How the UK tweeted the Games

UK tweets per hour. 27 July: Opening Ceremony 46,000 tweets. 31 July: Chad le Clos beats Michael Phelps in 200m swimming final 14,000 tweets. 1 Aug: Bradley Wiggins wins gold in road race 14,000 tweets. 4 August: Mo Farah wins gold in 10,000 metres 14,000 tweets. 4 August: Jessica Ennis wins gold in heptathlon 13,000 tweets. 5 August: Usain Bolt wins gold in 100 metres 21,000 tweets.
The data above was collated by social media sentiment analysts at SoSoLimited in a project commissioned by EDF Energy. They collected tweets from Twitter users who had identified themselves as being from the UK, and monitored posts which mentioned a set of 29 TeamGB-related keywords such as "ennis", "wiggins" and "London 2012". The total number of tweets about the Games is far greater than the graph above represents, but SoSoLimited's data gives a clear picture of Britain's most exciting Games moments so far.

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