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YES/YES - Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith is the Chairman of Scotland FORward. He is an industrialist who has fallen into politics.

Mr Smith has pursued his objectives tenaciously, whether for the devolution of broadcasting influence and control to Scotland or - as now - in the wider devolution campaign.

His present position results from personal initiative. Before the election, he approached pro-devolution leaders with a proposal for an umbrella organisation which could draw together the often disparate strands of the Scottish Home Rule movement. Scotland FORward - the capitals are intentional - was the consequence.

Nigel Smith was born in Girvan in 1941. He was educated at Dollar Academy. He was a Lieutenant in the Royal Scots Fusiliers TA from 1960-67.

He sat on various business and media boards and associations, including the BBC Broadcasting Council for Scotland and the Glasgow Development Agency.

He worked with the Scottish Constitutional Convention and has been Chairman of the Broadcasting for Scotland Campaign since 1993.

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