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Earl Spencer

This man who has himself been the target of scurrilous stories from the gutter press has shown a profoundly intelligent and generous regard for the public who are genuinely grieved by his sister's death and by the misfortunes she suffered in life.

His public statement on the day of Diana's death and his eulogy gave focus to the sorrow and anger felt by millions of people around the world. The decision that she should be buried within the walls of her family's estate was the perfect solution to the problem of the continuation of her celebrity after death. Finally the release of photographs of the island, carpeted with the flowers left at the gates of Althorp, was a beautiful gesture, demonstrating his ability to separate respectful and grieving public interest from the invasive, opportunistic elements of the media he wanted so much to protect her from.

She who has touched many lives
She who breathes life into those who hurt
She who makes you smile, laugh, sing out with joy
She makes this world realise
She was and is a true angel

Dear Diana

I heard the talk on the radio programme about you last night. Everyone misses you, loved you and so do I. Hopefully, you are in a state of very great happiness now. I'll never forget you.

Connie, Hong Kong

Though an American, I lived as a student in Britain during the time leading up to and including the Royal Wedding in 1981. Amid years of speculation as to who would be the bride of the Prince of Wales, Diana Spencer was not mentioned in public media speculation. As rumours of their relationship began to emerge people began to ask, ‘where has this young woman come from?’. Who could have possibly guessed that some sixteen years later the whole world would join in grief-stricken agreement with the words of her brother that, ‘life without you will be very hard.’

The pain we feel over her tragically early death can only be slightly eased when remembering with admiration just how much living she fit into her 36 years.

The millions of people around the world who feel and have voiced prayerful concern for her two sons can in some small way be reassured knowing what a wonderful mother she has been to them and the lasting impact she will have on them throughout their lives.

May God grant her peace and joy forever. May the Lord provide ready and able people to help the young Princes in their months and years of coming to terms with their tremendous loss. And may the God of all nations bring peace and healing to the people of the United Kingdom who have found themselves feeling and expressing grief in ways they never conceived would have been possible.

We are very sorry for the loss of Diana, Princess of Wales. Unfortunately my English is not as good as I'd like to, so I can't say what I really feel; my family was surrounded by a deep sorrow that was difficult to explain.

Goodbye, Lady Di (as she was best known in Spain)

J Morales

I find it amazing that a young girl like Diana Spencer, who surely only wanted to be loved by her husband and his family, could find the inner strength to face the disappointments forced upon her. Was it the strength of a mother who knew she must be strong for her young sons? How does a young woman stand against the united front of a family, much less the Royal Family, as she becomes more and more aware that their concept of life appears so different from her own, and not be crushed into submission? That she found that inner strength of character, that will not only to persevere, but to rise above the pettiness, is truly miraculous. Many of the things for which she was criticised would never have taken place if only her unique gifts had been acknowledged and appreciated. As we saw her refuse to be consumed by a loveless marriage, we should have rallied to her side with shouts of acclamation. If we had all known the depth of her caring and the tenderness of her heart, surely we could have found a way to let her know that her values could release a wellspring of love in us all. When I envisage Diana as Queen and later as Queen Mother, my heart is truly broken for all citizens of the United Kingdom and citizens of the world. How could such a golden opportunity have eluded those with the power to nurture her, encourage her, and attempt to understand her vision for the time in which she and her beautiful sons would live? As she looks down upon the testimonials to the love we have only now discovered we had for her, I hope she knows how much we will be reduced by the loss of such a radiant angel who was still only beginning to learn to fly.

A friend in Houston, Texas, US, Bill Chambles

Thank you for your coverage of the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales. Your concise and balanced coverage of the events during the last week was very helpful in my efforts to make sense out of this senseless tragedy.
It is a great tragedy that the people, including me, have lost a very beautiful person. she was a mother to someone, a sister to someone, a daughter to someone, a wife to someone, and the love of someone. I have not known her personally, but had always known her through her good deeds, the confidence she provided to the AIDS patients, to the landmine victims and the other needy people. It is so sad that God Almighty has taken her very quickly from among us when we need her the most. Nobody can replace her, not now, not later. I still curse those photographers who were so mad about taking photographs that they ended up taking somebody`s life who we like and love most.

