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Reality Check: Is Brexit inevitable?

Ros Atkins asks if Brexit is inevitable
BBC Reality Check found out where the public's donations to Grenfell survivors will end up

Charities are processing 174 tonnes of physical donations and almost £20 million in financial donations to Grenfell survivors.

Did the OBR identify a Brexit dividend?

Steve Baker saying "The OBR included a Brexit dividend in its report."

On the Today programme this morning, Steve Baker, who is a minister at the Department for Exiting the European Union, said: "The Office for Budget Responsibility included a Brexit dividend in its report, which I feel sure researchers can dig out for you."

The OBR did indeed include money in 2019-20 that would previously have been contributed to the EU Budget and would instead go on domestic spending.

It is a figure of £13bn in 2019-20, but thinking of it as a a "Brexit dividend" is a bit difficult when the OBR is also predicting that in that year, the government will have to borrow an extra £14.7bn just as a result of the vote to leave the EU.

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