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Michael Russell


Chief Executive, SNP.

Russell is a skilled party tactician and spin doctor. As with many in that field, he is not without his critics in the party. But he is well regarded for his ability to weld an often disparate organisation in to a coherent political force. Russel was a prominent member of Scotland United, the organisation which attempted to find some common cause between Labour and the SNP in particular to bring about a Home Rule referendum after the 1992 general election. With that background, he played a key role in persuading elements of the SNP to set aside their suspicion of devolution and back a Double Yes vote in the present referendum.

Born in 1953 and educated at the Marr College in Troon and Edinburgh University. From 1974-77 he was Creative Director of the Church of Scotland. Since then Russell has been involved in various business and cinema/film related activities, serving as Secretary General for the Association for Film and Television in Celtic Countries and Board Director of the Glasgow Film Theatre.

In 1987 he stood as parliamentary candidate for the seat of Clydesdale but failed to get elected. From 1987-91 Russell was the SNP's Vice-Convenor in charge of Publicity, becoming Chief Executive of the party in 1994

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