World Cup moments re-created in 8-bit art

8-Bit Football image
Mario Gotze seals the World Cup for Germany in extra time

Brazilian digital artist Matheus Toscano has been re-creating football moments in the classic "8-bit" style - inspired by the games consoles of yesteryear.

And, like those classic gaming machines, what the images lack in realism they more than make up for in character.

For the World Cup, Toscano, who makes the images on his tablet, faithfully re-created the most significant moments - biting and all.

Toscano has been creating the images since 2012, but the World Cup has brought him a wave of new fans.

"With no ambitions, I created a Twitter account and a blog to share my work, and the reactions were quite positive," he told the BBC.

"It is a hobby that I do in my free time. I did not expect to be such a success."

His hobby could extend further if his hopes of raising money to create a retro-style football game are met.

Below is a selection of World Cup moments, as drawn by Toscano. The rest of his work can be found on the project's website, - but don't expect to see a picture of Brazil's thumping loss to Germany.

"There were so many goals that I did not know what to draw," Toscano said.

8-Bit Football image
Mario Balotelli nods Italy ahead in England's opening game
8-Bit Football image
Australia's Tim Cahill scores one of the goals of the tournament against the Netherlands
8-Bit Football image
Dutch goalkeeper Tim Krul comes on, just for penalties, against Costa Rica
8-Bit Football image
Possibly the most talked-about moment of the World Cup - Uruguay's Luis Suarez takes a bite out of Italy's Giorgio Chiellini. "When I posted the picture, it was shared by so many people!" Toscano said
8-Bit Football image
When Brazil's hopes were dashed - star man Neymar is injured
8-Bit Football image
Before the great exit - Brazil's David Luiz celebrates scoring a free kick

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