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Why did it have to be you
is all we muttered that day
of all the people in the world
why did fate make it that way

To hear the news that you had gone
which we could not believe
to see your life in reverse
and the nation grieve

why is it so hard for us
to come to terms with this
although we never met
you will be sadly missed

So we look back upon your life
with your many good deeds achieved
we will look back upon this day
as the day the nation grieved

By Anna Marie Lebbell

My sincere condolences to the Royal Family, to the British Government, to the Spencer family and the British people for the tragic loss of the unforgettable and special Princess of Wales, DIANA.
It is heartbreaking that Diana, such a compassionate and gentle woman, should die in such a violent and needless accident. I was taken by surprise at my depth of feeling for her on hearing of her death, as I am sure many others have been and as is evident from the simply overwhelming outpouring of emotion from all over the world. I would say that I am a fairly hard-nosed cynic, but tears came despite that and I am still finding it hard to take in that she is gone. She is an immense loss to the world as a whole, but more important and revealing is the feeling of so very many people that they have lost a personal friend. It is the mark of a truly remarkable and unique person that she could engender such emotions in so many others, many of whom, like myself, had never even met her. She was a face of compassion and comfort in an often hostile or indifferent world and as such she meant a great deal to me, although I didn't realise how much until she was gone.

Goodbye Diana, you touched my heart.

This past week, thank God, the Royal family showed the entire world how they truly treated Princess Diana, by their lack of support for their Subjects (citizens would be a more appropriate word). The world watched as the British people publicly poured out their grief. Diana was left alone, in a palace she hated while the Royal Monarchy (which implies someone is there to lead the people...) stayed 500 miles away.

How sad that for five days, she was alone. Yes, Princes Andrew and Edward did return a day earlier than anyone else. And yes, the Queen did decide to finally come back a day early (it's impossible to think that she was going to come back on an overnight train, so she could pull in at the station right before the funeral! Queen Elizabeth should bow her head to Mr. Blair, for I really believe that he is the reason any of them will remain in the Palaces tonight.) They say it was because of Princess Diana's sons, but if that was indeed the reason, then someone should have made a statement. When leaders around the world are making statements, I find it pathetic that the Queen chose to say nothing.

However, back to the funeral. I think that Earl Charles Spencer was correct in the words he wrote. It was very well thought out. The words were not bitter. It was fact. The Royal family never supported Princess Diana and he was making a vow to protect her sons. True, he lives in South Africa. But he could move back to England. I hope he does. He would provide both William and Harry a balance to the cold and deadening environment that is perhaps the most dysfunctional "family" on earth.

Sheila McManus, Alexandria, VA

Diana, you are loved more than you ever realised. You were not just Britain’s Princess, you were the world's Princess. You touched the lives of every person in the world with your caring sweet smile. I wish I could have, not just met you, but got to know you personally. You were such an inspiration to EVERY person. May you have a very special place in Heaven with Mother Teresa and Jesus!! Your memory will last for many years to come. Your legend will go on and on. Many will learn of your caring, good deeds and wisdom for many generations here in the United States. May God bless your family and those precious Princes of yours. They will keep your flame burning for many years. I can see a little of you in both of them. Your brother and sisters were so sweet during this time and I hope to hear more from Earl Spencer and the children. Your campaigns will not be forgotten but will grow bigger and bigger as you wanted the people of the world to help each other not just the wealthy or famous.

I will send this now in the hope that the Princes and the Spencer family will receive this and know the condolences we all have for them.

Glenda T Maner, Stockbridge, US

Dear Diana

I didn`t know you face to face, but now I know that you are in my heart and will be for ever. I hope that I will meet you in heaven.

Armin, Stuttgart

My prayers are with Prince William, Prince Harry and the Spencer family. This has been a blow to the world but we cannot fathom the shock to those two precious young men. It is my earnest prayer that they will continue to be guided by Prince Charles in the way of their mother who loved them so and whose deepest desire was to teach them compassion. As an American, there are many things about royal protocol I don't know but I know grief. I pray that Prince Charles will come to know a place in his life where he can be to the young men the kind of father Diana wanted him to be


It is still hard to believe that someone so beautiful, caring and giving and loved my billions around the world is now gone. I wanted to believe that the news of Diana's death was just a ruse to get her out of England, so I hoped that somewhere she would still be alive. However, upon her death, she is still alive in my heart. I literally grew up with Diana, watching her engagement, her marriage, her children's births, her divorce and now her death. My life ironically mirrors hers and we are close in age. One major difference, she has done so much with her life in addition to her struggles, where I just struggled.

I cried at the news of her death, for her, for her children and for all the charities and common folk that she touched. My heart goes out to her children and I pray that her wishes of giving them as normal a life as possible continues. I am excited to know that her charities will go on and that millions are being raised for them. I pray for the Spencer family and thank Earl Spencer for being so open and honest with his speech at her funeral. I applaud you. I also pray for the Royal Family. It is a shame that they didn't embrace everything that she represented in her life. I even think there is part of Prince Charles which will always miss her and I respect his tireless efforts along with her brother to put together a beautiful ceremony for her.

Diana, I will miss you. You are forever in my heart.

To the most beautiful woman that ever graced the world with her presence.

Dear Diana, you were such an inspiration to me, my only dream in this world is to follow in your path. Everything you accomplished in your short life is more than anyone could ever wish to do. Through everything that you went through, you had become such a strong woman, providing such hope for many woman in this world. For this I say thank you Diana. Even though I am only 18, you have been so incredibly inspirational to me in my life, and I miss you greatly.

