The Wedding
St Paul's Cathedral, February 24, 1981

The Life of Diana, Princess of Wales

The Wedding

The wedding took place at St. Paul's Cathedral on a perfect July day. Millions of television viewers around the world were dazzled by the event, with a further 600,000 lining the route from Buckingham Palace to the Cathedral. She was the first Englishwoman to marry an heir to the throne for 300 years.

Approaching the altar
Diana was just 20. Under the watchful eyes of her mother, and on the reassuring arm of her father, Diana prepared to take her wedding vows. She showed nerves only once, when she struggled with getting her husband's many names in the right order.

The happiest day of her life?
And so the Royal Family welcomed a newcomer to its midst. It was a moment of particular satisfaction for the Queen Mother - herself born a Commoner, who had trodden this path some 60 years before.