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East Renfrewshire

The Result

Electorate: 139,802
Area (Hectares): 17,269

East Renfrewshire is a small region lying to the south of Glasgow. It comprises leafy commuter towns such as Newton Mearns and more industrial towns including Barrhead. The south and west of the authority comprises largely agricultural and moor land. The local economy is based on light and service industries and farming. Many of the residents of the area work in nearby Glasgow.

This is the area of Scotland where the Conservatives have been most successful. They held the parliamentary seat of Eastwood from 1979 until the recent general election when Labour unexpectedly took it from them. There is no party in overall control on the council but Conservatives hold more seats than any other party. Their strength in this region suggests that the unionist vote could also be quite strong.

Results of 1979 referendum:

The regions were different in 1979, East Renfrewshire was part of Strathclyde region.
Yes No Turnout
All Scotland 51.6% 48.3% 63.8%
Strathclyde 54% 45.9% 63.2%

ICM/Scotsman poll published on 22 August 1997:

Question: Should there be a Scottish Parliament?

Yes No Don't know
All Scotland 68% 21% 11%
Strathclyde 71% 16% 13%

Question:Should a Scottish Parliament have tax-varying powers?

Yes No Don't know
All Scotland 56% 36% 8%
Strathclyde 56% 36% 9%

(Total Sample Size: 1,001, Fieldwork: 19-20 August 1997)

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