Fun with coding

(left to right) Martha Lane Fox, Gordon Brown, Tim Berners-Lee Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Two of these three have been recurited to star in the video

How do you promote the idea that learning computer coding is fun? Well, an organisation called Founders Forum has come up with a clever and amusing method. This annual gathering of wealthy technology entrepreneurs has made a video, shot, and edited in a day.

You can watch the Code Club clip - posted on YouTube - here.

They have managed to assemble a stellar cast list - including the creator of the World Wide Web, the founders of YouTube and Lastminute, and a member of the Royal Family - and persuade them to be mildly teased by a group of school children. I particularly liked their disappointment at not getting a more glamorous Royal to audition for their start-up.

There is already plenty of momentum behind the idea that we should give children the opportunity to get a grasp of coding at school. So I'm not sure this video will make much difference - but it is always good to see prominent people making fools of themselves in a good cause.