Sameer, India

Diana is a wonderful and beautiful person that words cannot express. Every time I hear ‘Candle in the Wind’ it makes me think of her. I always cry. It was such a shock but am kind of believing it now. She will always be with us. I love you Diana, and your adorable Princes, William and Harry.

Meera, Ontario

Words cannot even begin to express the desolate grief within my heart for you. I am a 39 year-old mom and have three children; the eldest, my son, is 15. Princess Diana was carrying you, Prince William, the same time I carried my son. He was born two months before you. Over the years, I took interest in your family. Now, I hold you in my heart and do the most powerful thing I can do for you....pray. God is listening. He is there. He loves you both and will carry you through this. He weeps with you, yet He also sustains you with his strength and power. Lean on Him. And know that a family in Illinois is praying for you.

Valerie Rimstidt, Rochelle, Illinois, US

We grieve from afar in a distant country. When I return to England I will make a trip to the most appropriate place and lay some flowers. Why did life break its promise?

Paul, United Arab Emirates

It took me so long to express my condolences to William, Harry and the Spencer family because I am stunned and very choked up by the loss of Princess Diana. For my delay I apologise.

A message to all the people of the world who mourn the death of Princess Diana: please reach out and do one good deed for someone else, in honour of Princess Diana. This way we all can experience what drove our beloved Princess to such levels of compassion and magnanimity. What a beautiful world this would be!

My love and respect.

Elizabeth M Ryan, Carlsbad, CA

I think it is an utter waste for a person with talent, grace, love and a charitable heart to die in such a meaningless way. I will always remember her and at the same time think of the children. I pray that they will get through this and become better for this tragedy. Thank God, she was the influence that made them what they are...not the Windsors.

God bless her family and our sincerest condolences.

Frank and Joyce Collins, High Point, NC USA

I keep reading story after story about Diana thinking somehow I will eventually get a different ending.

My elderly aunts played in Althorp Gardens with the Spencers. My mother grew up in Little Houghton, Northampton. I saw the Queen when I was very young. I remember that she wore a yellow dress and hat, and the people of England were cheering and shouting in joy at a glimpse of her. That made me feel special and I have always treasured the memory. I can only imagine how Diana's presence must have overjoyed and invigorated people.

I've often thought it would be nice if America had some family that we could be generally united in loving despite their occasional shortcomings.

There's always been a special place in my heart for England. And now, I'm glad that there appears to be a place in all hearts for England's Rose.

Sue Todd, Harrisburg, PA, US

The Princess had so much meaning to a lot of people. My grandmother came to America from England to marry my grandfather. Diana had special meaning to me in that way. Not only was she extravagant on the outside, but just as extravagant on the inside as well, if not more. All over the world, people will continue to miss Diana. Now and forever, she will be in our hearts. Oh, what a shame she had to go.


Dear Princess

We miss you already up here in Lebanon. Even if you've never visited us, you've always been in our hearts. When you left us, it was like a mother we lost. I hope you'll take care of all the people next to you up there, and specially all the Lebanese victims who died during our war.

Ciao our England's Rose.


I'd always thought that Diana brought a very rare innocence to her public persona; an innocence and an unashamedly feminine sensibility and spirit, in the candour of being herself, and of revealing herself in a very real way, of unashamedly speaking in terms of heart, love, and emotion in public contexts that still tend toward masculine stoicism and denial of emotion. It's horrific, that ultimately the most ugly aspects of the masculine destroyed her, aggression (the paparazzi) and speed, the latter probably also applied in the (masculine/macho) attempt to protect. The very fact that she was pursued to the extent that she was can only be ascribed, not merely to her public standing, but to her great beauty and to the continuing masculine deification of female beauty, the male appraisal and pursuit of it. The innocent and the vulnerable are always destroyed or made susceptible to destruction, the aggressive and the ugly remaining. Terrible world.
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