A glimpse at piracy in the UK and beyond

Data collected by monitoring firm Musicmetric, and seen exclusively by the BBC, has given some insight into patterns of illegal downloading across the UK.

Using this tool, you can find out who, according to the research, is the most pirated artist near you - as well as learn which other acts are particularly popular nearby.

*Not your area? The search will show results for the closest town or city to you in the list of data collected by Musicmetric.

All of the data used has been released under a creative commons licence and can be downloaded here.

Top 20 sharing countries

The United States tops the bill as the country with the most illegal shares, with the UK in second position.

Here we show the top 20 downloading countries, the total number of torrent downloads over the past six months and the most popular shared artist in each country.

Photos: Getty Images, AFP, AP, Sargent House, Chris Stanford Warner Bros Records, Dog Day Press, PA, Reuters, Random Records, The Collective, Billy Van.

Data provider: Musicmetric

Produced by: Dominic Bailey, Harjit Kaura, Steven Connor, Marina Shchukina

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