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Dundee City

The Result

Electorate: 117,195
Area (Hectares): 6,515

The city of Dundee lies on the north shore of the Firth of Tay. It is one of the largest of Scotland's industrial cities and although its once famous jute mills have long since closed, the traditional industries have been replaced by textiles, light engineering, publishing and food processing. Over the last decade Dundee, mainly through the 'City of Discovery' campaign, has tried to shake off its post-industrial image and recreate itself as a tourist and conference centre

Labour dominates Dundee's local politics and holds both parliamentary seats in the area. They also have about three quarters of the seats on the council. However, Dundee East was held by ex-leader of the SNP, Gordon Wilson between 1974 and 1987, and the SNP are still perceived as a threat.

Results of 1979 referendum:

The regions were different in 1979, Dundee was part of Tayside.
Yes No Turnout
All Scotland 51.6% 48.3% 63.8%
Tayside 49.5% 50.4% 63.8%

ICM/Scotsman poll published on 22 August 1997:

Question: Should there be a Scottish Parliament?

Yes No Don't know
All Scotland 68% 21% 11%
Highland, Grampian & Tayside 63% 26% 11%

Question:Should a Scottish Parliament have tax-varying powers?

Yes No Don't know
All Scotland 56% 36% 8%
Highland, Grampian & Tayside 48% 41% 11%

(Total Sample Size: 1,001, Fieldwork: 19-20 August 1997)

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