Diana, a lot of people feel that now that you are gone, the Royal Family will go to ruins, but this is not true. Your sons William, and Harry have your strength in their hearts, and I am sure that William will carry your legacy through his life.

Well, Diana, this is my final good bye. Thank you so much for everything you have given the world, and the unity you have instilled in us. For one day, on Saturday, September 6th, 1997, the entire world was at peace. Good bye England's Rose, and yes, your beautiful memory will forever grow in our hearts.

Love always and forever.

Loretta Dorothy Johnson, Boston Mass, US

The world seems to have known all along that Diana was a special woman. However, whether the Royals with the exception of Diana's son's and Fergie really truly love and appreciate this woman will never truly be known. What is the point of being in high office if your emotions are hidden away. The people which the Royals rule show feeling and are living in this century.

Hopefully, they will learn from this untimely death that it is definitely no shame in showing emotion and caring towards the people and others.

England lost a caring and charismatic individual. It is a pity that only in her death did the Royals show their regret. My heart goes out to the Princes whose lives will be forever touch by the example their mothers heart showed.

I truly wish that William and Harry could have a normal live if that is possible with their position. I also wish that it was full of the caring people which their mother shared her life with and not the Royal Family who do not know what true royalty lives inside the small and forgotten people they so eagerly distance themselves from.

The loss of Princess Diana had for me, as for millions, a profound effect. What a needless death of one that performed so many selfless acts. God bless you William and Harry may the Lord strengthen and bless you in all that you do in his name.

I wanted to cheer when Earl Spencer delivered his tribute to Diana. May God bless you Earl Spencer for that beautiful tribute to the People’s Princess. I am certain that her death, as very tragic as it was, was not in vain. In death her sweetness and greatness will live on and be a beacon for those less fortunate in this world. I only wish I could have known her personally.

As for the paparazzi and the tabloids, they are no better than terrorists. Performing their pathetic acts from the ‘bottom of the moral spectrum’. For those of you who buy this trash; you are largely to blame and should be ashamed of yourselves. I can stand with my head high and proud that I have never purchased nor read a tabloid and I never will.

David Reeder, Weatherford, Texas, US

Such a great loss is felt all around the world, we pray for the two young princes. Your mother was a wonderful woman.

The Ramsden family, Seattle, Washington, US

Princess Diana's arrival in heaven is another beautiful jewel in the crown of God. The Angels of Heaven rejoice as a child of God returns home. The world will be a little less bright now, May God Rest Her Soul
Dearest Diana

We loved you all for the GREAT, loving, caring human being you were and we will never forget that . The GREAT works you did in your life and your loving, great heart will always be in our hearts to remember for the rest of our lives and to copy from what you did.

Thank you Red Rose of England and farewell.

May God rest her soul in peace.

Al-Dashti Family from Kuwait

She's regarded as the People's Princess because of her compassion and humble works. She's loved by all, people from all walks of life.

She's a model for everybody ... a princess for all.

May you rest in peace, Diana.

When I heard of your death Diana, my life became more important. I know that sounds strange but I had forgotten the things that you held strong and give to other people. Now you have given us all something we had all lost in our feelings, LOVE.

You will live forever.


It is incredible how Diana is accomplishing much more in death than she did in life. Probably it is because Her Majesties subjects are tired of being ignored.

One can take subjugation just so long. It is time for great changes wherever the ‘Empire’ is. Diana just as all of the Royal Family is not without sin...none of us are. Let us learn what this incredible young woman gave her life trying to teach us. I hope her sons always remember what their mother taught them.

Thank you.

I have a suggestion for a memorial that I hope may be considered. As so many people wanted to pay their respects at Diana's passing, perhaps we could also take part in creating a memorial. I am suggesting a "People's Art Memorial". The art could be any kind of painting, drawing, sculpture, handicraft celebrating the life and works of Diana, submitted by an individual, a school class, a club etc and exhibited at, say, a gallery in their local county town - the best of which could then be collected and kept at a public monument such as the Tower of London, Kensington Palace etc. This need not be restricted to just UK residents either.
Watching all the events on TV is very saddening. I feel a sense of loss yet I never met Diana. It is very astounding to me how one person can touch so many lives. It seems a blessing of sorts. My wish is that William and Harry continue to have the upbringing Diana tried to give them. May she now rest in peace, now that the papparazzi can no longer destroy her life. Farewell and you will always remain in our hearts.

Debbie R Lancaster, California, US

I m an 38 year-old French person and I watch the TV Saturday morning.

I’m afraid I couldn't stop crying. My thoughts are for your two wonderful princes, William and Harry. I would like to express them my sympathy.

You had a marvellous princess.

But to day I can only think about two children who have lost their lovely mothers. And I am so sad.

Great Britain is a great country.... I love it.

I remember getting up early the morning of Prince Charles’ and Diana's wedding, it truly was a fairy tale we all wanted to live with them. I was a young 21 year-old mother with two small children. I kept up to date with Diana's achievements and watched her family grow as we matured together. When we both lost our fathers just months apart, we realised how short life can be. She reminded me of myself always on the go, trying to help others and keeping our priorities with our families and work duties. I remember seeing the sadness begin to seep within Diana, you see once we reached are early thirties we had developed our personalities and began to gain independence. Our husbands forgot how to nurture us and give us the love and friendship that we both wanted so desperately to achieve. We were both divorced within six months of each other and began to spread our wings and live life again, we both have recently met gentlemen who are more like us and have become our lovers and best friends. Diana, you have been in my prayers, it is so sad to have your life cut short just when you were beginning to reap the good times, because truly the bad times came often enough on there own.

God Bless, Victoria

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