

Looking back at the Green Party fortunes after it elects two leaders on a joint ticket.

Looking back at the Green Party fortunes after it elects two leaders on a joint ticket.

Who is one half of the new Green Party leadership?

Who is Jonathan Bartley, the new co-leader of the Green Party?

Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas have been elected co-leaders of the Green Party of England and Wales in a job-sharing arrangement. But who is Jonathan Bartley? He worked on John Major's election campaign, has been on Radio 4's Thought for the Day, and is in a blues band, as he told PM's Carolyn Quinn. (Photo: Jonathan Bartley. Credit: PA)

Caroline Lucas: No compromise on fracking or nuclear

The Green Party has elected two leaders in a job-sharing arrangement.

Caroline Lucas: analysis from our political reporter

Ben Weisz

Political reporter, BBC Sussex

Caroline Lucas is widely expected to be announced as the Green Party's next leader in Birmingham this afternoon.

By far the most prominent candidate as the party's sole MP, it's felt she's best placed to tell the public what the Green Party is for, and crucially, what makes them different from the others on the left. 

She's hoping to share the job with Jonathan Bartley - harking back to the days when the Greens didn't have individual leaders.

Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas MP

They hope to make a strong statement about helping people with busy lives get involved in politics - Mr Bartley cares for his disabled son, and Ms Lucas has a mountain of constituency work to attend to in Brighton

But how would it work in practice? Joint interviews? A double-act on the conference stage? And what if they disagreed on policy? Only time will iron out these practicalities.

Natalie Bennett
Getty Images

Brighton MP in Green Party leadership bid

Kathryn Langley

Sussex Live

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas will find out later if she's won the vote to become leader of the Green Party for a second time.

This morning's headlines

Stuart Maisner

Southern bonus declined, a Green leadership hopeful, and quality of life for pensioners. Here are our top stories this morning. 

Caroline Lucas

Tom Bateman


Green MP and leadership contender Caroline Lucas raises the prospect of an electoral pact with other parties as counting gets under way in the contest.

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