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Yes/Yes - Reverend Kenyon Wright

The Reverend Kenyon Wright chaired the executive committee of the cross-party Constitutional Convention which drew up the detailed scheme for Scottish Home Rule. It is this scheme which now forms the basis of the Government's proposals.

His dogged persistence in securing consensus through a series of difficulties drew respect - and occasionally some irritation - from the participants. He has adhered throughout to a very Scottish doctrine of popular sovereignty. Famously, he once responded to Mrs Thatcher's refusal to accept the idea of Scottish devolution with the comment: "We say Yes - and we are the People".

Kenyon Wright was born in Paisley in 1932. He was educated at Paisley Grammar School, Glasgow University and Cambridge University. He went to India in 1955 where he worked as a Methodist missionary. In 1963, he became Director of the Ecumenical, Social and Industrial Institute, Durgapur, India.

Returning to Britain seven years later, he took up the post of Director, Urban Ministry, at Coventry Cathedral and in 1974 was promoted to the post of Canon Residentiary and Director of the International Ministry there.

He returned to Scotland in 1981 when he became the General Secretary of the Scottish Churches Council. He has been the Director of Kairos (Centre for a Sustainable Society) since 1990.

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