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NO/NO - Donald Findlay QC

Donald Findlay is Chairman of the Think Twice campaign. His whiskers and pipe can lend him a nineteenth century air of studied detachment - but he insists he regards the threat to the Union from devolution as real and contemporary.

A Conservative by inclination, he is a staunch Unionist by conviction. His pronouncements, however, are not infrequently leavened by humour.

He is a prominent Scots advocate, specialising in criminal cases and is Vice-Chairman of Glasgow Rangers Football Club.

Mr Findlay was born in Cowdenbeath in 1951 and was educated at the Harris Academy, Dundee, Dundee University and Glasgow University.

The NO/NO campaign targets the alleged cost of devolution. Its slogan is "Think Twice....... or Pay the Price".

The campaign has initially had to deal with accusations that it is the mouthpiece of the Conservative party, something Think Twice denies.

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