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The Result

Electorate: 277,074
Area (Hectares): 132,256

The 'Kingdom of Fife' lies on the east coast of Scotland between the Firths of Forth and Tay. The region is split between the mainly industrial West Fife and the more picturesque rural areas to the north and east. The area around Glenrothes in central and western Fife used to be heavily involved in the coal mining industry. However in recent years electronics has replaced mining as the main employer. Other important industries in western Fife include textile, engineering and the manufacture of synthetic materials. The economy in the north-east of the region depends more on agriculture, and the tourists who come to the ancient university town of St Andrews and its golf-course.

The politics of the region mirrors its economic differences. The three parliamentary seats in central and west Fife are safe Labour seats, while Fife North East is held by the Liberal Democrat, Menzies Campbell. The distribution of council seats follows a similar pattern.

Results of 1979 referendum:

The regions were different in 1979, but the current Fife region is almost the same as region used in 1979.
Yes No Turnout
All Scotland 51.6% 48.3% 63.8%
Fife 53.7% 46.2% 66.1%

ICM/Scotsman poll published on 22 August 1997:

Question: Should there be a Scottish Parliament?

Yes No Don't know
All Scotland 68% 21% 11%
Lothian, Fife and Central 68% 25% 7%

Question:Should a Scottish Parliament have tax-varying powers?

Yes No Don't know
All Scotland 56% 36% 8%
Lothian, Fife and Central 57% 40% 3%

(Total Sample Size: 1,001, Fieldwork: 19-20 August 1997)

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